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  1. Further unconfirmed updates?
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    Say WHAT?

    Whazzup with THIS? valaya (Now Defunct) Garuda Posting - Redirected Here Sat, Nov 3 2001 16:21 Jahnava Keywords: Next: Re: Bhagavad Gita: Feeling and Philosophy (#688) Envelope-to: garuda1@aabc.com press release mrnalini@aol.com Miami Tempe lost contact your GBC Sat, 03 Nov 2001 19:15:36 -0500 News Flash Devotees in Miami about to lose Temple. Keshava Swami runs to Mexico Thank you GBC, how many times have you been told?
  3. Email: jayasriradhey@ureach.com I haven't been in touch with her for more than a month. My Email is amanpeter@hotmail.com if you want to discuss further. Peter/valaya RR [This message has been edited by amanpeter (edited 10-06-2001).]
  4. Swell, so where is this group? That way we will all be able to participate in both places, rather than attempting to remake either to suit ourselves.
  5. The soul of Radhika is Her girlfriends' devotion for Her. This can only be relished by becoming one with them heart-to-heart and recognizing Her supreme postion in relation to Krsna. For some the divine loving pastimes all point to this conclusion, while others negate even the existence of such personal activities. How then can they ever expect to understand the exteme intimacy expressed in these relationships, where `Godness` would be an impediment? Most seek God only to relieve pain and increase their enjoyment. That power known as Sri Radha cannot be attained by those with such motives. That is why purification is required, and it is obtained through Her associates and the Holy Names. Which of us would appreciate a close friend that wants only to study us or use us to get something, then always leaves us alone? How about a girl that becomes intimate with another just so she can enjoy her boyfriend? Love of Love for the sake of Love is the ultimate goal for true devotees. Personalize that and you have Goloka Vrndavana which is pure Hladini potency; in other words, Srimati Radharani Herself. valaya RR
  6. LOL! Glad to see your funny bone is still intact, Satyaraja prabhu!
  7. ...and don't I just know it! oops... [This message has been edited by amanpeter (edited 09-20-2001).]
  8. Awight, vewy vewy funny! Now I see just what kind of minds I'm forced to contend with here! Maitreya takes the cake, as expected, for both imaginative yet oddly expressive entries. Next would be Reckless Recluse and Reknown Ranter. Finally, dishonourable mention must be given to Rip van Rinkle (now if you'd said Ripped van Rinkle, maybe...). Course you're ALL wrong! Also, you forgot Rambunctious Ridiculer, Randy Rube and (a personal favorite) Reeking Rot. But enough about moi, eh? RR [This message has been edited by amanpeter (edited 09-18-2001).]
  9. That's right, Satyraja prabhu. War is war and bullets have no morality. The only question on the front lines is, "Friend or foe?" Those who don't have an immediate answer are treated as foe and eliminated. It's called self-defense and although we may believe our real selves to be spiritual, few of us wish to become martyrs. On the other hand, our enemies are lining up to do so. That's what we're up against! BTW, I don't see anything or anyone interfering with pilgrims visiting Mecca except for threats of terrorism from their own kind and, of course, trampling by fellow `pilgrims`. I wonder though if you could answer this philosophical inquiry, being our resident pundit and all: If Mecca should somehow become a large radioactive hole, would it still be a place of pilgrimage? Guess then the Koran's instruction that each Moslem must vist once before they die would take on a whole new meaning!!! [This message has been edited by amanpeter (edited 09-17-2001).]
  10. War is hell, but the alternative can be much worse. Must each new generation be reminded anew? Were we all spoiled by the apparent ease with which desert storm was won? Is everything o.k. as long as our TV still works and the pizza's are just a phone call away? Whatever else comes out of this, I believe it will be a wake-up call on all sides and an impetus towards real spiritual committment. Lest we forget, Lest we forget...
  11. Maybe make a stencil and paint it onto all the special `gifts` soon to be delivered! They oughta get a real bang outa that!!!
  12. karthik_v, In this world the struggle for existence continues on all levels, like it or not. The freedoms we enjoy to discuss these matters over the internet or to practice our spiritual/religious beliefs, etc. etc. are only available due to the sacrifices and/or struggles of others. For certain things, I will fight viciously and to-the-death. This present war is one of them. Perhaps your `higher` philosophical points can be addressed later, prabhu, if we're still in one piece. Right now, it's us against them. I am firmly convinced of the differences as well as the need to support our side wholeheartedly. Perhaps a visit to Afghanistan or some similar `culture` might help to convince you. Freedoms won at great expense can be so easily and quickly lost. Will you, or any of us for that matter, be in a position to regain them? You might want to read the post on another thread about the treatment of women, including disfigurement by acid attacks, or are such incidents and the belief systems they are a product of, not important to you? Perhaps this too can be blamed on America?
  13. St.Amand, from some obscure French saint, of which I am neither. jndas just confirmed that I've somehow previously registered as valaya, so goodbye amanpeter as soon as it can be arranged. I'll keep the Email as it is for now. Course you devotees can call me whatever you like..."I yam what I yam!" (Popeye)
  14. Radha's tears?! WOW! Sure would like a set of those, even a short mala would do...valaya ------------------ amanpeter@hotmail.com
  15. amanpeter


    Talasiga is now exchanging poetic complexities with the only one capable of fully appreciating on his elevated level--himself!
  16. It's so old I gotta' whack it on something!
  17. Low blow, BB prabhu, even from you...
  18. What in thunder??? [This message has been edited by amanpeter (edited 09-17-2001).]
  19. I prefer ROTFLMFAO--rolling on the floor laughing my FAT ass off. The fun way to reduce that nasty middle-age bulge!
  20. Thanks suryaz prabhu! Excellent summation. Some like to debate themseves just for the stimulation provided. Kind of a mental masturbation...often these same individuals are found to oppose whatever is presented by others, seeking similar stimulation. None of this has anything to do though with my point, which is simply discussion ends when war begins. The only real decision at that point is which side is one on. Of course, there are those unable to commit themselves either way, for whatever reason. Best not to let them confuse others, if at all possible.
  21. Haribol Maitreya prabhu! Essence seekers are not all paramahamsas yet, though they're usually inclined towards raganuga bhakti. When Mulla Omar Run-Amuck (nyuck nyuck) is on the prowl, but guru has said you must keep your shika, keep it in your pocket! Brahma das has admitted to being firmly fixed in the mode of passion. Of course that's one up on the mode of ignorance where I lie (literally) entrenched; however his creative urge appears to demand expression, while I can't really be bothered. Hope you'll be able to clear your head of all this so your heart can fully absorb the holy places on your coming pilgrimage. Who knows, they may not be there much longer on this physical plane. Wish I could be with you in more than spirit. Remember Radhika! valaya
  22. I agree with everything you've said. Please don't mistake me for Johnny Rambo! Unfortunately, I believe that there is little choice now except to declare total war, as has been done. During times of war, discussions about pragmatism and philosophy can be demoralizing and detrimental to the fighting spirit, whereas `jingoism` can inspire the unified efforts required. Of course I realize the consequences inevitable in a conflict with an enemy such as this! That's precisely why this is not the time to question ourselves. Many a gunfight was lost in the American wild west, because the one with the fastest draw and the best weapon was unable to pull the trigger. Hopefully, as I said before, we will all learn from this, if we live through it. Then there will be endless introspection and self-questioning, at least in democracies such as the United States. That is a great part of America's strength, probably the most important at that, but now our efforts must be focused in a different way. The decision to engage in all out war is certainly a difficult one and Americans are not so easily provoked. Once having begun, however, there must be no indecisiveness or turning back until the enemy has not only been vanquished but completely squashed, never to rise again. The inability to do the needful, unpleasant as it so obviously is, has been one of our major mistakes in the past and it has certainly contributed to our present situation. Us vs. them need not be seen as good vs. evil or right vs. wrong, though this can be a strong motivation for some. Actually, it's a matter of survival. Yes, we could all be living simpler lives, without skyscrapers and so on, but we are together here on the internet, aren't we? Thus, by reaping the benefits we all share in the complicity and must assume some responsibility in the coming battles, even if it's just to keep up our own morale by firmly fixing our inner resolve. We can only imagine the strength of resolve needed by our avowed enemies to continue doing what they have proven themseves capable of. Keep the faith, prabhu! Peter/valaya ------------------ amanpeter@hotmail.com [This message has been edited by amanpeter (edited 09-17-2001).]
  23. Who is closed-minded? Pretty well anybody with convictions. Those who defend `open-mindedness` so adamantly are obviously `closed-minded` on that issue! If we weren't all closed-minded to some extent, whatever we might have in the form of brains would surely fall out! Where we should try to excercise caution is in what we hold convictions about. I see it as a pyramid. The top of my mind is easily changed, but the broader bottom part keeps the basic foundation strong; therefore that must be altered very carefully, piece-by-piece, if at all.
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