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  1. According to ayurveda schizophrenia is due to vata disorder.
  2. Siva and Vishnu are one, it is said in shastras Vide Ramayan etc that those who diffetrentiate will fall to hell.
  3. Iva, some temples follow that, it is not good, Hinduism is for everyone and we dont differentiate between foreigners and Indians.It is very sad some temples follow that.Wish they were open.They are not doing the right thing and we should raise our voice.
  4. Shri Kalki will incarnate in the end of kaliyuga, million of years still to go...Read Kalki Puran.
  5. Read the Vimana Shastra of Bhardwaj Samhita.
  6. Lord is never attained by smoking drugs , it rather clouds the intellect.If you fix your mind on God that is the real way.
  7. Hinduism is more of a way of life rather than a religion.Anyone absolutely anyone is free to follow Hinduism.Welcome aboard Friend !!!
  8. It is the chanting of OM NAMAH SIVAYA.
  9. Shri Buddha is an Incarnation of Shri Vishnu, but Buddhists dont believe in Vedas, the life and soul of Hinduism.
  10. You are still a Bhardwaj, follow your family or local customs regarding gotra and marriage.Yes in Shastras same gotra marriages are forbidden.
  11. Anyone can become a Hindu by chanting the name of the Lord.There is no conversion process,Hinduism is a way of life.
  12. Raadha is the eternal consort of the Lord Krishna and they got married in Bhandira Van, Lord Brahma Came to Earth to get them married.The Raaddha that Got married elsewhere was Chaya Raadha her Shadow. Raadha and Krishna are one not two,Raadha is the prana of the Lord.
  13. Let them believe their beliefs and you believe yours, God expresses himself in various ways and every one is true.If you dont believe them just stay away.If they are true you are committing an offence if they are false then by staying away you are doing no harm.God is everywhere and omnipresent, If we can worship him in an Idol, why not in a human form, that is the Guru? Dont we worship him in our Parents and the Sun and Fire? Dosent the Gita say him to be present everywhere and worshiping him in the Guru is approved by the shastras.
  14. Arya means people living according to the Vedas. The theory that Aryans invaded Dravidians was to divide India. Dravidians and people of North India both are Aryans so are any one be it American , British or any other who believe in Vedas.
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