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  1. Hi Everybody.. I'm here to explain my dream on last Sunday, when i was traveling to write the important exam.. God Durga(statue) had come to my dream suddenly so that i got scared of her apperance. I also dreamed about tiger(real one) which was staring at me. I really want to pass the exams.. I'm in so dilemma that will i pass the exams or not. The Exams went very bad. Is it is positive sign? Please explain.. waiting for your answers. Thank you...
  2. Dear all, I had a dream last Sunday while I was traveling to write one of the exams. Durga maa has appeared all of the sudden so that i got scared of her. I also saw the live Tiger which was glaring at me. I want to pass the Exams very badly. Will that, her indication coming in the dream is a positive sign? Or to indicate her blessings, I'm in full dilemma. I'm life is not going so easy. My exam went very badly. I'm seriously hoping to pass the exams. I'm scared... Please advise.. All advises are welcome.
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