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  1. Hey Tarun, ----------- "After Treta/Dvapara swap, Kaliyuga put things back in order." ----------- Can you tell me in detail about this swap. Sushil
  2. hare Krishna, i think this thread has been put to discuss about barbarik & not reebok, addidas, gladiater etc. I hope you all agree with me. Hari Bol, Sushil
  3. Hare Krishna to all the devotees, First of all let me tell you one thing , Even Bhrahma himself is unable to understand Shri Krishna then not to speak of us. So before commenting on Shri krishna we should think 100 times. Sushil.
  4. Hare Krishna Rakesh, ------------ "But posting here in this forum is different than doing it. You try it and , forget muslims or christians, Hindus will be the first ones to slaughter you in case you dare. ----------- As I said I can take anybody's life for Ram janam bhumi, anybody's means anyone whoever comes in my way, whether the person is a muslim, hindu or anyone. Rakesh you don't know anything about me, had you known me you would have not written that quote. Anyway let the time come, i will show you what I am. Regarding shvu he is a poor chap, he doesn't know the situation of hindus in India, so forget his case, he only knows to juggle with the words, & put things in presentable manner that's it, nothing more than that. Hari Bol, Sushil.
  5. Hare Krishna Aksh, At the time of birth, every person is Shudra, to become a Brahmin, Vaishya or Kshatriya one has to qualify for it. I will give you one example: Can a Doctor's son be a doctor ??? Not necessarily. He has to qualify for that, if he qualifies all the related exam he becomes else not. The same thing applies here also. Hope your doubt is cleared. Hari Bol, Sushil.
  6. hare Krishna Rakesh, First of all let me tell you, demolition of Babri masjid was a right thing. I don't know Rakesh why you are tring to pose yourself as a very soft hearted man. your sentence, "I am not saying here that demolishing of Babri Masjid was correct" really hearted me. I never expected this from you. First of all, I ask those people how many times they go to temple in a day, in a week, in a month or in a year??? who says demolition of Babri masjid was not correct. Ask us we will tell you !! Sir, has that place an ordinary one we would have given up the issue, but that is a birth place of Ram, & no compromise with that place. " KASAM RAM KI KHATE HAI, MANDIR WAHI BANATE HAI" I can give up my life for that place & also I can take anybody's life for that place. I hate those hindu people who says "demolition of Babri Masjid was not correct" Such type of people just try to be shophisticated, they are real rascals. I am extremely sorry if I have heart anybody's sentiments, but I was unable to control myself. Rakesh I was aghast, when you you quoted that, because If one's blood can boil just seeing that(Hinduism.org) site, how one can say that "demolition of Babri Masjid was not correct" I pity you, just don't give any statement under anyone's pressure. "RAM LALAA HUM AAYENGE MANDIR WAHI BANAYENGE" & after the completion of Temple, We will move to Krishna janam bhumi which is at Mathura. Jai Shri Ram, Sushil. [This message has been edited by sushil_kanoria (edited 07-05-2001).] [This message has been edited by sushil_kanoria (edited 07-05-2001).]
  7. cool Rakesh cool, Now visit the below site & let me know your opinion about it. www.flex.com/~jai/satyamevajayate Hari Bol, Sushil.
  8. Hare Krishna Atmaji, I am too very eager to read the experience of that German monk. Hari Bol, Sushil.
  9. Hare Krishna Atma, You are such great soul you don't know, it's your greatness that you are telling me to pray for you, where as i am seeking the blessings of great vaishnavas like you. But are you not indian ??Are you not staying in india ?? please let me know about your whereabout. Also please post such type of incidents so that we will get motivation to take a holy dip in Yamuna. Hari Bol, Sushil.
  10. Hare Krishna Atma, You are really a great soul, please shower your blessings on me also. by the way do you stay in Vrindavan ?? if yes then please give your address so that I will be fortunate enough to touch your lotus feet,When I will come there. Hare Bol, Sushil.
  11. Hey atma, That was really funny. [This message has been edited by sushil_kanoria (edited 05-30-2001).]
  12. Thank God, I am not a Christian neither I too would have been thinking ruling the creatures. I pity Ron when he says that Jesus is the lord of Lord Krishna. I am really thankful to lord krishna he gave me birth in india & that also in a Veg. family & that also in a family where all are Godconscious. After reading the article I feel myself proud to be a sanatan dharmi or so called hindu. Ms. Mary let me clarify few things to you, First of all there is no originator of our religion it is directly coming from God & the meaning of our religion is "for each & every one" that is "sanatan dharmi" & not hindu, as people say, I am extremely sorry if I have heart anybody's sentiment. Hari Bol, Sushil.
  13. It seems no one knows the answer of it. [This message has been edited by sushil_kanoria (edited 05-24-2001).]
  14. Hare Krishna shvu, As you said that you don't see how a cow eater is worse than a chicken eater. So what we can do ??? Any ignorant person can say there is no difference killing a human being & killing an ant, It's same. So you should agree for this statement also. Actually shvu it is strictly written in the vedic scripture that killing cow or eating cow's meat is one of the henious sin, why don't you go through the vedic scripture shvu, that will help you a lot & frankly speaking 100% of your doubt will be clarified. Hari Bol, Sushil [This message has been edited by sushil_kanoria (edited 05-18-2001).]
  15. Hare Krishna to all, Pleae accept my humble Obeisances unto your lotus feet & all glories to Srila prabhupada !! I want to know How Tulasi mai the great devotee of Krishna become plant. J.N.Dasji & other Vaishnavas please help me to get the answer of it,As I am very eager to know the answer of it. Once again it's my humble request to all you whoever knows please send your answer. Hari Bol, Sushil.
  16. Hare Krishna Jijaji, I read your article about Tinkadi Goswami, it was excellent. Can you post more articles like this ?? I will be very happy. Thank you very much for posting such type of article. Hari Bol, sushil
  17. Hare krishna Sirona, First of all let me tell you, we are not fighting here to show the supremacy of Shiva or Vishnu, but trying to put the facts in front of those people who don't know the reality. As you said, Krishna says in Bg: I am shiva amomg rudras. He also says I am meru among all the mountains. So it does't mean that he is mountain. Actually krishna mean to say that he is the best among all the things. Hope now you are clear what he mean to say. Hari Bol, Sushil
  18. Hi Kailasa, Nice Retort. Hari BOl, Sushil
  19. Hare Krishna Kailasa, First let me rfile:/range/monogram/e-leap/Home.htm the mistake which you have commited. ------------One name Krisna is equal 1000 names Visnu. ------------ It is not one name of Krishna but one name of Rama, & Three names of Rama is equal to one name of Krishna. & Mr. Shvu, We are not showing down Shiva by proving Krishna as the Supreme personality, but We are just putting the facts in front of all of you. Hari Bol, Sushil.
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