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  1. Has anyone surrendered to Lord Shiva and become his disciple? What's the mantra and ritual that are related to it? Please, for Lord's sake, make it clear for us.
  2. Namaste, I found a mantra that helps a sadhaka get siddhi of any other mantras; it's called Shiva Guru Mantra. This is surely a blessing for a sadhaka without a guru. But there are no further details for chanting the mantra, like for how many times or days, etc. Is there anyone who has seen this mantra? I have known this mantra for some time, but can not find any other information on the net; so I have not got enough confidence to start chanting. Should we keep chanting the mantra every day OR we may chant it for a period of time like 7 days only and chant it again right before chanting a new mantra? Please if you have surrendered to Lord Shiva and are aware of such a guru mantra, please be sure to tell us the details. I can't say how much I appreciate your help... Om Shivaya Namah!
  3. The link provided above is invalid. Anyone please show me a link to download the book? Your help is very much appreciated. Jay GuruDev
  4. Namaste: On a portal site of Hinduism I found a Surya mantra that I think to be genuine and basically trustworthy. However there may be a few errors in the English version, shown as follows: First three obvious mistakes(the latter is my correction) I'd like to correct and gain your support are: 1)chakra/cakra: the latter is right; there is NO chakra in Sanskrit. 2)saptanshu/saptaamshu: the latter is right! 3)Kroum/Krom: the latter is right? If there are any more errors in the English version(I basically trust its Sanskrit version and its source), please point it out as well. Now the real confusion is ruDha(ya): there's only ruuDha in Sanskrit dictionary, and it has multiple meanings(And I don't know which one may apply to the mantra). If I stick to the principle that all Sanskrit mantras are meaningful, then even the Sanskrit word should be corrected. Which should I adopt? ruDha(ya) or ruuDha(ya)? Please kindly advise. Thanks a lot.
  5. Namaste, I found a swapna tantra that may have dual function. It seems to be related to a deity "Shukle" or "Shukla", as per the content of the mantra: Om Shukle Mahashukle Hreem Shreem Ksheem avatara avatara swaaha On one hand, it gives you an answer in your dream. On the other hand, it's a mantra for true dreams that will happen in reality. Can anyone tell me which deity is invoked by this mantra? And the web site about this deity? It helps me decide which swapna tantra to practice. Thanks in advance.
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