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  1. scientists study what is here. its not a faith or a belif system or flawed people, it is simply men analyzing certain topics and figuring out what is there and how it works. science has not disproven anything hare-krishna related.
  2. srila prabhupada said it himself, any religion that worships the supreme personality of godhead is a bonafide religion. they might be seeing one of the lower level planets such as muniloka.... or even vaikuntha.... many christians are very devoted to god which is why they can reach such elevation... but there are also reports of people seeing 'the devil' which is yamuraja
  3. because ganesh was an elephant.
  4. i havent posted on here in a very long while..... i stopped practicing it because eveything in the religion seemed so..... unrealistic and totally defies the laws of science..... now idk about that anymore but.... i realized i just seemed a lot happier when i was in this religion and practicing it... i never fully left it i always think about it and dont totally disclaim it but i dont know what to belive.... the way the chant makes me feel is so incredible..... its like nothing can make me sad at that point in time.... nothing can phaze my mind.... and i just realized that when i deided to chant a little for the first time in a while....
  5. http://www.geocities.com/fedor_steeman/10main.html views and opinion
  6. http://www.crystalinks.com/vedic.html ? does this have any validity?
  7. what is you people's opinion on swaminarayan? there are many times in his storys where he is called the supreme. What are your views?
  8. hope this explains everything http://www.gitamrta.org/swaminarayan.htm
  9. she is also afraid that if it doesnt work she will get hurt more. she has wounds but no way to prove its him. i suggested a video camera which might happen but the court date is soon and i cant get there soon. should i tell her to chant the mahamantra?
  10. I have a good friend who lives in hawaii and she has a very serious problem. Her dad was once addicted to drugs and now abuses her. He cuts her slaps her punches her and everything. Now they are going to court about who gets custody of her, the mom or dad. The mom is nice but the dad is abusive. He is probably going to win custody of her because he appears as the family man type on the surface. He also owns a buisness and can get some of his workers to say that he is the nicest man they had ever seen. So soon she will have to live with this man. She cannot get away from him becuase he is her father. She is also very distracted by all this so she is not spiritually aware at all. She knows im somewhat into religion but i havent suggested anything yet. What should i tell her to do? Any suggestions would help
  11. all im sayin is that NDE's arent the extent of what there is. They dont show you everything a lot is still missing
  12. it may be made up but NDE's are actually witnessed so it may be true. He has probably read the bible before in his life. Even if he barely rembered his subconsciouss mind knew it all. sometimes NDE's trigger something in the subconsciouss.
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