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  1. The inadequacy is your misrepresentation. Vitamins will not help - only character reformation. I never said Saivites are Vaisnavas. I said Siva is a Vaisnava. Prove otherwise. I am not about to re-debate everything I've said on other threads. Your desperate attempts at evasion are painfully obvious - you are grasping at non-existent straws.
  2. Where do you get the idea that I thought Vishnu is different from Krsna? It is not I who claims Lakshmi did not participate in Rasa Lila.
  3. Now you misquote me out of context. I said Shiva is a Vaisnava. Not Shaivas. That would be begging the question- like you do. Your language of course is so specific. "Things out of context" and the sweeping 'again'. I am not intimidated by the claims you make for yourself. Nor your unsupportable personal attacks. They are completely beside the point and prove nothing - they are truly 'out of context'. In spite of your childish attempts at flaming you haven't addressed the point that Krsna makes. "Everyone follows my path in all respects".
  4. Depending on a qualified Brahamana's translation is not blind. It is what is called intelligence. Your rejection of them is blind. There are so many translations. Are we supposed to blindly accept your advice as to which is correct? Are you bona fide guru?
  5. How is Bhagavad Gita out of context? I am very careful to keep things in context, logical - there is no 'again;.
  6. Anybody can see the pseudo-reasoning here, called begging the question. The hidden presumption that Vyasa actually claimed that Vaisnavism is only for Indians. Of course there is no sastric support for that. A vedic axiom is that we are not the body. Why would God limit himself to a race of men? Is he tricked by his own Maya? Idiocy is to practice dharma on the bodily platform - the practice the Vedic principles as though they only benefited those of a particular race of men, in a particular kind of body. Since Vedas is spiritual knowledge, it is not only idiocy, it is a contradiction in terms.
  7. It seems mudane religiosity is actually the bastard child of politics, because it's about control and power. Birds of a faux feather flock together.
  8. I said I felt sweetness in chanting. Of course if I were free of all material attachments I would be a pure devotee. DW has an attachment to Vedic rites and rituals to all the varieties of dharma that Krsna tells us to abandon. This platitude that one has to 'let go of' Jesus, a bona fide guru, to make progess in Vaisnavism is sectarian wishful thinking , a kind of religionist philosophical masturbation fantasy.
  9. I know Kaumadaki from New Dwaraka when she was Rameswara's secretary. She is a Prabhupada disciple who has managed to stay in ISKCON all these years - she is indeed a loyal devotee of the Lord. I will pray for her.
  10. No you are not talking faith, or moksa. You are not qualified to speak on the behalf of Christians or any other religious sect. There are Christians who do accept Vedanta and Vedic mystical path. This is not surprising since Vaisnavism is not a religion. You are talking religion, mundane and material - nothing else. Now, I guess non-Hindus are not living beings? I guess being freed immediately can be accomplished without being a Vaisnava? Right.
  11. Well you're one self-proclaimed Vaisnava speaking on behalf of those you have decided are the only 'true' Vaisnavas. That is already suspicious.
  12. The sectarian prouncement of the Yuga.
  13. Wow. Somebody actually called on Dark Warrior? Now maybe Prabhupada doesn't know what Vaisnavism is really. It seems that Vaisnavism is far more universal than Dark would like to hold on to. Yes there are traditions, especially religious traditions. But Vaisnavism is not a religion and not specific to India.
  14. I think I will follow in your wise footsteps. It also occurs to me that Kula interpreted it positively because he thinks its ironic that 'these guys' are trying to reconcile Christianity and Vaisnavism yet distance themselves from their 'Indian cousins' , like the Shaivites etc...
  15. Bhatkivinode Thakur was more attracted to Christian teaching than he was to Sankaracarya's teachings.
  16. The article on the whole speaks very positively in praise of Jesus. That is enough.
  17. How is this article criticizing Christianity?
  18. Thanks to everybody for your encouraging and kind responses. I guess I needed to see such words in black and white, since I have heard so many words that seem designed to make one fail. Sri Nama is a beautiful and wonderful life boat that Lord Caitanya and Srila Prabhupada have given those individuals like myself who are going down for the third time in the ocean of material distress.
  19. Well then you are more devoted than I who have no devotion at all, if that can even be considered praise.
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