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  1. Hi, It depends on what your aim is on chanting bagalamukhi mantra to know if it will back-fire or not. If you aim to winning only her Grace, I will suggest you only do nama japa (simply chanting bagalaamukhi while remembering her form lovingly) This nama japa itself will eventually attract Mother's attention and she will give darshan in dreams. Then proper guide on that sadhana and all knowledge on that sadhan will come to you. Please dont under-estiamte simply invocation of name . That has immense power.
  2. hi rbxfusion I am also devotee of karupana saami and I have more relations wth him cock or goat sacrivice and urumi melam are must for sangani and madurai veeran please reply and we will talk more
  3. hi I have a similar case but it is more prolonged...........I dont feel it after doing japa but all the time I feel very much heated both internally and externally Even in freezing cold I would like to have fan and gets sweating frequently basically i dont like this material wold and all things around me. May be the anger is puring like that. Generally when mind becomes restless it will produce heat.
  4. yes does any body teaches Sri Vidhya in this tradition to this day?
  5. this is so dangerous to invoke kuttichatan............you will still more from kuttichatan than from your enemies..... please dont try to explore these dangerous things please always chant arunachala shiva and that alone is enough to give you shanthi and power
  6. Hi Lakshmi, I really want to know more about Ganapati Muni's works apart from Uma Sahasram. What is his philosophy and also about this Chinnamasta devi worship & all. I am from Tamil Nadu and can read only Tamil or English Please clarify if Ganapati Muni's sanskrit works were translated into english or not? Please reply to this and get in touch with me and we need to work vigorously in unfolding his teachings.
  7. Hi Devi worship starts with constant japa of a chosen name of devi japa of any name will invoke that person.....for example if you constantly chant agni then Agni deva will definitely be aware of it so I will guide on choosign a name and form of a devi but after choosign the naem you have to stick to it..... all the best...you may call me at zero seven two five nine two nine nine five eight seven
  8. hi what is your devatata ......is it sankili karupan and madurai veeran.....
  9. Dear Venugopalan Your mail and esp the questions about why to attach God to a form is asked by many in different ways. For example when I say Shirdhi Sai Baba is God himself and all devatas are in his form, people will first utterly get confused. For another example other person may sya that chant Rama and Rama will help you. Then the question comes what about the Kruthya yug people who where there before Rama is born? Lalitha -- in Shakthism, Radha in Gowdiya Vaishnavism, Thaayaar in Ramanuja vaishnavism -- so many are there. Again formless in Advaita. First and foremost you need not get an answer to the brain for all of your questions. The answers cannot be interpreted at the brain level. So the question posed by the brain will be answered totally in a different plane not involving the brain. But one thing is sure -- atleast who prayed to Mother Shakthi with perfect faith and maximum surrender possibel will go nearer and nearer to the answer proportinate to the bhakthi. Then you may ask what is Mother Shakthi? Is it Lalitha or Abhirami or what is it really? I will tell you -- the supreme Para Shakthi exists in all planes in all levels for all devotee's mind sets. You can feel Shakthi when you lift your bag -- without which you wont be lifting your bag. You can feel her in being able to see this post through your own eyes. She is the sublte shakthi or force behind whaterver and whoever does -- starting from an ant right upto Sadha Shiva , everbody acts only with that shakthi. So next time you take a walk observe the force with which you are walking, For a moment stop, imagine what is the force behind the movements of the foot? From where it comes? Who triggers the brain to give direction to the nervers to walk? From where we are drawing our force to do our stuff? That force is Para Shakthi. So what best way you can grasp her -- you start grasping her in that best possible way. Rest assured everythign you do is only with her force. So she is inseparably present in all of the elements of this universe -- so whichever way appealed to you -- that way itself is under the governance and survelliance of her force only. Start with what appeals to you right now -- form or formless or simply a nama like lalitha, ambaa, shaambavi, sthambhini, saakambhari, maathangi or marry or anything for that matter. Start with it , gather all your thoughs, vibrations, feelings everythign possible in and around that which appealed you and with full momentum surrender to her whatever you feel. This way Mother will start revealing herself to you. Remember it is important to board the plane to America -- not to worry about if you shold take pacific ocean route or atlantic ocean route. Whatever the route the destination will be the same. Dont try to guess that destination with the aid of the brain -- for that destination itself lies in different levels -- before final destination there are sheds of beautiful islands where you land for some time and see back your path. All the best. Om Shakthi Paraa Shakthi.
  10. Guies I am sorry to interrupt into this thread. Please do some Shiva Mantra chanting or Devi mantra chanting instead of wasting time in Apsara Sadhana chanting daily 10,000 times. If you pray to the mantra as if its the Divine mother itself the mantra may have some benefit. Otherwise there will be no benefit in deovint valuable time for a Apsaras. Divine Mother Para Shakthi has sacred 1000 names as part of Lalitha Sahasranamam. Chant anyone name like Durga, Varrahi, Jwaalaamalini etc.Even if you are not that advanced to see Devi in waking state you will get dream visions first and then slowly everything in life will turn towards noble, prosperous brightful. You will get more wealth so that you will worship Devi with costly flowers, ghee, butter and fruits. Please dont waste time like this.
  11. David John and others, I sincerely and kindly warn all of you to shed of the tendency to do harm to others even if be a drastic enemy. It will bounce back with full vigour. Rememebr one thing -- motivation is the driving seed for any sadhana. If motiviatio is love you will get back love hundred crore times multiplied. Even if you chant love, love many times it will be returned to you manifold. Otherway is also true. Please clean up your tendencies even it be some sort of adventurous tendency.
  12. Hi Dont worry. Have complete faith in Divine Mother Lalitha. Repeat the Lalitha naama Mahaa Chadhur Shasti Kodi Yogini Gana Sevithaa always. This naama comes in Laltiha Sahasranamam. One who chants this naama always becomes eligible for Sri Vidhya Upasana in future and also this one naama alone adores all Shakthi Yoginis. Your life will change to best course and prosperity and all your wishes will be granted by Divine Mother. If you are interested in more devi worship please write to Thanks, Krishna
  13. You can take om namo bhagavate vasudevaya the vyooha mantra. For Shiva Mantras please contact me
  14. Hi Riya Beeja Mantras are very powerful and potent. At the same time one carries the risk of negative effects if done without proper regulations. Nowa days people just like that encourage all to chant the important beeja mantras just like Lord's lovable names. But there is a difference. Just like one who does not know how to use a plane should not be given the same as gift and encouraged to fly on it himself. So first use your interest in understanding the Divine Mother in her supreme aspect. The best way to do that is take any name from Lalitha Sahasranamaa and chant the same repeatitively without Pranava. For example sudhaa saagara madhyasthaa is a best name suitable to visualize Divine Mother in the midst of milky ocean and then meditate. Once you overcome basic passions, basic bondate and craving mind slowly as guided by your intution you can allocate separate time in the early morning hours, take bath and then chant these Beeja Mantras. There is no urgency to drive the plane directly. Please first obtain her Mercy through un intentional love and devotiona and rest will follow automatically. Regards, Krishna
  15. Dear all, Gayathri Mantra is very potent that protects the one who chants it with profound devotion and love. At the same time I could see in Internet that this Mantra chanting is more liberalized like a Bhagavan Naama chanting while I intuitively feel that it should not be so. Atleast until one gains enough jnana and thejas, this Gayathri chant has to be done following basic regulations. Just like Hari or Rama nama this mantra cannot be chanted anywhere anytime in any state I believe. For example if one goes to office with Shoes on, in his cab that free time he definitely cannot chant Gayathri Mantra. We are addressing the Supreme through Mantra. Hence we need to be very careful regarding following all other codes like one cannot chant Gayathri while he feels calls of nature, when one has not taken bath that day or one cannot chant if he had ejaculation prior to chanting that day etc. When one integrates all this, it is clearly implied that one can chant Gayathri Mantra only in a separate dedicated time set aside sitting in suitable Asana (not in mat or bed) and also dedicatedly alllocating some time. In rest of the free times one should chant either Arunachala or Shiva or Rama mantra which are equally potent and at the same time ever merciful. Learned people please discuss on regulations to be followed for Gayathri here.
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