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  1. Krishna is a trillion times better than this ponce, find somebody better to look up to Helena, if you want a taste of His glories then chant this mantra anytime/anywhere esp morning time good... Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare Hare
  2. Hare Krishna I was suggesting a tattoo, with the name of Radha-Krishna could I ask why you asked in the first place please?
  3. Hare Krishna Lord Buddha is a an incarnation of Krishna, who came down to stop the slaughter of innocent animals, on the face of people using the Vedas as an excuse to kill these poor creatures, but because some persons are inclined to eat meat, they can sacrifice a goat in front of Goddess Kali, and then gradually give up eating flesh. Haribol
  4. Hare Krishna I thought meat eating is banned in this age as there are no qualified brahmana's to perform the necessary rituals, the only exception is offering ONLY a goat to Goddess Kali, also Lord Buddha came down specifically for this reason.
  5. Pankaja_Dasa


    /images/graemlins/mad.gifdevotees can add on, please /images/graemlins/wink.gif
  6. Hare Krishna Here you go Helena
  7. Hare Krishna Lord Narasimha is Lord Vishnu, Half-man, Half-lion, he descended to save His devotee Prahalada Maharaja, Lord Vishnu is NEVER offered meat, maybe demigoddess like Kali. haribol
  8. Hare Krishna I will have to wake up early, I can wake up 3:30am np, if I go to sleep early, otherwise its a big problem, also I've been known to wakeup at 10:00am /images/graemlins/blush.gif on some days but I always get all the prays done /images/graemlins/laugh.gif
  9. Hare Krishna Chanting the Maha-Mantra take most time, for some reason it varies from 1:45 - 2:15, the other chanting like Hanuman Chalisa/Narasimha Kavacha/Gita/Gauranga Names dosen't take that long, and I pray to picture 'diety' form, I offer Tulasi leaves and flowers/incense. I also recite some prays from a Morning Programmes book, all this is done by the grace of Sri Gauranga...Haribol.
  10. Hare Krishna Sushil This is the Narasimha Kavacha which I chant everyday, but I can't find the word <font color="red">"viniyog" </font color> which you mentioned, can you please help, I hope I am chanting the Kavacha properly.....Haribol /images/graemlins/smile.gif <font color="blue"> Narasimha Kavacha: </font color> (7) sva-håt-kamala-samväsaà kåtvä tu kavacaà pathet nåsiàho me çiraù pätu loka-rakñärtha-sambhavaù Having seated Lord Nåsiàhadeva upon the lotus of one's heart, one should recite the following mantra: May Lord Nåsiàha, who protects all the planetary systems, protect my head. (8) sarvago 'pi stambha-väsaù phalaà me rakñatu dhvanim nåsiàho me dåçau pätu soma-süryägni-locanaù Although the Lord is all-pervading, He hid Himself within a pillar. May He protect my speech and the results of my activities. May Lord Nåsiàha, whose eyes are the sun, and fire, protect my eyes. (9) småtaà me pätu nåhariù muni-värya-stuti-priyaù näsaà me siàha-näças tu mukhaà lakñmé-mukha-priyaù May Lord Nåhari, who is pleased by the prayers offered by the best of sages, protect my memory. May He who has the nose of a lion protect my nose, and may He whose face is very dear to the goddess of fortune protect my mouth. (10) sarva-vidyädhipaù pätu nåsiàho rasanaà mama vaktraà pätv indu-vadanaà sadä prahläda-vanditaù May Lord Nåsiàha, who is the knower of all sciences, protect my sense of taste. May He whose face is beautiful as the full moon and who is offered prayers by Prahläda Mahäräja protect my face. (12) nåsiàhah pätu me kaëöhaà skandhau bhü-bhåd ananta-kåt divyästra-çobhita-bhujaù nåsiàhaù pätu me bhujau May Lord Nåsiàha protect my throat. He is the sustainer of the earth and the performer of unlimitedly wonderful activities. May He protect my shoulders. His arms are resplendent with transcendental weapons. May He protect my shoulders. (13) karau me deva-varado nåsiàhaù pätu sarvataù hådayaà yogi-sädhyaç ca niväsaà pätu me hariù May the Lord, who bestows benedictions upon the demigods, protect my hands, and may He protect me from all sides. May He who is achieved by the perfect yogés protect my heart, and may Lord Hari protect my dwelling place. (14) madhyaà pätu hiraëyäkña- vakñaù-kukñi-vidäraëaù näbhià me pätu nåhariù sva-näbhi-brahma-saàstutaù May He who ripped apart the chest and abdomen of the great demon Hiraëyäkña protect my waist, and may Lord Nåhari protect my navel. He is offered prayers by Lord Brahmä, who has sprung from his own navel. (15) brahmäëòa-koöayaù kaöyäà yasyäsau pätu me kaöim guhyaà me pätu guhyänäà mantränäà guhya-rüpa-dåk May He on whose hips rest all the universes protect my hips. May the Lord protect my private parts. He is the knower of all mantras and all mysteries, but He Himself is not visible. (16) ürü manobhavaù pätu jänuné nara-rüpa-dåk jaìghe pätu dharä-bhara- hartä yo 'sau nå-keçaré May He who is the original Cupid protect my thighs. May He who exhibits a human-like form protect my knees. May the remover of the burden of the earth, who appears in a form which is half-man and half-lion, protect my calves. (17) sura-räjya-pradaù pätu pädau me nåharéçvaraù sahasra-çérñä-puruñaù pätu me sarvaças tanum May the bestower of heavenly opulence protect my feet. He is the Supreme Controller in the form of a man and lion combined. May the thousand-headed Supreme enjoyer protect my body from all sides and in all respects. (18) manograù pürvataù pätu mahä-vérägrajo 'gnitaù mahä-viñëur dakñiëe tu mahä-jvalas tu nairåtaù May that most ferocious personality protect me from the east. May He who is superior to the greatest heroes protect me from the southeast, which is presided over by Agni. May the Supreme Viñëu protect me from the south, and may that person of blazing luster protect me from the southwest. (19) paçcime pätu sarveço diçi me sarvatomukhaù nåsiàhaù pätu väyavyäà saumyäà bhüñaëa-vigrahaù May the Lord of everything protect me from the west. His faces are everywhere, so please may He protect me from this direction. May Lord Nåsiàha protect me from the northwest, which is predominated by Väyu, and may He whose form is in itself the supreme ornament protect me from the north, where Soma resides. (20) éçänyäà pätu bhadro me sarva-maìgala-däyakaù saàsära-bhayataù pätu måtyor måtyur nå-keçaré May the all-auspicious Lord, who Himself bestows all-auspiciousness, protect from the northeast, the direction of the sun-god, and may He who is death personified protect me from fear of death and rotation in this material world.
  11. Hare Krishna Even if you are whatever 'faith' please have a name tattoo, which is worthy and nice, there's a name of Krishna which is Narasimha, half-man half-lion, he is both fierce and nice, he gives strenght and destroys material desires, he tattoo would be inspiring to you and other people, you could say to them proudly what you have on your arm, but I waffling a bit, its up to you......Haribol.
  12. Hare Krishna Could I please ask why you want your own name tattooed on your arm etc, is it so in case you loose your memory, you can take a look at your tattoo and think ohh thats my name? My suggestion is to have a name of Lord Krishna on your arm, there are many, then you can choose which one you like. Please write back and I am sure some people of the forum, could post some sanskrit names of Krishna for you. Haribol! /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  13. That is wonderful, how did you do it?
  14. Krishna is Jehovah, Jesus Christ is devotee of Krishna Amen
  15. Hare Krishna Prabhuji I find that giving up eating different foods is very difficult, for the tongue is hard to control, but since I have been eating Krishna Prasadam, it is more easier for me to eat less Karmic food, like crisps, chocolates, tea. I suggest people to get into the 'practice' of eating Krishna Prasadam, and slowly give up bad eating habits, it will take time, but the foods which you love will become distasteful to you, I even despise onions and garlic now! Haribol /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  16. <font color="blue">Hare Krishna </font color> Eggs they smell foul, Gods knows what they must taste like, they have this yellow snot inside them /images/graemlins/grin.gif, and this white liquid which makes you puke /images/graemlins/mad.gif, that actually sounds like a peom, well done me /images/graemlins/crazy.gif If any Eggs were offended please forgive me /images/graemlins/shocked.gif
  17. Hare Krishna In the Hanuman Chalisa by Tulasidasji, there are quotes from Ramakrishna so I guess he must be a devotee of mahavir. Please forgive me all for the dumb 'smile' simile, can't get rid of it...Admin please Help!
  18. I was going to use this wonderful picture as 'my' picture but i opted for the krishna-arjuna battlefield pic, maybe I'll change it every week or someting, ps how do you post pictures without making them as attachments, i STILL CAN'T FUGURE it out, Haribol Thank again, nice radha-krishna-gopi picture don't u think?
  19. Hare Krishna Didn't he predict that the world would end in the year 2000, and people were scared or something, well it didn't, and people are still believing his 'predictions' will come true, I mean he wasn't a devotee or anything so what base do his so-called predictions have...NONE! The compiler of the vedas ved-vyasaji is the person who knows, things as they are /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  20. Hk Theres a nice example on the cover of the first canto of the SB, I don't know how to post pictures so you'll have to look it up yourself, prabhu. /images/graemlins/smirk.gif
  21. HK The Kalki(Krishna) avatar will appear in approx 230,000 years, but Krishna being The Supreme Person can come at ANY TIME! /images/graemlins/smile.gif Re: Mohammed being Kalki avatar...NOPE NEVER.
  22. HK Just as a devotee can't live without Krishna, so Krishna can't live without His devotee...Krishna will be very pleased with you (what to say of Lord Siva!) if you worship Lord Siva as the greatest pure Vaisnava....Haribol!
  23. HK Thats me asking about rudrakshas Prabhu, I heard they can give you a lot of help in spiritual life, if you were one around your neck. And Srila Parabhupada did chant Maha-Mantra on rudraksha beads!
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