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  1. U can find them in sanskrit documents . org under heading "Pavamana Sukta".........
  2. Hi, U got mantra upadesha from a Guru or started chanting the mantra by yourself?? Usually blood, red kumkum are sings of Kali... And she likes the kooshmaanda - Winter melon smeared with kumkum. Its a sort of Bali tradition in Soun-India. Thanks, Ram
  3. Basically, people might say these as dreams. But these are actually visions which you had got due to the punyas done in ur previous birth and also the grace of Durga. So continue ur faith towards her.
  4. Dear Adwaith / Dp / Guest, The linegae as of Gopala Sundari is not clear nor its existance in this world (i mean from which kalpam / yugam). But since many great saints Like Chidhanandar, Guhanandar, Poornanandar, Smt. Premambha (Bhanu akka - my own GURU) - all of Guhananda Mandali, have worshipped this form of Shri Vidhya Rajagopalan and attained siddhi. People who are Sri Vaishnavas and take up Sri Vidhya upasana, (who are really a staunch Sri Vaishnava) are being initiated into this mantram. Its a boon to get the mantra which is the systhesis of Gopala n Sundari in a single form. Also, adiyen have heard that there are many Sri Vidhya upaasakaas near the area of Kumbakonam and also are Sri Vaishnavas. Better to take this mantra from a really competent Guru who has attained Sidhi in this form. And as of Tnatra, please do post. Am a Kaula too. Or we could discuss the same in personal. Thanks, Ram
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