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    prabhu am going too ...pretty excited as for me its gonna be first time !! maybe you need to introduce yourself lil better !! haribol !! niche !
  2. well if its other traditions then i wudnt care.. BTW whats the reason behind not cliping tulsi on dvadasi ??
  3. do we not have any awards for the ticklers !!??
  4. Those who are actually advanced in knowledge are able to appreciate the essential value of this age of Kali. Such enlightened persons worship Kali-yuga because in this fallen age all perfection of life can easily be achieved by the performance of sańkīrtana. clear enough.....sankirtana is seen as easier compared to the difficult forms of worship practiced in the earlier ages.. chant and be happy !!
  5. hi, my humble advice to mr. Tirisilex .... please be very careful of what you read . particularly if internet is going to be your prime source of information. it is very important to stick to one direction and understand it thoroughly before comparing or studying others. it is ofcourse but natural that you're attracted to Krishna... as HE is ALL attractive. also consider yourself lucky.. but just be careful........if you are new and you stick to these forums here...you might end up wondering for long ,pulled between shiva and krishna's supremacy..... which somehow seems the most beloved SPIRITUAL discussion (argument) here. all the best pray to radharani if its krishna you feel for hare krishna !! niche !
  6. so no tulsi on sundays is just a myth !!??
  7. very well put fwd. if nothing else then few people can surely learn how to pen down their thoughts with no arrogance or almost abusive tone hari bol
  8. most of the threads on these forums turn into debates.... rather arguments of almost no spiritual value. am surprized ..actually confused............. is this what spirtiuality brings to you ?? then whats the point ??........arent we doin' just the same in our non spiritual lives... showing down others .. arguing / fighting / claiming ??!! am honestly stuck.......when i started going through these forums i thought i cud learn from all you people who claim to be realized and intelligent.. but as i said ..so often these conversations turn into anything but spitiual or intelligent ... probably am not intelligent enough or was expecting too much looking at the situation... am almost on the verge of loosing faith. feelslike kalyug is winning over my aspirations to win over it ! ....
  9. now this is what makes everything lookes like a fairytale more than a legend.... there must be one well supported reason no ??!! why have so many stories .am sure we'll have more and more such reasons ... certainly great to ponder but whts the truth ? can anyone underline the FACT ??!! thankyou
  10. hare krishna i heard somewhere before that one shudnt pluck tulsi leaves on sundays ..!!?? is this a fact or a ..??!! since nothing should be offered to the lord without tulsi leaves .. it is important for me to find out. plz advice thanks in advance !! niche !
  11. how can one explain 'pain' ... i mean the physical pain and not mental. that what we experiance when the body is subjected to physical abuse. since body is material it shudnt feel pain ... and since soul (eternal and made of bliss )is different from body ,why is that we are subject to pain. this question troubles me when i want to realize myself different from the material body and the subtle body... obviously at the beginners level i feel this pain which "i" feel due to this body is what makes 'me' consider this body almost same as "me".
  12. actually just to know that RAMA is a valid name for krishna is enough for me to chant peacefully now !! thanks everybody hare krishna
  13. no prabhu ..not uncertainity just that i was hoping for someone else also to underline what you said.. coz i havent heard this from ne other source so far neither do i remember reading it anywhere else. as i said this bothers me ...i wanted to be doubtfree about this whole thing for once and ever . amslightly surprized maybe that no one else came forwrd to guide me on this.... certainly i am thankful to you for the explanation..which makes complete sense to me . was just hoping for a second opinion. hope am not being offensive seeking this thanks and regards hare krishna !!
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