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  1. Hi, can we predict GEM on basis os Ashtakvarga too ?as it also gve strength of planet & house .
  2. Thanks Rishivatsyan ji for providing info & guiding me to this wonderful journey !!! I will start and will try my best so that later I may also help the society. Regards Vivek
  3. Thanks to all the respected members : Suvarchasji,Sanjeev Ji & docitduo for sharing this amazing calculation method !!!. Though I too have interest in learning astrology but get convinced only after calculating by own !! (as I always believe it's a science). Would request to forum , which book or reference material will be helpful to learn astrology ;as market is flooded with many of them & being a beginner ,I 'm unable to decide too . Regards - Vivek
  4. Hi Suvarchasji, Adding to previous mail, pls chk my calculations : Sun (10'14"10`) & Moon(16'35"17`) >> adding these two result is 26'49"27`.Further adding 93'20" ...result is 119'69"27` .Now subtracting this by 360'...result is getting -ve value . Am I doing correct calculation ,pls verify . Regards Vivek
  5. Hi Suvarchasji, Kindly calculate the benefical GEM for case gvn earlier ( DOB 26/06/1971, 03:45AM, Bangalore ) so that I can also verify wether my calculation (based on your prescribed method) is correct or not .Regards-Vivek
  6. Yes !!! even I would also like to know about the other method "star " related !!!.
  7. Respected members ...need your suggestion . For selecting beneficial GEM should we check lagna or moon sign ? because ,planets benefical from lagna are inauspisious from moon sign!! and vice versa .e.g DOB 26/06/1971, Time:03:45 AM; Bangalore.
  8. Respected Guruji,...still waiting for inputs ...pls suggest
  9. To all respected astrologers of this forum , request you to kindly analyze my birth chart and suggest suitable remedial mesure as I am facing immense stress & pressure in my current job uncertainity/transfer. Birth details : DOB 26 Jun 1971, Time :03:45Am ; Place : Bangalore(Karnataka). Eagerly waiting for the response !!! Currently I am worshipping Lord Shiva , Hanuman & Shani deva.
  10. Thanks Ayush & mylilangel !!!, This kind of analysis has never been done earlier by astrologers to whom I consulted !!!. Apart from doing regular worship of Lord Shiva & Hanuman ji ...should I also do something for "malefic Jupiter " ? ...if yes then kindly suggest . I assure ...will not disturb you all with further queries ..so that others can be benefited too. Regards, Vivek
  11. Would request you to suggest any pooja /worship to be performed for any weak planets or other measures which can be done on my part . Regards Vivek
  12. Thanks for such detailed & invaluable explanation. Marriage was arranged one . Would request you to suggest any pooja /worship to be performed for any weak planets or other measures which can be done on my part . Thanks again !!!!
  13. Thanks Ayush !!!..for very quick & prompt response !!! .Please find the required answers: (1).Life before 1995 was good & without any troubles ..I completed graduation in 1991 (so education was smooth) however after that I was unable to pursue post graduation or any other course (somehow it gets abrupted) (2) I got married in 2005 Jan 16 (3) Colour of skin : Wheatish Currently I do regular worship of Shani , Lord Shiva & Hanuman WOuld request you suggest a birthstone /talisman to be weared . Thanks agaain !!!!
  14. To all respected astrologers,...request you to suggest remedial measure as currently I am facing mental tension/financial crisis & disturbed married life. Birth details: time 3:45 AM(IST),place Bangalore(Karnataka),date:26 june 1971. Seeking your esteemed advice ...Thanks !!!!
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