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  1. Disgusting Idea.. What is this maddness.. Are cientists looking for jummping fields? Tryin to prove it or what ?? I just wonder the frogs rooted to the earth crippin them croack while them get flowrish in due seassson. /images/graemlins/blush.gif silly.
  2. howevah it do not tek me by surprise It been not eztrange that Russia And United Stated will consume a big tird-World war on Kali Dealings.
  3. hey, in this conection here the board has good ones recordings by Srila Prabhupada vaanies and talks. Look pon thee board, such basic and forwads adressess. Thank You. Now I wonder from where is this being directed ? I knw is powered by INDIADIVINE Coms THank You !
  4. Karma Yoga, in this direction i will seh that give it to bhagavan. Do not entangle in the material ! nemer hama
  5. http://www.srimadbhagavatam.org/music/text/pancatattvamantra.html there is the song singged by anand Aadhar prabhu, there is the panca tatwa maha mantra, with the folllowin links as to singin it or to play it with this ya armonioum chords. Have Fun ! so cool.... http://theorderoftime.org/art/music/keyboardchords/index.html
  6. just to start from http://www.webcom.com/ara/col/books/CLAS/bhag/ .. hari bol.
  7. the true vani is that one who doesn´t make nor diference between diferent sects or sampradayas. Anyway, is Paramätma´s vani i do not see no diference as to be Quarrelin. so then u are trying to control (some) matter. Some diference in schools as you to be bringin some facts from somewhere not clear at all yet just i would seh so in respect to the vaishnavas them can also serve diferent personalities as long as the bhakti bring service etc.. And Shaivas to serve Shiva. But the point was in fact clear. There is no diference though for quarrel about what anyway.¿? Howevah, I agree with you in something, Let There Be Just one Supreme Soul. Hari Bol! Prabhu.
  8. http://www.krishna.com/gitaframeset/gita_frameset.html yä vai sädhana-sampattih purusärtha-catustaye tayäd vinä tad äpnoti naro näräyanasrayah The purport of this verse is that one should not engage in the different processes of fruitive activity or cultivate knowledge by the mental speculative process. One who is devoted to the Supreme Personality can attain all the benefits derived from other yogic processes, speculation, rituals, sacrifices, charities, etc. That is the specific benediction of devotional service. Simply by chanting the holy name of Krsna —Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama Räma Räma Hare Hare -- a devotee of the Lord can approach the supreme destination easily and happily, but this destination cannot be approached by any other process of religion. The conclusion of Bhagavad-guita; is stated in the Eighteenth Chapter: sarva-dharmän parityajya mäm ekam ´säranam vraja aham tväm sarva-päpebhyo moksayisyämi mä sucáh. [bg. 18.66] One should give up all other processes of self-realization and simply execute devotional service in Krsna consciousness. That will enable one to reach the highest perfection of life. There is no need for one to consider the sinful actions of his past life, because the Supreme Lord fully takes charge of him. Therefore one should not futilely try to deliver himself in spiritual realization. Let everyone take shelter of the supreme omnipotent Godhead, Bhagavan (Sri Krsna). That is the highest perfection of life.
  9. So in depht it was Huge as a description by Srila Naräyan maharaja. On one of the occasions when Sri Narada Muni met with Lord Shiva It will be considered deeply. This katha: <font color="red"> So Sankara gave Sati a seat in front </font color> "* In the scriptures there is never defamation for Naräyana. There is defamation for the black Krsna, he stole the gopis, made them run, stole the butter etc. etc. yet there is no defamation for Naräyana. The katha of Naräyana is recited on the day of the full moon. The soul of Brahmä who is the moon of knowledge, always gave happiness to all the Brahmins with his dhrishti (vision), consciousness (vriti) and with his dharnas" * The part through Brahmä was Paramätma’s motherly part. It is said you are the mother and you are the father. Paramätma Bap first comes as a mother to nurture the children. When love does not work then takes on the form of a Dharamraj. Puranmassi (night of full moon) is when the soul of gyan chandrama (moon of knowledge) becomes complete. When he becomes from nar to Naräyan, at that time in every home the true story is heard. Right now some have faith and some do not. .... The truth never falls down. The truth is always stable and indestructable. The truth always climbs on the head and speaks because truth is the highest. Paramatma is called the truth, he is also known as Satyam Shivam Sundram (Shiva the most truthful and Shiva the most beautiful). .....This Gita gyan was given to a householder like Arjun. Although the Gita gyan was sermonised in the middle of Kauravs and Pandavs the sanyasis like Bhisma Pitama whilst knowing the gyan took the side of the kauravs. They became ignorant whilst knowing everything. . You have to remember the father and become pure, that is all you have to do. If you do not remember then you will be deceived by Ravan. They could not pick this gyan. The householder like Arjun imbibe this Paramätma gyan and attain God Joti-bindu Shiv spoke this, this one means Brahma. This vaani was spoken by him sitting in Brahma’s body. Brahma’s soul sits next to Shiva when he speaks, like the follower sits next to his guru. = Where there is complete purity there is fearlesness and then there can not be a heartfailure. Yogis never have a heartfailure. When you become a complete yogi (sampuran yogi) you can cause a heartfailure to the whole world. For sampuran yogi it is said in the Gita this yogi whilst being in yog can kill the whole world yet can not be called a sinner. Pamaätma has said this in His Vaani, I get the destruction done through such a one who does not become sinful by doing it. Such a person is made nimit (instrumental) for destruction. You have to make such a stage. _________I also Hope this Helps. I know that krsna Bhakti has became prema purified, even for us now the jivs is made such a huge labor onto this days. Take Care.
  10. Dear Guest. I sincery go through your post thinking that the mere sense out of it is t purify you yoursoul. the chanters are known this way to be making such a sacrifice or kind of tapasya somewhere in guita it is said so. I sometimes find myself listenin holy music till it gets me sick out of a month because of so much entaglement in my senses i can loose track out of it. In guita it is reco,mended to be very much regulated as to purify yourself n your soul, that is the hole plea i thing behind many sacrifices. I think your love is blooming for the deities. and it gets that way sweetest the process of purification. If better regulated... But i think if i canget some job in the skyes as to be somehowin the transcendental loving activities that will be for shure singing ¡Hare Krsna! anyway i have been lookin on for the kartals i know you can relish intense extatic mellows like man, with those.
  11. Hare Krsna ! ____________ Moksada Ekadasi Yudhisthira Maharaja said, "O Visnu, master of all, 0 delight of the three worlds, O Lord of the universe, 0 creator of the world, O oldest personality, O best of all beings, I offer my most respectful obeisances unto You. "0 Lord of lords, for the benefit of all living entities, kindly answer some questions I have. What is the name of the Ekadasi that occurs during the light fortnight of the month of Margasirsa and removes all sins? How does one observe it properly, and which Deity is worshiped on that holy day? O Lord, please fully explain this to me." Lord Sri Krsna replied, "0 Yudhisthira, your inquiry is very auspicious and will bring you fame. Just as I previously explained to you the dearest Utpanna Maha-dvadasi - wich occurs during the dark part of the month of Margasirsa, which is the day when Ekadasi-devi appeared from My body to kill the demon Mura, and which benefits everything animate and inanimate in the three worlds-so I shall now explain to you the Ekadasi that occurs during the light part of the month of Margasirsa. This Ekadasi is famous as Moksada because it purifies the faithful devotee of all sinful reactions and bestows liberation upon him. The worshipable Deity of this day is Lord Damodara. With full attention one should worship Him with incense, a ghee lamp, flowers, and tulasi manjaris [buds]. "0 best of kings, please listen as I narrate to you the old and auspicious history of this Ekadasi Simply by hearing this history one can attain the merit earned by performing a horse sacrifice. By the influence of this merit, one's forefathers, mothers, sons, and other relatives who have gone to hell can go to heaven. For this reason alone, 0 king, you should listen carefully to this narration. "There was once a beautiful city named Campaka-nagara, which was decorated with devoted Vaisnavas. There the best of saintly kings, Maharaja Vaikhanasa, ruled his subjects as if they were his own sons and daughters. The brahmanas in that capital city were all expert in four kinds of Vedic knowledge. The king, while ruling properly, had a dream one night in which his father was suffering the pangs of torture in a hellish planet. The king was overwhelmed with compassion and shed tears. The next morning, Maharaja Vaikhanasa described his dream to his council of twice-born brdhmanas. '0 brdhmanas" the king said, 'in a dream last night I saw my father suffering on a hellish planet. He was crying out, "O son, please deliver me from the torment of this hell!" Now I have no peace, and even this beautiful kingdom has become unbearable to me. Not even my horses, elephants, and chariots give me any joy, and my vast treasury gives me no pleasure at all. "'Everything, 0 best of the brdhmanas, even my own wife and sons, has become a source of unhappiness since I beheld my dear father suffering the tortures of hell. Where can I go, and what can I do, 0 brdhmanas, to alleviate this misery? My body is burning with fear and sorrow! Please tell me what kind of charity, what mode of fasting, what austerity, or what deep meditation I may perform to deliver my father from his agony and bestow liberation upon my forefathers. O best of brdhmanas, what is the use of one's being a powerful son if one's father must suffer on a hellish planet? Truly, such a son's life is utterly useless!' "The twice-born brdhmanas replied, 'O king, in the mountainous forest not far from here is the asrama where the great saint Parvata Muni resides. Please go to him, for he knows the past, present, and future of everything and can surely help you in your misery. "Upon hearing this advice, the distressed king immediately set out on a journey to the asrama of the famous sage Parvata Muni. The asrama was very big and housed many learned sages expert in chanting the sacred hymns of the four Vedas. Approaching the holy asrama, the king beheld Parvata Muni seated among the sages like another Lord Brahma, the unborn creator. "Maharaja Vaikhanasa offered his humble obeisances to the muni, bowing his head and then prostrating his entire body. After the king had seated himself, Parvata Muni asked him about the welfare of the seven limbs of his extensive kindgdom. The muni also asked him if his kingdom was free of troubles and whether everyone was peaceful and happy. To these inquiries the king replied, 'By your mercy, O glorious sage, all seven limbs of my kingdom are doing very well. Yet there is a problem that has recently arisen, and to solve it I have come to you, 0 brahrrtand, for your expert guidance.' "Then Parvata Muni, the best of all sages, closed his eyes and meditated on the king's past, present, and future. After a few moments he opened his eyes and said, 'Your father is suffering the results of committing a great sin, and I have discovered what it is. In his previous life he quarreled with his wife when he enjoyed her sexually during her menstrual period. She tried to resist his advances and yelled out, "Someone please save me! Please, 0 husband, do not interrupt my monthly period!" Still he did not leave her alone. It is on account of this grievous sin that your father has fallen into such a hellish condition.' "King Vaikhanasa then said, 'O greatest of sages, by what process of fasting or charity may I liberate my dear father from such a condition? Please tell me how I can remove the burden of his sinful reactions, which are a great obstacle to his progress toward ultimate liberation.' "Parvata Muni replied, 'During the light fortnight of the month of Margasirsa there occurs an Ekadasi called Moksada. If you observe this sacred Ekadasi strictly, with a full fast, and give directly to your suffering father the merit you thus obtain, he will be freed from his pain and instantly liberated.' "Hearing this, Maharaja Vaikhanasa profusely thanked the great sage and then returned to his palace. 0 Yudhisthira, when the light part of the month of Margasirsa at last arrived, Maharaja Vaikhanasa faithfully and perfectly observed the Ekadasi fast with his wife, children, and other relatives. He dutifully gave the merit from this fast to his father, and as he made the offering, beautiful flowers showered down from the sky. The king's father was then praised by the messengers of the demigods and escorted to the celestial regions. As he passed his son, the father said to the king, 'My dear son, all auspiciousness unto you!' At last he reached the heavenly realm. O son of Pandu, whoever strictly observes the sacred Moksada Ekadasi, following the established rules and regulations, achieves full and perfect liberation after death. There is no better fasting day than this Ekadasi of the light fortnight of the month of Margasirsa, O Yudhisthira, for it is a crystal-clear and sinless day. Whoever faithfully observes this Ekadasi fast, which is like cintamini [a gem that yields all desires], obtains special merit that is very hard to calculate, for this day can elevate one to the heavenly planets and beyond-to perfect liberation." ______________ hare krsna hare krsna krsna krsna . . .
  12. ys... Dear, i talk spanish. But i was looking further in this ..maybe you could help me out, mercyfully i have thought abuot this same issue prabu, now i wanno configure it too as to perfect my english though !!! For example i have .pls radio streems via internet, and to crate a real one archive recording direct on the spot. so how can I ????? Plz, if anyone could explain this further plz. am not at all cualified pundit but been trying smoothly on the PC streams, etc.. jai !
  13. Hang on the Link.. http://www.veda.harekrsna.cz/library/badkarma.wmv sorry i thought this was about scriptures it takes on turnin as the computer is rapped.... take Care.
  14. i was so, thinkin on this. MAn really.. I wanna rec clip of off my PC real one. Great idea, if this exists !!
  15. anyone knows this best ? I think souls like Vyas´s Guru, is brhdmana --Närada Muni. I do not know. Some-one?
  16. Swami Narayan as is known is not lie. Such a good deed where there played on India steel is not such worthy thing but for his adepts followers that´s another bizz nizz. respect pals respect plz.
  17. thank you so much. Harshad, great deed. Am downloading now this the torrent however for my english.. anyway, GODSEED, how you get the info, how is the suscription to lets say anypart of the world. is there by the phone all info..? Can we be getting here more clear stuff. The thing is indeed, I ask forgiveness for my stupid offences. hari bol ! Glories to Gurudev.
  18. brdhmanas are offen mentioned on the ekadasi passtimess. can i ask what are the sintoms of such souls ?
  19. SB 1.3.24 tatah kalau sampravrtte sammohaya sura-dvisam buddho namnanjana-sutah kikatesu bhavisyati .............................. ...Lord Buddha had to reject the authority of the Vedas altogether. This is simply technical, and had it not been so he would not have been so accepted as the incarnation of Godhead. Nor would he have been worshiped in the transcendental songs of the poet Jayadeva, who is a Vaisnava acarya. Lord Buddha preached the preliminary principles of the Vedas in a manner suitable for the time being (and so also did Sankaracarya) to establish the authority of the Vedas. Therefore both Lord Buddha and Acarya Sankara paved the path of theism, and Vaisnava acaryas, specifically Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, led the people on the path towards a realization of going back to Godhead.
  20. ok, am not english parlant. I have risen by my own this english i understand having to practice. Mek a plea plz to forgive my offences !!
  21. Just that the real satya narayan khata is explanied throughout that knowledge for the new world. If one doesnt mean to know, that is -one can´t forget gods mission, if it is shiva whom swallow all poison from the ocean. or whom relating the endurance of matterial world and all creation. I have had the curiosity also, as Some lila avatar get melts with the roll, but is like, though knew knowledge means new gathering. Can anyone explain about the expansions sence is like it goes like --shankara or sankarsan, shiva then rudra then narayan vasudeva nanda then baladeva .. i dont know further but here is something new about the rol of God father in this matterial. ou i hope so to see the sastra points. It is said that so couse of god it can be written millions of millions of trees with the ink he manifests the paper trees come from, and it ciant be more space inna forest to continue writtigng about him The veda doesnt lie. What is this GVs, proposal anyway- in the long run ?
  22. Pahu, greetings. IO have been interested sence i had known about its existen there up the first days of starting. Great deeds, just write me soon in gyanituatma@.co.in Hare Krsna pahu !
  23. for the megazine ! http://www.thekrishnastore.com/Page.bok?template=Subscriptions_Splash
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