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  1. It Says In The Vedas That Lord Shiva Is Mahesha Meaning Great God!!! so if you are not calling lord shiva supreme then you are in sin with the vedas because it clearly says lord shiva is supreme god because his name is mahesha that is one of his names in the vedas you vaishnavites need to go read the vedas more clearly because you will be shocked to find out you are the ones worshiping a demi-god and not us shivites.
  2. I Have Never Heared Such Non-Sence In My Life Pepsi And Coca-Cola Does Not Contain Pork That Is The Most Rediculouse Thing!!!!! It's Kind Of Hilarious Because Cola Is Nothing Less Than Carbinated Water And Fructose Syrup And Sugar, It Is Not Pork!!!!
  3. I'm A Shivite And I Believe All Avatar's Are Of Lord Shiva, But I Also Believe Anyone Can Have An Opinion Or Worship Who Every They Believe Is Right Because We Are All Worshiping The Same Supreme Deity Of Who Ever You Call Him.
  4. Wait A Minute I Am A Shivite And I Do Not Believe This Lie That Vaishnavites Say Shiva Is A Devotee Of Krishna, That Is False Because Shiva Is Krishna And Krishna Is Shiva, My Belief Is That All Avatars Are Of Lord Shiva Not The Other Way Around!
  5. I Am Angered To Find Vaishnavites Saying Lord Shiva Is Not Supreme, I Thought Vaishnavites See All Form's Of God Supreme Why Are Vaishnavites Being So Negative Because I Am A Angered Shivite And This Is Upsetting Me Badly Because I Respect Lord Vishnu As Supreme As Well As Lord Shiva, Shivites And Vaishnavites Just Follow Differant Philosophies Not Differant God's!
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