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  1. An article of Sri Aurobindo's on the problem of evil..from his book "Life Divine" http://intyoga.bravepages.com/ld2_14.htm
  2. There is nothing like 'Evil' really.. Everything is Krishna.. Krishna is there everywhere..playing with himself.. The reason for pain , suffering is ignorance. Once one grows into a divine conciousness, he becomes completely surrendered ..lo.. everything is god... All this might seem to be vain theory.. to the "mind".. But this becomes the reality to the person who goes beyond the mental conciousness.... Man, a mental being has evolved from the animal. As per sri aurobindo, a being with "truth" conciousness will eventually evolve out of man. As per his philosophy, God is involved in matter.. but has manifested himself in an ignorant state. In the process of rediscovering himself, came Plants, Animals. & finally man.. But man is not the end.. Man has to and will outgrow into a being with "truth" conciousness....
  3. I believe ( from what i have read ) that krsna was an avatar of ananda/love. christ was an avatar of compassion.. please note that i am not saying that krishna is not supreme.. Every avatar is supreme..because of their identifying themselves with pure sat-chit-ananda conciousness... so the question of comparing krishna & christ doesnt arise..cos.. both are same in the sense that they are avatars of the same supreme divine...
  4. Thanks sushil!!!! One humble request : No controversies..please.. i beg of you..atleast not in this thread.. If you think your experiences are to be kept secret and only between the lord & yourself..please do so.. Would have loved to read that experience of yours, BVI..anyway!!! thanks for the encouragement bhaktajoy..i am in my early 20s. One thing that i am sure of.. is that the lord listens to my prayers always.. Will give me his darsan one day..when i am pure enough...
  5. Sri parahamsa yogananda.. 's way is one of the several ways leading to the divine.. One should practice the yoga that his nature has a natural inclination to... A person who likes to work..reaches god through karma yoga. A person who lives in emotions.. reaches the god easily through bhakti.. One who lives in the mind, reaches the lord through jnana yoga.. the destination for all these paths are the same.. More often than not, the aspirant practices all these ways... in part to reach the god.. Eventually everything is to be dedicated to him..to live in his conciousness entirely..
  6. yesterday..i dreamt..that i was sleeping in krishna's lap...It might have been my imagination.. but i felt happy
  7. one more true story.. A great devotee of the lord..was given a great mantra by his guru.. while giving the mantra..the guru warned him.. "this is a powerful mantra.. you can realise god if you repeat this mantra..however you will be sent to hell if you tell this to somebody else.." The devotee immediately went to the top of a temple.., called everybody and shouted the mantra..in the top of his voice.., told them..the greatness of the mantra... The guru then angrily asked the devotee why he did that..? The devotee replied that "even if i go to hell.. all these people will be able to realise the god..." such selflessness!!!! The happy guru..blessed the devotee with all his heart..it was his test!!!
  8. As per my opinion, secrecy is to practiced because the ego gets material from any kind of publicity.. one becomes proud.. i was only requesting for bhakta's experiences.. ( vignettes ) which are not commonly available.. some rare experience/story..
  9. please forgive me if my words showed disrespect.. Just that it gives me delight to read these experiences.. particularly of great personal experiences of bhaktas in history.. Let me narrate one real-life story from history which my grandfather told me... If the facts are not accurate please correct me..."A great devotee of rama was working as a collector for a muslim king. People approached him asking for funds for constructing a temple for Sri Rama. Our collector being the great devotee.. gave away the taxes that he had collected...for the holy purpose.. The king put the collector in a dungeon for this.. The devotee started spending his time...chanting the holy name of rama.. After some time, the king came to the collector and released him.. the suprised collector then asked the king why he was being released after so many months.. The king told him.. that 2 shining youths came and gave the tax ( in gold coins ).. more than what was due.. The king..then asked the collector who those handsome guys were? The collector hearing this became very sad.. He said.."while i have been praying to the lord for such a long time, i have never been able to see him.. Fortunate indeed are you..for you have been able to see the lord rama...".the king was elated..and fell to the feet of the brahmin and begged for his forgiveness.. Later on, the lord came in the brahmin's dream and told him the reason for giving the king his darsan..The king in his previous birth was a commoner..who was told by someone that "if a person were to offer 1000 kodam (buckets) of water from mother ganges to the diety nearby, with the right attitude.. he would have a darsan of the lord.." The commoner then started pouring one by one.. by the time he reached 999, he was so tired & frustrated..that he complained loudly and stopped.. "by this time i should have had some opening at least...this must just some vague story..." Upon this, he heard a voice.. "only if you had completed the 1000 th one too!!!! ? because of this..you will not be able to see me in this birth!!!" Hence the experience..in the next birth.. Moral : Dont try to judge Krsna's actions with your mind..cos Krsna's view of the world is much wider than that of the limited mind... He is simply beyond the mind.. Have faith even when things dont look favourable.. If you have rare stories/personal experiences..please share... If u have rare delightful experiences like these..please share them..
  10. People.. if you have some text from somewhere else..about somebody's personal experience....please paste it... for the delight...of reading. Thanks..
  11. Request people who have directly experienced the lord krishna..to write about their experiences in this thread..Reading about it gives delight.. BVI, a request.. can you write about your experience in detail?
  12. If I could chat with Krishna, I would tell him.. "Dear Krishna, I wish to be one with you forever"
  13. Dear Sir... Was delighted to read about Krishna in your reply... I am in full agreement with your viewpoint.. Based on whatever i have read.. the opinion that i have formed is this .. God is like a coin.. One side of the coin is the Impersonal Brahman.. and the other side of the coin is our own Sri Krishna. ( the personal God ). God is said to be omnipotent.. Hence the advaitin's argument that Krishna is not the supreme divine..is as irrelevant as the bhakta's argument that the advaitins are incorrect. Both these viewpoints are correct in themselves... Surely God could be our sweet Krishna, the Impersonal Divine and much more than all this.. Otherwise he would nt be omnipotent.. Was reminded of an interesting story while reading your reply.. A dvaitin and an Adviatin were having an argument... The dvaitin said.. "I exist and I will serve my Lord Krishna forever".. To this the advaitin says "Everything is the impresonal bramhan" To that the dvaitin replies "You advaitins are very arrogant..cos you dont recognise the lord.." Th advaitin replies "All that exists in the universe is the lord Krishna.. You are the one who says that I too am there.. and Lord Krishna too is there.. Wonder who is more arrogant"... Shouldnt our ideal be to merge with the eternal Lord Krishna who is present everywhere... If somebody has a wrong partisan notion.. why do we have to condemn it? What is our true business in the world.. The worship of Sri Krishna.. Why do we get concerned of what the others say/think..? To summarise, my opionion is this : The people who argue are ones who havent had the experience.. The one who has had that experience ( of Krishna/Brahman ) does nt talk anymore..cos he knows the truth by experience... Please correct me if i am wrong.
  14. Have read articles & posts attacking advaita.. Reading such articles.. made me wonder if such debates were really necessary.. Truly realised masters have always said that these were just different paths leading to the divine.. Each person chooses a path as per his nature... Instead of just concentrating on krishna, why do we waste time debating about trivial things.. like this??? Shouldnt we just attempt to live in krishna conciousness. isnt that what we should aspire to do? didnt mean to advise.. just a passing thought..
  15. Does anybody remember the story in which krishna is weighed against a tulasi leaft... Does anybody have the transcript of that story. Under what circumstances is it..that Krishna is weighed opp. all jewels..etc?? does anybody remember.
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