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  1. Have a spare coconut next time. So that if one is bad, the other one can be used. It is a good skill to tell if a coconut is bad or good by flicking it with a finger. A good coconut will have a clear ringing tone- try this on a husked coconut.
  2. You can get a pujari to do navagraha puja and havan/homa at home.This will be easier and take less time..
  3. We never relied on books to carry forward our traditions. The written part is only one component. They were passed down via Guru Sishya parampara or through families, There may never have been one single version of this prayer.. there are many versions. The important part is not which version, but as to how one is envisioning these Devathas in ones palm.
  4. It's no problem. I'm extremely grateful for your help.

  5. You can have it tied in pure silver with or without caps. This will make it durable and easy to keep clean.
  6. There is no response from the moderator..I have posted my Yahoo! messenger details to my profile.You can send me an IM with your details.
  7. I had posted my email so you can send your birth details,but the moderator seems to have deleted it. I will wait for the moderator to reply as to what alternatives they have.
  8. India Divine does not seem to have a personal/private message facility any more. Fire alarms are mostlysmoke detectors.I dont think a lamp would do it( a lamp should not be smoky- you should trim the wick/pull it in then). Else, you can do it in the kitchen, where anyway there would be some heat. You can use natural scents/attar for gandha. Dhoopa may be a bit of a problem with smoke detectors- you can use akshata( whole rice grains coloured with tumeric powder) and say this is a substitute for dhoopa.
  9. Namaste!If one has a desire to worship the Devi, it often shows even in ones dreams as visits to temples etc. Do not take up mantras based on someone telling you to do this over this or any other internet forum. Mantras are given in a particular order(krama) based on ones nature by a Guru. Keep doing what you can. A simple pancha upachar puja is good to start with. Gandha, Pushpa, Dhoopa, Deepa & naivedya is the right order. Be patient. At the right time, the Devi herself will appear as a Guru(in human form). Your grandfather may have been given that mantra- you should wait until one is given to you. If you can send me your birth details, I can try and tell you(through PM) when that blessed event will happen.
  10. They definitely still do.Only, the people involved do not have the spiritual maturity to recognise this. People ascribe it to luck and the like and often are egotistic enough to think "I did it" or "I deserve it and hence it happened". In Kaliyuga, more people are un-awakened than in previous ages, hence this perception.
  11. Namaste. The mantra says "Klesha hastaaya". Why would Surya bhagavan have kleshas or afflictions in his hand ? I dont say that this makes this unauthentic, but it means there could be some problem with it.It is good that you are trying to understand the meaning, but the task may be more than a bit beyond you( and me as well:-)). Chakra( I guess pronounced as Sha-kra) would be Indra.Chakra ( Ch as in Chain and not as in Chateau) would be a wheel- could refer to Sudarshana. Each mantra is used for a particular purpose.Not all mantras are used generically to get close to the Devatha. Some of them are for a prayoga. I suggest you do not take this up without more information on what this is for. Websites may not be the best place to get that information.
  12. The prayoga would depend on the mantra. Either it can be done via a sankalpa OR infusing the mantra into some material and giving it to the patient. What it is, would differ from mantra to mantra.Only some have the facility for adding the name in the body of the mantra itself. The mantra is the body of the Devata himself and hence unless the prayoga would be in a different manner.I dont have particular information on how to use this mantra.
  13. Dear Dhruv, Every mantra is not suitable for everyone. For you it can have done good. For the person who asked the question, it can do good OR cause 'trouble' by bringing out the bad karma in order to destroy the bad karma. Hence it needs to be done under the protection of a Guru. Your personal experience is hence not easily extensible to others. It depends on the state of the person who is chanting it. This is the traditional knowledge for the Navarna mantra. For sadhana- doesnt your own Guru parampara require you to take diksha for each sadhana ? The navarna mantra is not one to be trifled with in any case.
  14. Dear Neelkanth, The mantra given by Dhruv should not be chanted without initiation. Mantras should not be picked up from books and started. They should be recited under the guidance of a Guru. Dear Dhruv, Why are you asking people to chant mantras which need initiation ? Are you giving them initiation ? If so and you are taking the responsibility, then it is different.
  15. Kaisersose, In your post, you seem to equate Detachment and Renunciation. Both are complementary and are not the same. There is no confusion between what is needed for a sanyasi or a grhasta. Detachment is for the householder as well as the sanyasi. One can live in a palace surrounded by a harem and all comforts and still be detached. there is no need to go to the forests- so say the sastras. Even the Bhagavat Gita prescribes detachment from the fruits of ones actions and describes it as karma yoga. Renunciation is for the sanyasi- where one gives up the world and its objects externally. Renunciation without detachment is not good since one can still be attached to things. Going to a forest and thinking of ones family does not give moksha. These are not modern concepts. Every human is to strive for the four purusharthas and there is no prescription to wait till vanaprastha or sanyasa ashrama to strive for moksha. This striving starts from ones brahmacharya ashram. Coming to celibacy- not every path sees celibacy as a pre-condition for siddhi or moksha. If you dont want to be celibate, then one can choose a path that does not need you to be so. In this great sanatana dharma, the divine one has shown different paths for different kinds of people.
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