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  1. hi everybody my age is 26 years n m a btech (IT) degree holder. i got my degree in 2006. after struggling a lot or i shud say after taking a lot a wrong decisions i manages to get one job of 10000/month. but i had to leave that job in feb of this year and after that m still unemployed. i asked a very good jyotishies about this one said i'll get the job soon and i was taking all wrong decisions because of ketu dasha and he said i'll be having a lot of money. i asked all these things about 5 months back n still m unemployed. one day my friend took me to one more jyotishi and he prepared my kundli and said i have shani dasha and my chandra is also affecting me and because of all this m not getting jobs and not settled any where. but he said one thing saim that m having a lot of money. but unfortunately m living in credits i don have even a single penny of myself whtever i had i have spent that on my health or i spent that foolishly. now m totally confused they sain m having a lot of money in ma life but m having nothin with me even i have passed ma degree 4 years back. both said i should have been in very strong position but m in weakest position. where ever i go my relations move apart m unable to handle nay thing and totally confused about my career. coud any body tel lwhat it could be actually and i feel i should not believe jyotish. don know what to do
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