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  1. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Dear Prabhus, Please accept my humble obeisances. Suffering due to meat eating far outweighs the taste to the tongue.Temporary illusion,our temporary bodies are not meant to simply satisfy our senses.When we realize we are merely guest in this world then where is the trouble?We are child of the divinity,loss and gain cannot even touch our shadow! I left meat eating few months ago(I am pretty new)and am all happy. HARIBOL! Always your servant, Bhakta Joy
  2. I sometimes wonder why so many people are suffering in India.Tears get in my eyes as I see the poor.May be some day I too will work for poor people in Vrindhavan.
  3. Sorry Gaurachandra ji I just came across that site yesterday.Direct email to them may help.
  4. http://www.fov.org.uk/hinduism/13.html http://www.fov.org.uk/ for home. Great picture gallery of Vrindhavan!
  5. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Dear Prabhu, That was very nice.I tasted the nectar of devotion and felt bliss.While many non indians are taking up to Krishna conciousness very seriously,it is such a misfortune that people who are in India are falling down due to intense materialistic desires.I know it,I was born in India and grew up knowing very little about God conciousness.People only respect a wealthy man and from childhood one is expected to become an IAS officer or some rich big man.I think in the next few centuries conditions may improve. Prabhu please accept my humble obesiances at your lotus feet. HARI BOL! Bhakta Joy
  6. So true,it's Lord's mercy otherwise we would be hurting remembering the pain and misery we had caused to others.
  7. >1. When reincarnation is a reality, why many religions, exccept Hinduism, do not believe in it? Because everyone is one a different level of spiritual understanding.Karma is God's cosmic teacher which makes sure all lost souls eventually return to him,it teaches by experience. >Are there any indications (subtle or obvious) in ourselves to feel that we had visited this world before? Our habits,personality etc,we acquired all this during our previous lifetime(s). God bless. joy
  8. Hi pujar, One very interesting site is www.near-death.com ,has many profound truths of near death experiences where people experienced the truth(of santana dharma)first hand. www.krishna.org has many articles of knowledge,you will be able to get the complete understanding. After death we go to different levels of heaven and hell according to our understanding and knowledge. karma includes our wishes too.Living entities carry different perceptions of life as the air carries aroma.Our life as well our conciousness created at the time of death decides our next body. Hypnosis helps revealing past lives. Gita is online www.asitis.com www.asitis.com/gallery you should see Best regardsm joy [This message has been edited by bhaktajoy (edited 01-25-2002).]
  9. Dear Bhakta Don, Very nice to see you here!!! Hare Krishna!
  10. Hell is our own state of mind which we dig with our own selfish desires.www.near-death.com,many saw life on all the planetary systems,and different levels of heaven and hell also.Hell is described as a spiritual condition where one is not able to surrender unto love of Godhead(Krishna is in hell too but they cannot see him or don't want to see him).
  11. Haribol Orion! www.near-death.com has many profound near death experiences,some are of sucides.Yes sometimes after sucide a soul remains in his subtle body caught up between the two worlds. Srimad Bhagvatam also narrates nde of Ajamila and how he was saved calling upon Lord's holy names.A very similar nde account is to be found in the site where a man calls upon jesus and the lord saves him. Site is cool with all the relevant facts put together like religion(s) and why people see or experience different things.Everybody is on a different level of understanding and thus many religions,all leading to our Divine father. Combine santana dharma and those nde's and you will notice they are not at all false.Truth is really beautiful... Looking forward to hear from you soon. Hare Krishna,may he purify our conciousness! joy [This message has been edited by bhaktajoy (edited 01-22-2002).]
  12. Dear Prabhus, All glories to srila prabhupada! http://www.freetheanimals.homestead.com/photos.html No wonder why humanity is suffering... God bless all Bhakta Joy
  13. Dear Darkangel, yes it is all correct even Dr.Ian Stevenson's research on near death has proved last moment thought/body process. www.near-death.com is a great site with many profound near death experiences of people who have seen the truth first hand.You will soon realize it is all the same as Gita as it is and Santana Dharma teaches. Site is cool with all the relevant facts like religions and other stuff put together. Truth is really beautiful! best regards, joy
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