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  1. I want to share my personal experience having saturn in 7th house.Per se the saturn dasa was bad.But I had been blessed with very great things in life with close association to holy people and spiritually inclined people.So please do not despair about having saturn in 7th house.Probably age difference or status difference may be there between Husband and wife.I also have seen in my case
  2. Also the Yogi/Avayogi is also linked to 27 yogas staring with VishKamba and every Yoga has the star assigned from which the yogi can be easily found .Also we can strenghthen the Yogi by Nakshatra sukhta using the ashtavakayam
  3. The concept of Yogi/Avayogi has worked quite well with me and also some very good predictions were also made depending on the lordship of yogis and Avayogis in charts
  4. Dear All, Let me clarify one basic thing in astrology or remedial measures.Not all things or illuck can be turned overnight into a positive manner by gems or remedial measures.They only give an incremental push and also they cannot just expunge the effect of past karma in a jiffy. They bear fruits according to the dedication and our efforts.So we cannot expect miracles to happen overnight.This has to be borne in mind.
  5. For the benefit of everybody,I have calculated your Yoga star.It is Uttarashada and sun is the beneficial star and ruby is to be worn. Suns Longitude 2-10-14 Moons Longitude 3-16-35 Constant factor 3-3-20 Total 9-0-9 Conclusion:The yoga star falls in Capricorn after moving 9 signs from Aries at 9" which is the second Pada of Uttarashada.Hope this is clear
  6. Generally Gochara cannot be predicted accurately without Kundli.However in case on Vrishaba rasi,saturn's transit may give obstacles in work spot and may cause death of close relative and generally give a confused state of mind.
  7. Please get the upadesh of Karthaviryaarjuna mantra which will ensure that whatever you lost will be regained.Please obtain it thro a Guru
  8. It is quite true that that but for Adi Sankara Hinduism would have been reduced to nothing.Dvaitha and Vishishtadvaitha though were established after Shankara but still the majority are Advathis.That itself proves that for the intelligentia,Advaitha is acceptable.Iam not decrying for a moment the other schools,but they are all stages to attain the Advaitic stage.This is my opinion. If we really see Tamil Alwars,they were devotees of Vishnu and not Vishistadvaitis or Dvaitis.In some of their songs they see the oneness of God like in the song of Peyazzhwar when he sang about Balaji. Let the schools of philosophy be used for discussions and not for abuse the other
  9. Dear Sri.USR, The above method was taught to our family friend by an astrologer from Pune with which he made amazing predictions also depending on the sign on which the Yogi star falls.This was coupled with the Visha soonya rashis for Thitis and gave astounding predictions about 3 generations in the faily
  10. You are undergoing Sat dasa/Rahu subperiod which is about to end.You will certainly get a job before the middle of August.PLease remove the Indra neelam and wear a white topaz or diamond embedded in silver.You will get a goos break.My best wishes and blessings to you
  11. AS per shastras,the union of man and woman should take place on even days from the monthly menstrual cycle from the fifth day of the cycle to beget a boy and on odd days to beget a daughter.Also Yoga prescribes that at the time of union,the breath should flow nostril fro man and thro left nostril for woman .This
  12. Please add the longitude of Sun and Moon and add to that a constant factor of 93' 20 ".Then reduce the same by the multiples of 360' and count the remainder from Aries and allocate the degrees at the rate 13' 20" per star.The exact degree where the star is, is the yogi and the gem pertaining to the owner of the star would give very good results
  13. There is another method which goes by the degrees of Sun/Moon and certain constant factor with which we decide the star whose gem would give good results.Those stars would also be auspicious to start new ventures
  14. Meat eating is not prohibited for everybody and also a grihasta can have sex on permitted days and only extramarital and taboo relations are prohibited.Not speaking lies is a samanya dharma for everybody Satyam,ahimsa,asteyam ,soucham and Indriya nigraha is prescribed as samanya dharma
  15. You will get a job between July and September.The present Dasa is of Venus who is disposed in 12th house and in an airy sign.Possibly you may get an opportunity to go abroad.But the stay may only be temporary.From now till September there is a likelihood of getting an offer.Keep trying sincerely.My best wishes and blessings to you.
  16. Dear Swetha, You would find relief by September when both of you would be seeing better times.I suggest you visit Shiva temple on thursdays and observe fasting during day and offer baked chick peas(Channa) to Shiva.You would find relief.If possible adorn Shiva with yellow flowers and bilwa leaves on thursday.My best wishes and blessings to you both.You can wear yellow topaz weighing not less than 3 carots embedded in gold or copper with open cutting
  17. There is small correction.Fate cannot be created without our actions.We are the authors of fate by our past actions.Hence to change it is always in our hands.But the effort needed to change is not known to us.This is similar to trying to pull a nail deeply embedded in a wall.We apply certain force and when we do not succeed we understand it is deeply embedded.So alkso is our fate and karma
  18. Please do not try to spread mantras thro internet.Any upadesha of mighty mantras has to happen thro Gurus and especially in case of fiery deities.Democratisation of mantras is to be avoided as the sadhaks are expected to have a clean life which only a Guru can decide.Mantrayoga is not a joke.
  19. God never hates any one.We are subject to our own past karma which can be lessened due to our efforts and the grace of God.I shall give my suggestion on studying your charts.Please give me some time
  20. Please apply green gram powder mixed with sandal wood paste and curd to which add a drop or two of lime juice.You wash after 20 minutes and repeat twice a week .You will get relief
  21. Please give me some time as I was busy shifting my residence
  22. I shall see and give my opinion in aday or two.
  23. I shall read your chart and suggest remedies within a day or two.Kindly bear with me till then
  24. There is no dosha for a girl being born in Amavasya per se.However her horoscope needs to be checked.Of all tithis,only for those born on Chaturdashi some defects may be there depending on their lagna
  25. If Guru is ahead of Rahu in Meena,no Kalasarpa dosha.Need navamsa to know that
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