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    defense? you kill the attacker, his family, his neighbours, destroy the city where they live... all in the name of defense? if tried to do a stunt like that where you live you would have been tried and convicted of mass murder and more. do apply some logic, not sentiments to these issues.


    Hey Kulapavana don't ya know bulldozing homes with people still inside them is defense against terrorist?


    How can anyone fall for this LIE that Israel and the US is doing in the name of Freedom...


    I can't believe there are devotees who support this shit...!




    he he... you jump to a lot of conclusions here and you obviously know nothing about me :)


    do you call the state of Israel and most of it's representatives and inhabitants racist and isolationist too? look at their policies and statements: nothing but racism and isolationism to me. an Israeli loses their I. citizenship when he or she marries a Palestinian. I think they were similarly racist in the Third Reich. Even the old apartheid state of RSA would not go that far.


    so... are you ready to apply the same criteria to the people of Israel that you are applying to Buchanan? if not, define your understanding of the terms racist and isolationis to us before we proceed any further.


    be careful Kulapavana...




    I guess you cannot tear them down so you're leaving the discussion

    You don't get it, I'm not interested in 'tearing them down to begin with at all'...


    Don you are foaming at the mouth for some heated debate it's so obvious...geez you think I'm gonna jump into that?


    All I did was post a story, and you become like Bull to a Red Flag...


    All I needed to know before I wasted time in some wasted debate with you was if YOU support the village idiot 'George Bush',


    and now knowning that...


    Yes indeedy I have nothing to say about the matter with you whatsoever..


    So go find someone else to play Hannity and Colmes with...





    July 18, 2006: Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews joined

    a Pro Palestinian Rally outside the Israeli Consulate,

    New York City against the Zionist attacks on Lebanon.


    Orthodox Jews Demand End to Zionist Atrocities in the Middle East


    July 18

    The brutal and indiscriminate attack upon the people and infrastructure of Lebanon by the Zionist State "Israel" is a crime against all basic standards of decency and humanity.


    The excuse given for this murderous invasion was the attack by Hezbollah on the IDF. What this might have to do with the hundreds of thousands of Lebanese innocent men, women and children, who are subjected to an ongoing living hell, is beyond comprehension.


    Indeed, this current aggression is only the second chapter of the recent viciousness; the first being the furious reinvasion of Gaza and the onslaught on its civilians and the ruination of its basic human services.


    Of course, voices may be heard that the IDF are simply responding. This, of course, ignores the question of the evil, implicit in punishing blameless people for the deeds of others. And it totally ignores the root of the problem, the dispossession and subjugation of the Palestinian people which began in 1948, was expanded in 1967 and continues unabated to this day. The crux of the matter is that beyond the immorality of the Zionist treatment of the Palestinians is the ultimate fact -- the ideology of Zionism and ensuing establishment of the Zionist state conflicts with the basic teachings of Judaism.


    Zionism is the transformation from Judaism, a G-dliness and spirituality, into a G-dlessness, materialism with nationalistic aspirations. Theodor Herzl and his cohorts, the fathers of this relatively new ideology of Zionism (approximately 100 years), have taken the Almighty out of the equation.


    The ultimate establishment of the Zionist State, the fulfilment of the Zionist ideology, takes this blasphemy a step further. The Jewish people were sent into exile by Divine decree. They where then expressly commanded by the Almighty, not to attempt to leave their exilic existence through any human intervention. They were expressly forbidden to create their own state, such as the Zionist state of "Israel". (Talmud, Tractate Kesuboth, p.111).


    The Jewish people are forbidden to oppress another people. The creation of the State of "Israel" came about through, the theft from, subjugation and oppression of, the Palestinian people.


    Torah Jewry, therefore, condemns the horrifying suffering inflicted upon both the Palestinian and Lebanese people. Because of all of the above, all attempts to achieve peace and stability for "Israel" are destined to fail. The Creator cannot be defied with impunity.


    The Rabbis stated, that the State of "Israel" will result in unending pain, suffering and bloodshed. May the Almighty protect His creations.


    The State of "Israel" does not speak in the name of Jews, they have stolen the name "Israel" from the Jewish people. Jews are commanded to be loyal citizens in every country in which they reside.


    Zionism and the State of "Israel", is the main cause of the exacerbation of anti Semitism universally.


    The government of the illegitimate State of "Israel", continually attempts to uproot the Torah and its statutes. They persistently oppress the Torah true Jews who reside in its borders.


    We pray that all misery in the Holy Land and Lebanon, shall come to an end and that Zionism, the root of the suffering, continue to fade from Jewish consciousness, to be replaced by the faith of Torah. We shall all witness soon the peaceful dismantlement of the Zionist State "Israel". May we merit seeing the day when all humanity will serve the Almighty in harmony and peace. Amen



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