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  1. 1st X 2nd : Shukra 3rg : Budh, Ravi 4th : X 5th : X 6th Rahu 7th: X 8th: X 9th: Shani/Chandra/Mangal 10th : Brihaspati 11th : X 12th : Ketu
  2. Hi, In my birth chart the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 11th houses are empty. What is the effect ?
  3. I too am going through Rahu dasha. In short my life is extremely boring and to some extent troublesome. My friends cheated on me by collaborating with my enemies. In this period I have come across a lot of hidden enemies. I am too lazy to work. My financial condition is quite bad too. After facing extreme situations I became mentally unstable (schizophrenia). 18 years is no joke and I believe only those people who have done some serious wrong doings in previous life are facing this dasha.
  4. Hi, If we study ancient texts we find instances of our hindu gods like Lord Shiva intervening in worldy matters directly. Although this was very rare but it used to happen. Why do you think they don't come to to us anymore in Kalyuga ?
  5. Hi, I want to know what is exactly the real Dhatu for the planet Shukra. Some people say its silver but some doesn't believe in that. A couple of days back I came across a term called DASTA. Has anyone here heard that term ?
  6. Hi, I read on various web sites that if Rahu is in the 6th house & Ketu in the 12th, kalsarpa is formed. But there are also other factors mentioned which needs to be looked at to confirm that indeed the person is facing kalsarpa yoga. But frankly I found those too difficult & confusing. So, please help me out in determining if I am having kalsarpa yoga. My Rashi is Kanya & Lagna is Makar. This is my birth chart ----------- 1st Unoccupied 2nd Shukra 3rd Budh / Ravi 4th Unoccupied 5th Unoccupied 6th Rahu 7th Unoccupied 8th Unoccupied 9th Shani / Chandra / Mangal 10th Brihaspati 11th Unoccupied 12th Ketu
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