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  1. WHO WILL BE THE BREAD WINNER? <o></o> <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <o></o> If the legislation on child labour in India, covers the children below the age group of 10 it will be more appropriate , very purposeful and meaningful one.. In the semi-urban and rural areas of the down the south this sector contributes 30% of the total family income, rest of which comes mainly from agriculture and other activities. Now the agricultural income of the family does not cover even the day-to-day expenditure in this sky rocketing price age. Now we have to closely monitor whether these children meticulously attend the school and continue thier education . Otherwise there are lot of chances for these children geting mingled with the unsocial elements and get spoiled themselves.If they are (children above 10 years old)allowed to work besides getting education through alternative methods like 'non-formal education' these children can earn money through some work and lend helping hands to their poor family. mingling with unsocial elements....... Non-formal education system is most common now a days. Then why can't the school left outs in the age group of above 10 be covered by this alternative education system? Secondly dumping with luxury things in the poor man's house to woo the vote bank but not arranging for any income generation projects is the order of the day. The poor man needs to spend some more money for the maintenance of these luxury items which will in turn bite his purse (?) Here it will be very apt to quote one Chinese proverb, which says: <o></o> "Don't give the fish to the poor Teach them how to catch the fish" FOR MORE DETAILS : <!--[if !supportEmptyParas]--> <o></o> <!--[endif]--><o></o> I request the erudite readers of this AUDARYA-FELLOWSHIP to visit and join my group: gurujivenkat/ seeking divine blessings - guruji
  2. "Please spare me ,accept me as i am" this your lines ( may be it from some bajhans) implies every thing. They implies surrender and liberation which are requisites for getting unification with God.
  3. "EKHEVA SAKTHI: BINNA CHATHURNANI" This vedic version clearly tells that " the supreme" is one and it is looking after the following in the formss of " trimurthis "(Brammah, vishnu, and siva) and infact there is no differentiation between them) 1.Creation 2.Protection 3.Destruction
  4. Religion is a bridge to unite people. If both have agreed not to dispay religios icons, better u do accordingly..or discuss with ur partner over this subject for finding out a better solution.You can very well go to the temple for worship.
  5. waging war to divert the attention of the citizens who are economically affected is the tactics of certain coutries like Pakistan , Iraq and isreal. For their internal problems they should not have a ride over other countries.
  6. Terrorism, is an unwanted thing which should be thrown out of windows and we can not take it drive away through the doors. i support the view expressed in this thread.
  7. Dear members of this erudite fellowship, Now I feel that if we throw some more lights on this subject which has now created much interest, it will be beneficial to all.I have subjoined the quotes of the familiar personalities to substantiate my views. Celibacy implies chastity and complete sexual abstinence and is probably the strongest word in English for the sexless state.implying a commitment or even a vow.The word, Brahmacharya, is also used for the vow of celibacy that a Hindu sanyasin or renunciate may take at any age when they have understood that living for material/sensual pleasures will never bring the perfect happiness that their soul desires. Thus their life becomes centered on surrender to Guru and God with the firm hope of realization of inner self and the perfect Divine Happiness. Just hear the words of Mahatma Gandhi, the great Indian political and spiritual leader who had embraced the vow and maintained celebacy and lifestyle permanently throughout his life from the age of 36. “The scientists of old have put great value upon the vial fluid and they have insisted upon its strong transmutation into the highest form of energy for the befit of society.” “The strength of the body, the light of the eyes, and the entire life of the man is slowly being lost by too much loss of the vital fluid.” - Jewish Code of Laws. These words are more than sufficient and now it is clearly understood that if a person is in the correct path of celebacy the syptoms narrated elsewhere in this Thread will never occur. In YOGA the term celebacy can also mean disciplining and preservation of sexual energy and is discussed in Yogic Text like Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. There are many yogic techniques, such as meditation and asanas (e.g. shirsasana and pranayams) that can help a person to achieve the aim of celebacy. A Guru (who releives a person from the darkness of ignorance ) You can be a self guru because of your expertise. It does not mean that the concept of " seeking gurus " itself is a waste. If you say nobody needs a guru then what is the necessity for the teachers/lecturers ?. A guru is also a teacher in the spiritual path. There may be so many routes to reach a destination. But if you know the straight or shortcut route you can better avoid the time and strain. Guru is a person who teaches you the correct path or way in a spiritual pursuits. Books are rudimentary and they may help to know the elements of yoga, but for practising " yoga " definety you need a guru. It is a very common and furndamental principle for the mankind and not confined only to Hindus. - GURUJI
  8. Dear Sri.... Please understand that the celibacy is a powerful weapon to contain all the ailments related with the symptoms you descibed. Please go to a master in YOGASAN who will initiate seethali pranayama which will be the remedy for all your ailments. GURUJI
  9. Dear Sri...., " palani graha charena soochayanthi maneesana"..... An astrologer can only indiacate what may happen.But it is Bramma who only knows the fate of man kind and nobody else.Just have Nadi prediction as a hint. Dont take it as 100% true.Have faith in Eshwara , things will turn in your favour. -GURUJI
  10. We are in the process of evolution. In the beginning men hebituated to man eating and than he avoided eating of his own sect and settled with animal eating.He has not improved further and stopped there itself. First he should regulate this habbit by taking meat twice a day ..something like this and finally stop this one. It will only add "thamsic" qualities and no way it will add strength as somebody advocates.
  11. Kali is the slayer of evil force and the protector of Mankind. "kali Tantra" says he who utters "kali" For 22 Times Gets Rid Of All Fear And Frightness. 2) Have a Srichakra ( Meru) In the North East of your House. See the rsult with in a short time. Om Kali.
  12. guruji


    In this Kali Yuga,the last in order of the 4 cosmic ages the mantras of Krishna, Ganesh and kali will have tremendous effect. To ged rid of diversion, worries etc.,chant the following mantra for Sri Ganesh: OM Gham Ganapathaye namaha. (preferably 108 times) No strict regimen.. very simple and have the immediate divine experience.
  13. Kudos...Bring more of this kind. visual stuff is more effective than reading a thousand pages of text.
  14. It sounds good. providing salary to the priests is quite common. Priests are not saints or sanyasins. They do have faimily. They have to maintain it. In south Indian temples which are controlled by HR&CE the priests are covered by salary and having all retiral benefits in addition to having share in daily collection.Srila Prabhupada wants to keep the priests in a cheerful mood so that they can concentrate on their service without any diverion.
  15. I strongly support your view. Cow has got divinity. crores of gods and goddesses are , we believe as per puranas , dwelling in it ,itself being a goddess "ghomatha" which breast feed almost all the new-borns as an affectionate mother. Dont be angry about any fellow who disregards the great hindu philosophy.
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