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  1. My dearest friend, I think you should wear seaweed. Approximately 5 kilos. Also it is very good for your skin. Best of luck my good friend, peace out
  2. dear visitor, have patience and work hard and the right oppurtunity is just around the corner. keep praying twice a day and stay loyal to your god and he will reward you in time. peace my brothers
  3. dear adtja, i am so sorry to hear about your husband not getting a job. i think he should take a bath of celery salt
  4. murtuza I see a good quality of life awaiting you just around the corner have patience and good things will start to turn your way. you shall lead a healthy life and money shall not be a problem, you shall meet the right woman soon and your life will work out. I hope I have been of some help to you, peace
  5. i have also heard about this but i didnt know which eye meant good or bad luck. in a stage of my life both my eyes were flickering and this confused me. i thought maybe it was a representation of karma reminding me of my faith as i was starting to doubt my faith. i would be intriged to know which eye means which luck so if someone could tell me that would be a great help. peace
  6. i feel this is due to the lack of love shown for the gods we hold so dear. for as you know young people have relationship with hollow hearts as their hearts are yet to be filled with the love of gods. i think if we can only spread the word of god more people will follow his light and wait to share something magical with there one true love. yours forever peace be in your hearts,
  7. i am appalled, disgusted and truly deeply pained by this sick policeman. who could have the heart to do such a thing........a sinner, thats who. this man deserves to be taken down as an act of this violet crime. i hope everyone feels the same way. peace
  8. sister have patience and the Gods will answer you with the right man. keep praying and i shall pray for you too. dont fall into a life of depression because of this, there is the right person out there for everyone and just around the corner. i hope i have been a help to you, peace
  9. brother i feel your pain inside my heart and my soul cries out to you. have patience and the right man will be flooded with compassion for you. i hope you find the right man soon i hope i helped peace to all my brothers
  10. kawal, it pains me to hear your cries as i feel that your trobles are also mine. As for the incident with the cow i believe that your luck will even out and you should not bear to much of the burden of the cow incident. i hope this is a help to you, peace to all my brothers out there.
  11. virendra, i feel sad at your problemic troubles, i shall pray for you as strong as possible. i hope this helps and your problem is solved peace to all my brothers out there.
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