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  1. Hi Deepa Ji, My thread is titled 'Anxiety about Marriage'. I cant post the link here as i am a new user. It is at the bottom of the first page and may go to the 2nd page. My placements are very similar to dedeza. i would be infinitely grateful if you could look at my birth data and advise me. thanks
  2. This thread caught my attention. I have some very similar placements as dudeza. (cancer asc with rahu, same plcmt of saturn, jupt, merc and My mars is placed in 7th house. it is also the atmakaraka. can i wear a red coral ? Ms. Deepa could you please tell me? I have got some very conflicting views about my plcmt of mars. some say i am manglik, some say i am not.
  3. Hi, I am worried about my marriage. i am 27 years old. However, I don't want an arranged marriage. The very thought of arranged marriage makes me panic. I liked a guy, but things didn't work out. I don't have any boyfriend right now. My parents have consulted some astrologer, and he told them that marriage will be late. He advised me to wear a pukhraj, which i am wearing since Dec 2007. Another problem is, that I am doing PhD, and don't want to get married now, since I don't know how long it will take for me to graduate. Could the learned astrologers here please help me? what should i do? When will i complete my phd? What are my marital prospects? when would be a good time to start 'looking' ? Would wearing a red coral help with studies/career? (i think mars is an atmakaraka and yogakarak for me). Sometimes I find it difficult to be motivated for studies. I get distracted by other things that I enjoy doing, and find it hard to strike a balance between studies,hobbies and responsibilities that come with living alone. At other times I procrastinate too much. And then sometimes I am struck by doubt in my abilities, and get depressed over my slow progress. Also, my friends take up a considerable amount of my time, always coming to me for advice, and i find it hard to say no, and get too involved in their problems. In fact, i always find myself consoling someone or the other. not that i mind it, but it tires me out to be listening to their problems all the time. i feel like there is no one i can turn to for advice. I love to live alone, because I can hide from people when I want to. It helps me to recharge. But at times I feel very lonely. I just wish I had a guy who I could depend on, the way my friends depend on me. these are my birth details: 16th Jan, 1981, 5:35 pm, Lucknow, India.
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