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  1. £35 + £20 packaging is £55. For 1 rudraksha, if I ordered 4 would the price be.. £160?
  2. Bg 3.13 PRASADAM. Has lot significance to realease you from sins, so can chant again.
  3. we cant all 'do kc' business.. but yeah we can use money for krsna. my goal is open matha
  4. how much do you sell 1 mukhi rudraksha for? the round or oval shape? price in british pounds please. thanyou.
  5. sometimes God knowing my ignorance decides to help me by speaking thru somebody else. The person speaking doesnt have a clue what they did. Makes me like Krishna.
  6. Right now Gauranga.. when yr on a coach and some nobodies say Gauranga spontan.. 3 times. Then you start to think whats going on. Was like Vishnu Himself speaking.
  7. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Archive http://www.archive.org/details/Bhaktivedanta-Swami-Prabhupada108 Free Downloads in .Rar Format.
  8. thankyou for what?! making a post that took 20 secs. rofl.
  9. When Krishna says Do Not Fear (Bg 18.66), Arjuna fights the War for Krishna. So Fear means not being able to do what Krishna & Guru says.!!!
  10. Dear Bart right fear is maya. Hence i said it was. Confronting is easy as in need to go somewhere else. Some reason it works.
  11. okay i am chanting, no.2 the mind will follow us wherever we go is totally false. If it did why did i chant again? Problem comes when you back to original place. Thats when mind follows you. Just do it means .. Just Let Go, forget it all.
  12. Comments like that. Funny yeah. But funny how? Its not funny. Okay, poeple that chant usually make those comments. (maybe u do who knows). The comment is total maya in my opinion.
  13. I still think change is good, like when Krishna moves the chariot in the middle in Gita.
  14. All it was, was Fear. I'm sure devotees will provide thier share of click/paste. Anyway only good comments appreciated.
  15. What discouraged me was people (devotees) did'nt understand. Which made me realize 'I'm just a normal Hindu'! Just chant prabhu! is general replies. THAT did'nt help. Now I know it was FEAR. Just like 18.66 Gita Krishna says Do not Fear.
  16. When I stopped.. and could'nt start. Think I realize I felt weak because I did'nt chant.. I think if happens to somebody best thing to do is change where you are for while or stay temple for few days...
  17. Oh please. Spend money for Krsna. DO you?
  18. By the way if Audarya wanted to sell me Narayana Maharaja Books and Bhakti Vaibhava Puri Maharaja Books at Wholesale Price Contact me.
  19. Location would be Vrindavana, Mathura - Uk, and Puri, Vishakapatnam, Orrisa - Uk.
  20. If I wanted a HUGE amount of Books sent from India to Uk? What Parcel Service would I use? And what about the cost?
  21. eng translation dont do the joke any justice try... Did you hear of the man? that got married?
  22. Gita.. Bible.. Quran are all in hell. They ask what happened? Micky Mouse shows up and says Donald Duck is actually God. Confuced the scriptures decide to change the lightbulb (!) My made up jokes by Pankaja dasa
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