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  1. I thought we could start a discussion of the nature and different faculties of intelligence in terms of Gaudiya Vaisnava psychology and how each of these deparments of intellect assist us in the breakthroughs we need in order to reach higher levels of devotional service. The following article presents an interesting picture of the different subsections of intelligence and how they relate to personal and organisational success. It would also be interesting to discuss this topic in relation to the success and effectiveness of Gaudiya Vaisnava Institutions. ------------------ shab.
  2. My understanding is that Krishna knows the past, present and future but for the purpose of lila he inconceivably 'forgets'. ------------------ shab.
  3. My thoughts exactly Valaya. And I am presuming that the Arch Bishop has no idea. And who is supposed to be managing the managers here? We never see the GBC here with any of these duties in mind. But despite all that we are still doing the most harinam, still distributing the most books and still distributing the most prasadam. It's kali yuga, what else can I say? ------------------ shab.
  4. I still think that out of respect for position the Catholic Arch Bishop here should be the one who decides. ------------------ shab.
  5. I am tending to agree with you Gauracandra. We participated in the Christmas parade here, which was conveniently subtitled as a 'Christmas and Multi-cultural parade', and that was very successful. But I'm not so sure about this one. Most people nowadays think that Saint Patricks day is an excuse to get plastered. I mean we wont be joining the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. I think we should just organise our own Ratha Yatras and be satisfied with that. People can't stand having other cultures impose themselves on their own. ------------------ shab.
  6. Fair enough. It just seems strange that we have a moral conscience in these human bodies which forbids us from engaging in such activities as fornication, but yet the result from living piously is that we attain devata bodies within which we are allowed to. Thanks for the answer. ------------------ shab.
  7. We here at ISKCON Perth are going to go in the Saint Patricks Day parade with Jaganatha. Should we participate in this event which is not part of Vedic culture? Will it be anti-preaching and offensive towards Catholics? Or do the advantages of the benediction of Lord Jaganatha taking a ride on our streets for everyone to see outway any disadvantages? ------------------ shab.
  8. I have heard that human morality doesn't apply to demigods. How is it that the demigods who are the 'pious living entities' are allowed to act immorally? ------------------ shab.
  9. Wasn't the Singapore temple one of the ones to be taken over by ritviks? ------------------ shab.
  10. Yeah that sounds far out. p.s. What answer did Bhanu Maharaja give? ------------------ shab. [This message has been edited by bhaktashab (edited 02-11-2002).]
  11. Hey Val_Baital, Why not just chant: Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare each day and see what happens? ------------------ shab. [This message has been edited by bhaktashab (edited 02-11-2002).]
  12. Hi, Could someone please tell me what Swami B.V. Tripurari's position is in regards to ISKCON, and what is ISKCON's position in regards to Swami B.V. Tripurari? Much appreciated. ------------------ shab.
  13. Haribol, I would like to buy this gita. Can anyone tell me where I can order it online? Thanks. ------------------ shab.
  14. I think this verse and purport, from Sri Brahma Samhita 5.21 by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura, explains more accurately the difference between the jiva souls and the Supreme Godhead. The same jiiva is eternal and is for eternity and without a beginning joined to the Supreme Lord by the tie of an eternal kinship. He is transcendental spiritual potency. PURPORT Just as the sun is eternally associated with his rays so the transcendental Supreme Lord is eternally joined with the jivas. The jives are the infinitesimal particles of His spiritual effulgence and are, therefore, not perishable like mundane things. Jivas, being particles of Godhead's effulgent rays, exhibit on a minute scale the qualities of the Divinity. Hence jivas are identical with the principles of knowledge, knower, egoism, enjoyed, meditator and doer. Krsna is the all-pervading, all-extending Supreme Lord; while jivas have a different nature from His, being His atomic particles. That eternal relationship consists in this that the Supreme Lord is the eternal master and jivas are His eternal servants. Jivas have also sufficient eligibility in respect at the mellow quality of the Divinity. Apareyam itas tv anyam prakrtim viddhi me param. By this verse of the Gita it is made known that jivas are His transcendental potency. All the qualities of the unalloyed soul are above the eightfold qualities such as egotism, etc., pertaining to His acit potency. Hence the jiva potency, though very small in magnitude, is still superior to acit potency or Maya. This potency has another name, viz., tatastha or marginal potency being located on the line demarcating the spheres of the spiritual and mundane potencies. He is susceptible to the influence of the material energy owing to his small magnitude. But so long as he remains submissive to Krsna, the Lord of Maya, he is not liable to the influence of Maya. The worldly afflictions, births and rebirths are the concomitants of the fettered condition of souls fallen into the clutches of the deluding potency from a time that has no beginning. ------------------ shab.
  15. That's it. Thanks very much Prabhu. Attaining a body similar to the Lord and attaining the same opulences as the Lord. I wonder if this is cohesive with Joseph Smith's ideas. Quite often we speak of Christians as worshipers of Vishnu in a mood of awe and reverence. I wonder how much of the actual truth is there in the philosophy of Joseph Smith. ------------------ shab.
  16. Sorry Suryaz that's not what I meant. There are four attainments given to the jiva upon achieving liberation in Vaikuntha. I just can't remember them all so I was wondering if anyone else knew them. I know that they are relevant to this discussion. ------------------ shab.
  17. Can someone please describe what it means to attain liberation in Vaikuntha? What does Vishnu award to the jiva? ------------------ shab.
  18. OOPS Sorry I didn't realise you were typing it all. ------------------ shab.
  19. What a masterful spiritual theory. It is truly brilliant. Unfortunately it is flawed, for example if God was once a man who lived on earth and then attained exaltation, who was it that created that earth he lived on? It also appeals to the selfish desire of the living entity who wants to be a master himself, a god, nay a GOD - thus denying the sweetness of intimacy required in order to have a truly surrendered loving relationship with God. Keep it coming Gauracandra, post it all at once ------------------ shab.
  20. I don't recall Prabhupada ever mentioning people becoming possesed by 'good' spirits. ------------------ shab.
  21. Really? He is the only one who can speak Sanskrit? I would have regarded Hridayananda Dasa Goswami fluent in Sanskrit, but maybe you know better than I...?
  22. Thanks guys for the replies. Anyone else like to comment on this? BE BRAVE... ------------------ shab.
  23. This song 'Protect and Survive' comes courtesy of the Dubliners. Well the government's made a document to help prevent embarrassment And in the event of an accident catching us with our trousers down It's no use to you when your dead nor even when alive And the name of this piece of paper is protect and survive So when the nukes come raining down it's great to be alive Well World War Three can be such fun if you protect and survive Protect and survive Well a nuclear strike can be recognised it would stand out in a crowd There's a flash then a bang then a blast of heat then a bloody great mushroom cloud So if you happen to see one at the end of your street Would you please pick up your telephone and inform your local police So when the nukes come raining down it's great to be alive Well World War Three can be such fun if you protect and survive Protect and survive Put sticky tape on your windows, block your ears and close your eyes But it wont make a blind bit of difference you wont have to watch yourself fry If you find yourself in the target zone and you haven't got a shelter Take a spade into the garden and dig like merry hell sir So when the nukes come raining down it's great to be alive Well World War Three can be such fun if you protect and survive Protect and survive They've got strategic ICBM's both theature and tactical With independently targeted multiple re-entry vehicles Backfire bombs, polaris subs, cruise missiles and the boys Who hang around the Pentagon can't wait to use these toys So when the nukes come raining down it's great to be alive Well World War Three can be such fun if you protect and survive Protect and survive When Armageddon gets underway and the rockets come pouring down All the bloody politicians who started it will scuttle off underground And when they finally re-emerge with no life to be found The can administrate the rubble and order each other around So when the nukes come raining down it's great to be alive Well World War Three can be such fun if you protect and survive Protect and survive Oh they give us a four minute warning when the rockets are on their way To give us time to panic and the Christians time to pray So when you hear the sirens place your head between your thighs While maintaining this posture you can make the final gesture And with a little muscular pressure you can kiss your arse goodbye So when the nukes come raining down it's great to be alive Well World War Three can be such fun if you protect and survive Protect and survive ------------------ shab.
  24. hahahahahahaha ------------------ shab.
  25. I think it means, "Time I am the all devouring violent enemy" ------------------ shab.
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