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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everybody, please do read my post and help me out. I'm a young student studying in the US. I'm attracted to Devi from a long time. One year back, I decided to start reading Lalitha Sahasranamam. I try to read once a week. When I was in India I used to prepare sweets for naividyam but now it's not possible because of time constraints. My question to all Devi devotees- I get dreams of Devi all the time. Once as Kanchi Kaamakshi (in her real form), once as Durga (in her real form, she gave me bangles in the dream, this was after Ashtami when I did Devi oati and offered her dupatta, bangles etc. She gave me all bangles but continued to wear what I offered to her), many snake temples dreams, once as a huge Kali murthi in a strange faraway land, once some lady came in my dreams and told me to keep Utsavmurthi during navaratri, once a eunuch perfoming Durga pooja in my garden, dreams of temple murthis etc. I feel Devi is trying to tell me something. Am I not praying to her enough? I'm not regular in my prayers because of college, but try to chant Lalitha Sahasranamam once a week. Don't drink or eat eggs on Fridays. I'm a vegetarian. Please help me. Any small pooja I can do daily to please my beloved Devi Maa? Any mantra I can chant? I'm going through a rough phase currently with mounting problems but my beloved Devi Maa will bail me out as always I'm sure. However, can all the Devi devotees please please help / guide me? I'm 24, female, unmarried. Please please reply.
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