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  1. Mr Om123, I don't think it is right to blame your friend. Physical abuse occurs when the husband has personality disorders, no normal person will go about beating his wife, no matter how bad the situation. This has been occuring for a long time with your friend. Telling her that it is her fault is only going to lower her morale further. She needs support at this point. Unfortunately we tend to 'find fault' with the wife, and excuse any type of behaviour from husband, saying that the wife must have provoked him. Abusers have psychological disorders. Many times they themselves have been physically abused as kids, and become abusers in adulthood. It doesn't matter how good a person they get married to. It is their mental setup to be aggresive and abuse. She has been living in mortal fear of her husband. Can anything justify this behavior from her husband? Can any relationship survive when physical abuse becomes a part of it? I think she also needs a lot of counseling to come out of this trauma. I don;t know about astrology, but research into abusive behaviors has shown that the abuser never changes, in fact his behaviour only gets worse with time. It is the indian mentality to try to salvage every marriage, no matter how bad, for the sake of society and reputation, and ask only the woman to 'adjust'. please don't fall into this trap. please give her the link to this website, or, if she doesn't have access to internet, i hope you would be kind enough to print out the material and give it to her. http://heart-2-heart.ca/women/ http://www.helpguide.org/mental/domestic_violence_abuse_types_signs_causes_effects.htm
  2. Dear Sasisekaran ji, Did you get the chance to look at my sister's horoscope? I am anxiously awaiting your reply. regards Alpana
  3. Hi astroseekerji, Actually, its everything. she is doing well professionally, but it is after a lot of struggle. and her job is very physically demanding, with a lot of travel. She has faced a lot of disappointments in her personal life too, one after another. Her health has never been good, she is very underweight and suffers from migraines.
  4. Dear Sasisekaran ji, I have been reading your analysis on this forum for some time now. I have great respect for your depth of understainding and your predictions. I find that you explain things very clearly, and it helps a beginner like me to understand how charts are interpreted. Could you take some time and look at my sister's chart and give your insights. Whenever I look at her chart I am overwhelmed by the negative yogas present there. Specifically, what do you think of the position of Ju and Shani in her chart? (Ju is lagnesh and is in 12th house. Lagna has aspect of exalted shani) Her 7th house also seems to have many negative influences, with 7th lord Mercury in the 8th house. Also, If you could suggest any remedy that would give her peace of mind and happiness. Her birthdata: 19th July, 1983, 5:32 p.m., Lucknow, India Thanks alpana
  5. Hi, there are a lot of people in society who put on a mask in front of other people. it is always hard to understand how a person can change so soon. it has happened to one of my friends, whose husband changed within 2 months of marriage. these are a sort of personality disorder (there is a whole class of them...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personality_disorder i am not saying that your husband has a personality disorder, but i am saying it is possible. also, know that this is his real face, and he had been hiding it from you till now. you are not at all sounding irritating, and i can understand why you'd be so confused and shattered. staying away from him will help u look at the situation more objectively. go to temple, talk to friends, do whatever helps you get some peace of mind.
  6. u got married when you were barely 22 years old !! It is always hard to take a breakup/divorce, no matter how bad the situation. But that doesn't mean that it is not the right course of action. It is good to listen to your heart, but sometimes, one needs to listen to their head too! This is not pure lecture, I have some idea of what it can be like. but trust me, it is better to cut your losses and get out. one thing you need to understand is that everything is not in our hands, we are just mortal human beings. you can not change the character of your husband, no matter how much you want to. please don't even think about kids at this point. you have your whole life ahead of you. you are only 23 (23 is your legal age, not 24). You made a mistake once, now don't continue making more mistakes. listen to your parents advice. talk to your friends. they will all tell u the same thing.
  7. i sometimes think her biggest problem is her anger, which takes complete control of her at times. is there any remedy specifically for that? what is causing it?
  8. Thank you so much ramachandran ji and deepa ji. what you have said makes complete sense. She is very irritable and gets angry at very small things. i have not seen her happy since the past 3 years almost. her relationship with mom is not good. we never had any support from our father, that is true for both of us. As regards staying in native place, she doesnt even stay on land most of the time. She is based in mumbai, and is working for an oil company, which is a very stressful and physically demanding job. but she likes it. (i thought it was the effect of exalted shani, which makes her work very hard but also gives a lot of money in return). even right now she is on a rig. ramachandran ji, one thing that i have doubt about is that my software gives Rahu-Ketu on 1-7 axis. could you please look into it? also, you have said: "if you go deep into it there are lots of negative impacts the grahas placed in this horo. my advice is seek remedy by way asking her to go to temple of Deviji every friday and tuesday." I would be very grateful if you could go deep into it, as i too think her chart is very complicated with lots of negative effects. by Deviji do you mean durga, kali, laxmi? please clarify. deepaji, i will ask her to donate green leafy vegetables. How is Mangal shanti done? I will try my best to convince her to wear ruby, but she is very stubborn, and she says that she is not allowed to wear any sort of ring/chain etc on the rig. is there any other way these gems can be worn? Is the period of Nov 2008-Feb 2009 especially bad? please tell me, i am very worried.
  9. Hi, I came across mandi today itself. i don't know if u hv seen this link: http://www.barbarapijan.com/bpa/Topics/Gulika_Maandi.htm It is a 'shadow' planet like Rahu and Ketu, and has a malefic effect. I think what you are referring to as the Asc is how western astrology defines it. In western astrology, the degree of the asc is important, as house cusps depend on the degree of the Asc. In vedic astrology, the whole sign system is followed. Ie, the whole of the rising sign or lagna becomes the 1st house. For example. 23 degree aries is Asc, then acc to western astrology, any planet at less than 23 degree aries will fall in 12th house. In vedic astro, if 23 degree aries is lagna, then any planet anywhere is aries falls in 1st house. the Systems approach would however say that 23 degree becomes the 'most effective point' of tha lagna and any other house.
  10. Hi all, my sister's birth details are: 19th July, 1983, 5:32 pm, Lucknow, India. For many years now she is slowly becoming more and more distant from the rest of the family. She always seems depressed, or irritable. She is also facing a lot of problems in the form of delays, setbacks, disagreements etc. All the astrologers we have consulted so far, say that there should be no problem. We are all very concerned, especially my mother. Thanks
  11. Hi Pablo, I have found that people hesitate to approach me. A lot of people have told me that. When I was younger, I was very 'black and white', and would not even talk to someone if I didn't like them. Hopefully I am mellowing, and atleast I think I have become much more inclusive. But every now and then people tell me they had an entirely different impression of me before they talked to me. You could say my life has been chanllenging...esp early childhood. I do feel a little lonely sometimes...feel that no one understands me. but i have learned to live with it. Sonny, I don't know about bad face....I don't think I look bad But yes i do have a persistent acne problem. And I am definitely not satisfied with my looks. I am all for new ideas, but no particular fascination with foreigners per se. I like to read a lot. and i love Discovery channel, if tht counts Also have an interest in astrology, palmistry, etc etc from a very young age. Rahu MD has been a roller coaster ride, except for the Venus antardasha- well initially it was good after so much of tubulence, but now it feels monotonous to the extreme. We are never satisfied, are we? I have heard it said that Rahu in Cancer lagna is not that bad (as compared to rahu in lagna with other signs)...My rahu receives the aspect of mars(exalted), sun and merc from the 7th house. Does tht make matters better or worse?
  12. Respected astrologers, and anyone else who has experience with this placement, could you tell me how it colors the personality of a person? Does it, for example, make others afraid or suspicious of the person, or just uncomfortable around tht person ? Or make the person look mysterious or shady in the eyes of others? I have Rahu in Cancer lagna, and currently undergoing Rahu mahadasha. Do you thinks its effects become more pronounced in the mahadasha?
  13. I know what you should do. You already know that your wife is 'good in nature, caring & smart'. Now try to imagine how many other guys must find those qualities appealing. And believe me, standards of beauty have changed. What you call as unhealthy, a lot of guys out there would die for. They call it a 'model-like figure'. Now contemplate this, day and night, and let us know if it worked.
  14. Certainly sir, One should definitely try to get peace of mind. I just had an opinion and I expressed it. I am sorry if it offended you.
  15. Mr Uner Mohan ji It seems to me that the problem is not with the horoscopes. It is you who are worrying too much. Is there any reason for this concern? Your kids are not too old as yet. The future will unfold in its own time. Why are you so anxious to know everything? Please don't take it otherwise. But seeing your two threads I didn't see any ground for these worries. They seem to be doing well. Don't let astrology make u so afraid that you are always worried on this account. There are so many celebrities who have horrific looking horoscopes. Yet when one digs deeper, one finds why they are so successful. Don't take everything at face value. Try praying to calm your distraught mind. There is nothing to worry about, as the esteemed astrologers here have already told you. As they say, let go and let God.
  16. Hi skylark, I think your sister should explore all other options open to her before deciding to go back. Does she also face mental abuse from her husband and/or inlaws? Go to this website: heart-2-heart.ca (add www before the name, and /women after .ca ....i cud not add the complete URL because i dont have the requisite number of posts) I cannot tell you from astrological perspective, but from common sense. Your sister has no control whatsoever over her own life. They didn't even let her come and meet her mother!!! How much is your sister educated? Can she find some job atleast for the time being? Does she have a green card or is she on a dependant visa? I know people give the argument for children. But trust me, children also go through a lot of trauma being raised in such a family. To see their mother so powerless, what kind of values will the imbibe? Do you seriously think they will benefit from this upbringing? The difficult rahu dasa can be difficult even if she goes back. What will she do then? Try to give her your maximum support, and encourage her to find out about all options.
  17. Hi everyone, thanks for pouring in with your advice. Bhaaskaran ji, why do you feel that arranged marriage better suits me? Please don't mind, but I am a very independant girl. I'd rather not marry than marry a person i don't love and respect. I am not looking for a dream prince, just a deep connection. Another thing is that whenever I wear pearl, I feel more disturbed than I normally do. I don't know why that is the case. Nikhil Kumar ji, thanks I'll recite the mantra for durga. I have one doubt though, I do not believe in idol-worship, and I am more in tune with the concept of formless God. Would the said mantra work if I am unable to chant it with the required degree o devotion? Also, could u explain about the curse of moon in more detail? what does it mean? I recently discovered the concept of atmakaraka, and also the concept of navamsa as what the soul wants. Could anyone look at my horoscope and give me spiritual advice, is that is not too much to ask for...
  18. Mansukh, i looked at your chart. it is remarkably similar to mine with respect to some key placements. I think we r both under rahu dasha, venus antardasha right now. How was ketu dasha for you? (ie, the period between 17 Dec 2004- 17 Dec 2005). Yes, i have also started distancing myself since about last year. But recently a friend was going thru a really bad time, so i cudnt help it.
  19. Can anybody, and i mean anybody, please help me.
  20. Hi, I was drawn to your thread. Life is funny sometimes....I am also a rahu in lagna female, born in 1981, cancer lagna, moon in taurus. and i too am assailed with doubts...liked someone and it didnt work out. i am also abroad and did engineering. anyways, i hope you r able to get some good advice. I am still waiting.
  21. What if Mars is well placed but it is the Atmakaraka? What if it is both the Atmakaraka and Yogakaraka?
  22. Dear Ravindran ji, I am amazed at the clarity of your thought processes and scientific rigor. I had never thought about things in this way. Especially the application of logic to look at theory of self, just beautiful. And the way that you explained the debate of free will and determinism, it was very interesting and thought-provoking. To tell you the truth, for the first time i was able to connect things from the beginning to the end without giving up in between. The whole logical explanation about science, astrology and the human condition...wow!! i had never thought about astrology as a 'model', but now i can appreciate how appropriate that is, and we tend to lose this distinction between the model and what it represents. Thanks
  23. Deepa ji, USR ji, other respected astrologers, can you please help me? I understand that my navamsa lagna may not be accurate. During these days I tried to look up how to do rectification, but failed. I mean I came across a lot of material, but not having any experience, it was an impossible task for me.
  24. Ravindranji, I have a question. So following the theory of karma and determinism, our every action is predetermined just as surely as the path a falling meteor is going to take. It is unfamiliarity with the higher laws governing these actions that leads to the illusion of free will. In fact, at birth itself our fate is already decided by our accumulated karma from past lives. Tracing back this path of destiny, if everyone's fate is already decided, then at what point did our destinies diverge? Were we all created different to start with, and that has lead to our own unique actions, personality (which determines our way of thinking etc)? Where does it all start? And why is it that every jeevatma was to take on a different destiny? I have heard that we can break away from our fate only when we achieve enlightenment/ God/self-realization. so then, this too is predetermined. So why is that every soul is different and attains this at a different time? Why all this Maya? What is the divine purpose behind all this play?
  25. Thanks Deepaji and USRji, my family backgroud is a little troubled. I am very close to my mother. My parents marriage is a match made in hell. Mother is well educated and is a college lecturer. Father is a diploma engineer but has had a very bad employment history. He is aggresive and short tempered. During the time I was growing up, he was mostly absent as he worked in different city, or if he was there used to work late hours. He was emotionally distant too. I have one younger sister born on 19th July 1983, who i am very close to. I don't really have too many 'major' events, so i'll just list all that come to mind: Graduated out of college in 24th May 2004 with btech in mechanical engineering. I have always been a good student. Worked for one year. Thereafter came to USA to pursue phd in Aug 16, 2005. Mother fell very sick in Dec 2002-Jan 2003 (cirrhosis due to undiagnosed hepatitis) and was hospitalized for over a month. Mother's health is a source of concern to me. Since my sister is working, my mother is staying alone with father these days, so that is another worry. So i want to complete phd and go back to India as soon as possible. I fell sick every 3 yrs as a child....had jaundice when i was around 8, appendicitis when 11, some kind of pneumonia/cough (don't remember) whn i was 14, and measles when i was around 16-17. I was diagnosed to have rheumatoid arthritis in August 2003. I got my drivers license and bought a car in May 2007. And moved in a rented apartment on my own (which was a dream for a long time) in Nov 2007. I met a guy during May-June 2003 whn i was doing an internship, and entered a long distance relationship with him. This relationship broke in dec 2004, when he was in USA and he cheated on me. However, i was not ready to accept what happened, and was in denial and depression for about one year, and during this time i decided to come to US to try to convince him to give it one more shot. I finally came to terms with it by Dec 2005. Then in March 2006, i entered the most wonderful phase of my life, when i realized the higher reasons for whatever happened. I also fell in love with a most wonderful guy, although we never had a relationship, and were only close friends. This ended by Dec 2006, when i realized that due to cultural and religious differences, he was not ready to take it forward. But this friendship was the most spiritual experience of my life, strengthening my faith in God and restoring my confidence. He inspired me. Anywyas, he has now graduated and moved to a different city, and although I am still friends with him, and have no hard feelings, i have almost stopped talking to him because I dont want the feelings to resurface. This has left a huge void, since he happens to be my best friend and trusted guide. Still, for almost one year, whenever i was too depressed or in trouble of some kind, he would miraculously call me out of the blue. it is a very deep connection. well, because of all this, now it is impossible for me to go for an arranged marriage. I want to settle down in India, or middle-east, so that I can be close to my family. I also want to take a break after completing my PhD, get married and just enjoy life for 1-2 years and then decide what i want to do with my career. I am very fond of cooking and arts and crafts, and i have been indulging quite a bit in these hobbies since past 9 months So Deepaji, you are quite right about me wanting to take a brk. Please let me know if you need any other information from me. thanks so much, it is so good to know that there is someone i can turn to for help.
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