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  1. When I speak of Western monastic corruption I'm not citing Hollywood as my authority. This is documented history that at least by the Middle Ages, monasteries were not particular centers of spiritual purity. This was recorded by poets such as Chaucer and later on by Dante, not to mention legitimate historians. If the Popes were having illegitimate children, what about the rest of the clergy? There was a need in fact for monastic reform. It 'strictness' were enough, we have to remember how austere and strict were demoniac personalities like Hiranyaka. I am not impressed by the spirituality of 'strict' disciples. It's amazing the austeries the ego will take us through for the sake of pious reputation.
  2. Suchandra is embracing religion full tilt. Truth be known, the Western monastaries were hotbeds of illicit sex and shelters for the misfits of society. I have yet to see rule-following sadhana produce spiritually advanced results - it has in my experience of those who claim 'strict' sadhana produced a haughty complacency and contempt for those who are 'in the world'. Jesus exhorts us to be 'in the world' but not 'of the world'. He didnt' go off by himself - he went out and preached to all peoples.
  3. Yah but if you understood scripture you would know that we forget after taking birth again. The corruption of caste brahminism is a commonplace of Indian history. Do you need examples?
  4. There has been enough evidence to disprove his points. His posts are filled mostly with self-serving personal attacks that can hardly be called evidence of anything but his desperation and ignorance of the rules of debate.
  5. There are more rules than you know. If you think jumping through hoops like a trick dog makes you a devotee - then all the more power to you. If that is what God is like - why would anybody care to serve him in the first place. I have a much larger, more merciful, less petty view of God.
  6. Yes a thanksgiving is one thing - but all this 'Vedic brahamana' stuff just about covinces me that being devotee in that traditional sense is a religious impossibility in a Western workaday world.
  7. It's really totally confusing. Did you see the list of things you can offer and not offer. Just avoiding all the special stuff, animal contaminants is a whole project. That's even before you start cooking. Who knows what Krsna wants when it comes to the details of cooking? And then if he is so high maintenance, then it's really not a job that I can or want to handle. Being vegetarian is complicated enough. Do you offer your food?
  8. Yes but illiterate brahmanas ( a contradiction in terms) and domestic mothers don't have to hold down a job.
  9. If making a mistake is nonsense then why put myself through this impractical exhausting torture?
  10. These are the 'brahminical' protocols. Ask the traditional Vaisnavas or any ISKCON member. If this is brahminism then I clearly will never become a brahmana and only a brahmana can perform such a ritual.
  11. The prasadam protocol is anything but easy.
  12. The meaning changes (ironically) depending on who you're talking to.
  13. There are actually a lot more rules than that. More than I am willing and able to follow in a practical workaday regimen. You really can't wash the plates that you eat out of in the kitchen where prasadam was cooked...and there are more. No thanks. I'm just not a devotee I guess. Another reason I stopped chanting.
  14. This is too repetitious and boring. Consider yourself ignored.
  15. At this point go away is as much substance as is warranted in your case. Now GO AWAY.
  16. The statement still stands. Don't lecture me. I know there are different types of Vaisnavas. Doesn't change a thing.
  17. My comment stands. - Stepping over the Golden Avatar - nice.
  18. Don't worry, your ramblings have been documented on the internet for the posterity. Now go away.
  19. Yawn. Your mindless ad hominems have been noted.
  20. Your arrogance runs roughshod even over the Golden Avatar. Nice. The leopard shows his spots.
  21. Obviously this is still sticking in your craw but it's OFF TOPIC and I refuse to discuss it here. You can and will conclude whatever you like from it. I don't care.
  22. Everything you buy at a supermarket is contaminated karmically and physically. Unless you grow your own everything - you are open to some impurities. There recently was a salmonella scare - usually associated with animal products - this was in the tomatoes.
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