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  1. your isht who will able to tell you......They can only tell you your prefer god as per your horoscope. Isht will not mention in horoscope but it mention in your heart,your soul.When you in trouble which one you ask to help you,you pray which god when you need anything.....which god name come to your heart when you close your eyes. Isht dev only give you what you want. BUT REMEMBER IF YOU DON'T PRAY,RESPECT YOUR MOTHER,FATHER.....NO ONE HELPS YOU EVEN ANY GURU JI/ISHT DEV. MOTHER IS VERY FIRST AND ULTIMATE GURU OF ANY ONE.
  2. Jai Maa, I just want to tell all of you one thing...... Sadhana if going wrong can give wrong/negative result.But bhakti never so try to be bhakt not be sidh or sadhak(i pray & do jaap only for get bhakti of my lord) sadhka will get what id his bank balance(what sadhana he did) bhakt will get god bank account. This may Believe & Base of my God puja.....As on Today I am A sadhak or may be one bad man with bad habit but i will pray to god to turn me in to a bhakt (only he can & he will do this). Mata Rani Bless Us all. Abhishek Bansal
  3. Jai mata ki, Brother i am a guy like you and looking for help like you.In your case i will tell you one think which i understand.............pray to your isht dev is only help you. About remedies...... If you have enough money please go for maa Bagalamukhi jaap(1,25,000) by any good pundit ji. Wear one 10 mukhi rudraksh in any good day after puja. Mata rani will bless us all. JAi maa
  4. can you help me how can we do any sadhana in ghran kall.
  5. Jai mata ki, My dear brother i agree with you.Thanks for your kindness and Trying to help people like us in this forum. Thanks & Regards ab12
  6. Jai mata ki, Yes i think,sir what will a tantrik do,they also doing some puja/jaap/havan and try to solve problem with help of divine power. Mantra are source of unlimited Divine power....... About my seguation.....My very close relative house build on graveyard ground & they don't know them.....what will happened they see spirit around and in there house. After doing geeta ji path and suander kand path......aftre some time they not see any kind spirits around there house. My only thing to say this kind of jaap or puja......lets pray the divine power to help you/love you/protect you. Only god will help us in any matter.Any guru ji/tantrik will help you by chant mantra or pray god. So if you don't know any good guru or tantrik its gr888 to do puja /jaap by your self.God is our and help us for sure. Jai mata ki.
  7. jai mata ki, Dear Dhruv ji, Thanks for help. About my sadhana sir i not doing any kind of sadhana before this,just offer my daily prayer to my god. Why i am doing this..... Sir me and my family facing many problems and i try many tantra,mantra,yaga to get relief but no benefit.Now i understand only god grees will help me. I want god gress and sidhi and relief from my problems. To Get matra sidh(Thinking about jaap shiv gayatri,hanuman gayatari or gayatri mantra) Lord shiva & my mother is my guru. Please help and Guide me. Thanks & Regards abhishek bansal
  8. Jai mata ki, Thanks Dhruv ji,If you help me some more in this...... Do we need to start when ghran start and end when ghran ends. need to do any ritual/aarti/daan at end.should we need to light any kind of diya(ghee or oil). sir you tell sanklap(should we prayer god we do this sadhana with this work please fulfill it or how to do sanklap) if i have only one room then can i do jaap in that room only,kusha aasan.
  9. JAI MATA KI, Dear all my friends & all Guruji, I need assistance from your side,how to do sadhana in gharn kaal(eclipse time)..... when & how puja/sadhana/jaap/yaga can do.puja can start when eclipse starts or when sutak starts. any special jaap/puja to get perform to free from all problems. please help me i want to do jaap of shiv gaytari in this gharn kaal for sidhi. Please help me.
  10. Dear Hindustani ji & all guru ji, can you give me important and nice thing from books you talking about.please scan it and post here,so we can get benefit of rudraksh by knowing get pran partishta and proper ways to get Bliss of baba sada shiv. jai mata ki, abhishek
  11. please any one advice me......my condition worsen day by day.
  12. JAI MATA KI, Dear all my friends & all Guruji, I need assistance from your side,how to do sadhana in gharn kaal(eclipse time)..... when & how puja/sadhana/jaap/yaga can do.puja can start when eclipse starts or when sutak starts. any special jaap/puja to get perform problems. please help me.
  13. Jai mata ki, I can give you one address of Punjab,if you can go there you will get child for sure.... my bhabhi also get baby with bless of that place.let me know. Thanks
  14. Jai mata ki, Thanks for reply me sir. Now at present time i am not doing any kind of fast. I ready to do any kind of remedies which help me to get out this condition. Thanks & Regards Abhishek Bansal
  15. visit http://www.hanuman.com/ it will help you.
  16. WHAT IS BEST UPAY FOR ME SIR PLEASE TELL ME I REALLY NEED HELP SIR. sir what is my good and bad planets. my details are: my name: ABHISHEK BANSAL FROM DELHI,INDIA. DOB 14-06-1980 AT 10:55 A.M. PLACE OF BIRTH DELHI. SIR ME AND MY FAMILY(MY BROTHERS AND MY MOTHER) FACING PROBLEMS FOR LAST MANY YEARS. WE HAD CONSULTED MANY ASTROLOGERS,HAD SPEND LOTS OF MONEY ON UPAAYS AND PUJAS BUT NO BENEFIT. SIR SOME ONE SAY ON YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SOME ONE DOING BLACK MAGIC...SOME SAY GRAH DOSH.....SAME SAY PITRA DOSH. SIR WE HAVE NO WAY OUT IN.SIR I NEED YOUR HELP WE ARE NOW VERY BAD STAGE OF LIFE.WE NOT DOING ANY WRONG THING FOR ANYONE....WE BELIEVE IN GOD. TODAY ME AND ALL MY BROTHERS in a big debt for long time but last one year this situation worsen,I had lost all my money last year in Share market,there are so many legal cases against me and i have no way out,i do not have any earning source,on my brother shop no earning ,kindly help me out to come out of this worse situation. sir i already doing lot's of thing. 1.puja and offer Shani Deva oil on every Saturday. 2.puja of god with faith,deep daan 3.pray for forgive me and all human kind for there unknown/know bad karma. 4.i pure veg, 5.already chant shri hanuman chalisa daily(mor and eve) 6.sunderkand paat ALREADY DOING FOR 21 DAYS. 7.my mother doing puja daily, 8.me and my family very kind we always try to help others,but every one understand as stupid and try take benefit of ours. 9.we try to install tulsi ji in my house but they not last longer.....some time 2 month,some time 6-12. 10.just started offer wine to bhairo on Sundays. 11. just started offer curd(dhai) of crow on sat. sir we doing this thing for many time and going doing cont....(jab tak upar wala hum se seva karta rahega).Sir but we still i deep trouble....please some more advice. sir some one say you have to wear{moti...8.25, other one panna....11.25,other one say hera..2 ct) every one say i have Shani mahadasha.....but you have problem with ketu.other one say you your shukr week,some your Chandra week. some advice go and wear rudraksha of 14 and 13 mukhi with moti of 8.25 rati.on other gem will be required. sir did i get good money in my life......i want to make Temple's,dharmshalls......want to doing lot's of puja,yaga. sir did i have any significant rise in my life in front of money and adyatama(parbhu kirpa)i want study astrology.can i??? JAI MATA KI thanks waiting for your help. abhishek bansal wearing ruby in gold 5.1/4 rati.in neck(now remove) monga 12.25 rati in coper in ring finger of right hand iron ring for Shani in right middle finger.(now remove) SIR I HAVE NO WAY OUT PLEASE-PLEASE HELP ME.
  17. i still not get any kind of relief. please help me.
  18. jai mata ki, i want to go and take darshan of shani maharaj as my shani mahadasha is on going.can any one help me how to reach shani shiganapur from Delhi by rail and how puja and other thing can be done to get shani maharaj bless. thanks & regards abhishek bansal d.o.b:14-06-1980 time:10:55 am place; Delhi,India.
  19. hi, my bhabhi give birth a baby today eve.Please help with baby future prediction. Thanks. time of birth: 06:20 p.m. Place: Bahadurgarh (Haryana),india. sex: F
  20. jai mata ki, the mantra of mata maharani is Aim Hrim Klim Chamundayai Vicce but if you want to jaap with om its not going to hram you or even nits increase power of mantra.
  21. any other remedies please. what my good and bad planet.what i need to do. please help me.
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