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  1. i like find out so in this brahman position, the sense of time less absortion of the self. Anyway the personal aspect is going on evolving from the mercy sprang from Sri Chaitanya and asociates. <font color="orange"> </font color> http://www.hindu.com/thehindu/mp/2003/03/24/stories/2003032401550200.htm
  2. mercy is a fold full of question by the bassics i think that.. bigging from the start. findin out in it Japa.
  3. so is made so much sublime.. if you wanna know more, read book even the introduction or prologue in www.asitis.com, or further visit www.krishna.org for knowing the proces as you can make a nice exposiction for all to take this benefit. Is so sublime.
  4. yes, dead is not the End. anyway. even distributing a little krsna conscious will get us to there to the final - object. jsut be truly sincere, then dead not afraid so.
  5. Its celestial degrees in the scale of purity. isnt it? that is said, know that "now days" krsna is black.. Frank bhai have had you there more clear stuff on the degree scale? om shanti.
  6. i ve expirienced also directly related with the bad habbits of each as a person. I have had half-days bad aches there and the high temperatures on my head trip me out for something may be called a mind expirience, out of, alucinating truth feelings. wuouh, i think it cares for in bad karmas of about what has been eaten and chewed. anyway haribol !
  7. thank you. hari bol, i hope one day we be free from designation !
  8. as i see... the working of idol workship or guide workshop in India from the most elevated country of all, i know also that is the most down-trothen one today, as it get dificult and scarcity of livelihood day a day bizz nezz etc as the path of mysticism and knowledge for that time called west comming from east - was going down to darkness... The most awe some part is that is in this math that the process is being precented, as a process, simple due to the labouring stuff of being prepared to get the one body, the perfect body and to know how is the living in holy land. But as far as workship is concerned not all of the bhakti and religiouss manufacturing is authorized. so 16.. is ideal. 64 is perfect.
  9. that off uploading issues of the material machine of the mind. The Womans are the Heck of Head !! i mean. Anyway, this prices as you all said are so important in cualities, you know. Just to care for that is important to hang on the understanding also of the cualitie and values in general as far as living surrownded with all and all Yeah many thanxs this responds to so much doubts with womans.. just what to be done priceless gifts and Understanding. fe all, hari bol !
  10. so you going with 64. tell him devotee "why" you do so. The best whim is to serve. Rounds praying i would say also, no mater this is benefitial. as is advancement also to develop on that.
  11. http://preaching.krishna.org/Articles/2005/01/044.html so much escential for the developing of Reality !! Thank you, For all af this in our hands to take part and benefit. Haribol !
  12. as a stanndard for the bigginers i have overstand that 16 as a rounds is the baisis to beggin chanting, it takes two ours just spending for that. if anyOne likes it more than that is just the chance for that to develope even more, the chanting. that is required. As being disciple"s" the issue beggans with discipline. And then likes. For not falling from the constant awe of chanting if you want more just chant !! I have seen that in www.prabhupadavani.org, here are some mornin Walks in where srila explains this and just wonderfull tracks. Basis and even better things it carriees, yes.
  13. I thank God, Rooted in my heart for granting my mind on listening of so sublime passtimes from the divine Couple. I have heard throught out madhya lilamrita of the Caitanya charitamrita passtimes. so much valuable. for the Vaishnavas are like long long tales for the understanding of relationship that has all included. relationship in someway supòrted by he sastras. etc, also to have this great devotee Vrndavan Das on the lectures is so much worthy as. So i will kinddly suggest the listening. first of All. Thank UU !!
  14. Mata mood or the rasa of been remembering sri Brahmä, we can take there also or a mother may be, as encouraging is softened because of the deals and cares for each and every son. But, takin, it is borring and not realy relying in any trouble some, thats sugested.The matas are allways so serviciable and as an aim of burnin bad deals and sanskars them allways guiding. I do really find something borring in this yaad, personaly. The cows are lovable respectfull of the mood, i think is matter of own actitud.Then them can give u milk some. Yes, because the mood of the Father is even more fun. When we learn to see just at the sweeet supreme energetic PERSON, we jump over again an again the borrened mood. That is the aim, of Krsna (narayan) Conciouss souls. Hari bol. and Dude, let me tell ya, the borring is nopt for ever. this is been fun ever !!!.
  15. Everywhere. When one thinks of Krsna, deeply He gets reveled inside the each of us entities. so, a clean heart will do the Job, and that is for U too. Kamalasana Dasa.
  16. Burnin Paaps, burning with yoga owns mischieves. Yes, that is the aim of an enlightened soul with knowledge. I also found my self in the clutches of burnin paaps with Yoga. to pray and stuff is nice but that is not going to be burnin in way our sins so far. Now days, it been easyest, think-in´ also that when meeting the Guru, no other way because prabhupaad exposes the process also, to be atainin spiritual bliss. But the sin is been always runin here there.. So i will kinddly suggest u to aproach to God, in your must sincere and corageous aim a living. If you contact me, please. gyanituatma@.co.in , I will guide you to meet the father. am just some other servant. be happy, and chant the glories of God concioussly... I have meet in this way with a so elevated yagya. congregational burnin of Durguns, sins etc.... further aiming not just the sublime kirtanam process, but the perfection of the soul eternaly as a reward, Varsa, here. It is called, Rudra Gyan Jajña. and it is aimin the ultimate revelation of the Supreme soul inna this material universe. i Hope you go through this. it is located in the heart of India also. So, Personaly, it is the work of just one supreme soul father. and Him is atainin a new roll now. directed to each and every vaishnava soul. the revelation time, at the end of every kalpa. so the scriptures upanishards and the sruti.. meets here as the confluence of the tree rivers. as in Pryaga, and as narada muni´s pastimess, there, personaly, i encourage you to hang on the real aim of Yoga process, for the pure vaishnava is a huge oportunity. hole heartedly So, the Bliss to come. In detail, the moment has come, for the fearless rudra and Him consort parvati devi, as durga. Maatta - Pita. are talking material boddies, in this time of revelation the oportunity is there. I thak God for this and Thank U! Hari Bol ! Father say's "those who recognised in the last kalpa will only recognise now" 1/2/71 page 4
  17. i am inna the some kindda shareing your views ion the girl stuff, we be most like a guide protector to hers desires for knowledge and mind enlightenin.. ! I see me on others as well.
  18. Ehm, continuamente me he encontrado con la literatura trascendental, y como una bendicion por parte del maestro Srila Prabhupada. Agradesco se me haya dado la oportunidad de saber mas y mas a serca de la naturaleza trascendental y divina que govierna ahora todo y mas alla de esta existencia material y condicionada de la cual nos libera las lecturas de srila prabhupada. hari bol. Esta es una de las paginas muy mucho mas atractivas para encontrar lecturas ; - solo en Ingles, veran,- desde luego para el maestro le fue de mucha utilidad tbn compartir este conocimiento en español y otros muchos lenguages. Leo en este momento el Guita. y uno que otro articulo o librilllo en ingles. me gustaria compartirlos en español, si a alguien les son mas utiles en otros lenguajes. Me preguntaba si saben de las publicaciones de <font color="red"> la BBT </font color> , en español. Tengo la suerte de leer en ingles tbn, ya que hacen parte de mi educacion basica, he aprovechado estos libros trascendentales que en esta pagina se encuentran, encriptados, como trabajo y resultados del SWami. a quien le ofresco mis mas puros respetos. Han sido decorados y arreglados con las fotos originales y todo gracias a la belleza de la naturaleza espiritual que crece como el rio, cuando las lluvias asi lo presipitan. mi correo es; gyanituatma@.co.in, por si quieren compartir lecturas. los devotos, hacerca de la ciencia Suprema. Hari Bol.Nicolas.
  19. Women is just cool coming natural the stool became more agreadable.. you know, when D dread come-inn natural here Then in thy movement that is good because you also care when stool be. Not at all vaishnavas are there jatta head cult. vaisnava asumes more cleanlines with the boddy and soul, but that not change anything... by the way in stance of purity, those shadhus are from the shivaist cult and them reeleve those unconfortable means for cleanliness and keep this inside for each just, fe really, i like the dreadlock jatta natty fe dreaddy naty dreadd lock. -congo bongo I Yeh commin natural.. I remember lika souppin the dready in the house of some devotee friend of mine i like it like the spiritual sense no more, just like, and be allright. but clean. u see and then there u can. have it or.. it care for just a mind thing, and fe mood. you can be a devotee in passive mood etc.. is just that there are no means for u to be no. Om shanti
  20. What happpens when we were in company of a Girl about so much time, alone. ?? Does anyone can here clarify the matter? is aboutthe regulative principle talking something about restrictions and because of what? I have met with the fact that even some recognized Vaishnavas reject the situation because of fe getting something spoiled.. What does that mean, not just only for care about the sex apetite. but something else more clear that can be more explicit, i have ben looking for. any help, i will apreciate it. bol.
  21. i have been in knowledge so far about the propagation of the hare krsna maha mantra in so many ways then now is such an specific issue, so as when we start the chant our hearts started also to be as cleaner etc.. and then there the cience became defined. Definitly Krsna himself as the backbone surce of the transcendetal vibration make and spires us by the way in the chant.. i mean Father and Mother of creation. I was curioous about also the expirience takes us betond here or there an just situating us on the plane of service. I do think this make self a clear understanding of Whom we are. This morning I do receive more coments about this from thought for today program of devotee Shankarsan Das Adhikari. so let us have a read. ____ Is Science Scientific? Real science means observation and experiment. In Vedic terminology observation is jnana and experiment is vijnana. If what we call science is mere theory based on observations without practical experimental demonstration, then it is not real science. It is pseudo science. In many cases what is today touted as science is not. I one time attended a scientific meeting at the University of Florida. A famous scientist came to the campus to explain to a large gathering of over 3,000 science teachers and students how there are black holes in outerspace. The lights were dimmed. A hushed silence fell over the crowd as he projected images of outer space on a large screen to show us the reality of the black holes. Then the lights came up and he opened the floor for questions. Question after question demonstrated the mood of the audience. They accepted his every word as gospel. Then I raised my hand. I asked, "Is what you are presenting a theory or a Fact?" He answered, "I think it's a fact." A few more questions came in, and then I got another chance. "Throughout the history of modern science we've seen that one theory becomes prominent for some time, and then finally is replaced by another theory. How do we know that your theory will not be replaced by another theory?" He replied, "I hope it is, because then we will be making progress." I was quite amazed that just moments before we were told that black holes were a fact, and then we were being told that the "fact" of their existence was indeed nothing more than a conjecture. Their existence was just a theory that will eventually be replaced by another theory. In other words we couldn't be absolutely sure that they factually existed, but for the time being until proven otherwise we should accept them as factual. Within five minutes the esteemed scientist had completely contradicted himself. And I am being told by such scientifically minded people that the person Krishna, who I can directly perceive with senses purified by process of chanting Hare Krishna, is a myth as if Krishna's existence is not a scientific reality, that it is simply a belief. If the modern scientists want me to accept them as genuine scientists they must be able to practically demonstrate the truth of their theories. I don't believe in religious fanaticism under any label. If they want me to accept them as scientists they must actually be scientific. They must be able to prove by practical demonstration the truth of their theories. They say that life comes from matter. So let them prove it by practical demonstration. Let them take some dead matter and produce from it a living thing. So far they have not done so. Trust no future, however pleasant. Why should I blindly assume that in the future they will be able to do so? Is this science? There may be black holes in outer space or there may not be black holes in outer space, but we can clearly see that the methodology being touted nowadays as science is full of black holes (ohh). Until they can back up with practical results the veracity of their theories we shall hanker for the day when science comes out of the Dark Ages into the age of Enlightenment. Sankarshan Das Adhikari ___ Enjoy !
  22. Dreadlocks love n rock - Rasta Chant Down Babylon remembah Is the most easy way i could see that is mean for mukti (liberation) to now, in this days also I do apreciate and value this much and aimmin´ for the Maha mantra i my say Further the process have to settle the soul pon there fe that soul seeks, (contitutional position) thee soul that seeks may realize this is if doing something then.. yes, the process may lead us to Jeevan-Mukti (liveration in life), that is better than do nothing at this time. and benefit people.. undestanding te sublime process. I think for my personal expirience that. First the mantra guides the living being to know krsna better anyway for own persona in the spiritual preach or seeking when you advance u may put there also you also could see that then is the service oportunity granted if you seek chanting. Yes the mother and the Father reasembles that for mee, allways with the children, Like when you enjoy the moon inna time and the sun every now a then... the song is like this.. and you hear the chant so take it, and dance, je the dread lock is nice. (oh you are the mother you are the father - like the mantra practice - is called kirtanaam, biggining with sravanaam, and then kirtanaam) Well if cutting is the same, that is the process.this is like and as far as i understand to serve (we may undertand and do), and then your constitutional position will reveal to you the truth. that is important. with respect. Today i refer like to other devote initiated long way more along time in the process steel him name was that. Pragosh Das, name of initiation - He meets me saying that Gosh comes from sound and pra from para, trnscendental, sound. This vivration and shareing and then he recall on the mission, for all devotees i think. that is better not to be curiouss about the name also but i do wanted to know also that and did ask him for reply of what that harinama initiation name means - i mean that also, i was curiouss about. And he says that, that is better to understand the benefit of knowing and not to be the body, the self but the soul. Hope this meets you well heartened, never mind to cut the hair, but i do love thiose also longated. y.s.
  23. i think the higest aim of fe all, is to be part personally on the krsna conciouss movement. I do really love nature and understanding this Dreadlock came and the´hem build pon locks on me. --see On basis i do have some dreaddy back pon the ´choti´ bridge, an them my MOM cut it off, i was steel growing up this arrown that so - was that 14 yrs, yes? seen, then, i build all my head.. ok, some girlfriend help me and again. because of mooddy mind pricking and stiching i unbound all a that dreaddy the hole head again, and again i build hem up by my self. you will see me now like with something back the is little hair steel moving. But nothing ike Krsna conciouss. And the knowledge is steel flowing..
  24. if you digg mon, you are gonna see. The greatest seravant at Lotus Feet of the Lord, the number One Vaishnava is Shiva-shankara, O RUDRA and Him has dreadlock matted hair head, that is the rivers of knowledge that flow pon thee. * Are you taking harinama initiation? * Or you just planning? YS
  25. Yehh, mon me tell ya. There is no need couse every human being is part and parcel of Supreme Soul so whatever, you may see is what you are going to hear and so be it. Is better having cleaner way of living but everything in is on the spiritual aspect of the self. Rasta man is the devotee way a life fe digin -- no need no cut no. Material aspects may allways change, as time passes your shaven head is going like this and pon there you full a dread. I mean, what it is is what it is from the bigginig to the end it ciant nevah change. Be it Krsna Conciouss in the cleanest aproach you could in advance and the other things may pass by. Me tell ya, Rastaman Kultcha is the way of fe Christ, and that is also great i do have had natty dreads so much way along. There is not need though cuz the Dreadlock is the beautty that nature put pon us heads. And is also great, in advance of being krsna copnciouss the changes and fixes are on the spiritual purification of the soul and the self, the boddy allways changing. Thoguh i hope this meets you people fine.
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