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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
  2. Hello Redsox, Glad you posted this, certainly makes one think. I believe that you can find God in many things, nature in all of its creativity, human interaction, or anything you experience. Don't worry so much about trying to feel a certain way towards something, your emotions and beliefs are within you for a reason. Explore your thoughts and feelings and let them guide you. Take care my friend!
  3. Hello friend! Here is a pretty good informational page regarding Buddhism and death. It leans pretty heavily towards Tibetan Buddhism, so the thoughts, ideology, and philosophies may not be accepted by all Buddhists. On other subject matters, the website is helpful in explaining many aspects of Buddhist beliefs. http://buddhism.kalachakranet.org/rebirth_reincarnation.html Also, if you have an interest in learning about such things, try reading the Pali Canon and the Dhammapada. The Dhammapada is a pretty short read and really goes over a lot of information about Buddhist beliefs, and can be found online through a quick Google search. Be well.
  4. Hello! How you handle each situation is up to you my friend. You have to be open to understand that there may be many explanations for the things that we experience and discover about history. When you find something that may challenge your beliefs, it will help you to go deeper and try to find an explanation, thus learning more about yourself and what you believe. Continue your devotion to whatever it is you believe, whether it be towards your religion, or your occupation, and I'm sure you will find things balance themselves out when an open mind is kept. Be well.
  5. Thanks for clarifying my friend. To be honest with you, I don't read a lot of the articles that are posted here. Not because I don't care about it, or have any negative emotions towards them, but because some of them are so lengthy, it would take a considerable about of time to read them. That doesn't mean necessarily that I don't care about a spiritual path, but that some folks simply may not want to or may not have the time with all of the things going on in their lives, to read many pages of information and then post a response to it. I certainly understand why you might feel the way you do. Different forums have different members and atmospheres. This forum is somewhat active, but it may not be as active as another where more responses could be generated. Thanks for your time and posts and have a wonderful day! Be well.
  6. Actually my friend, this statement is what I was referring to. What about this text reminds you of your experience here, and by "here" do you mean this website, or something else? Sorry I didn't clarify in my earlier post. Be well.
  7. Hey Doc! Hope all is well. Could you explain a little further what you mean? Thanks for your time. Be well.
  8. Good for you my friend. I wish you the best!
  9. meez


    Wait, I just saw this thread was from April lol
  10. I find this thread entertaining. Good show.
  11. Of course. Chant all you like and take things at your own pace so you are comfortable with the choices you make. If you are a devotee, focus on Krishna, and things will fall into place for you. Be well my friend.
  12. Sounds good! Thanks for the help. Be well.
  13. Just made an edit a moment ago. It seems you were posting while I was editing. Also, I am unable to send any more PM's due to my post count being 19. How would we go about getting in touch with an admin if we need to, but don't have 30 posts? Thanks for your time!
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