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  1. Dear Joe[bhi ho], Dont think!Just post your birth details and Let the person think whom you are asking advice from please!
  2. What is in store for me in immediate future? Please guide. What has been advised by Sri Rajshekharji and Srimati Bhandari is sufficient! Only one part is missing Chitranshji! and that is Faith ! Jesus says "if you have FAITH of the size of a mole, and you ask a mountain to moov,IT WILL! Have faith in YOURSELF and in the remedies you are performing,or are being asked to perform.You will you will foot the diferrence in time easily! May God Bless You
  3. That is good if you dont!Really;) !Try to adhere to it! Regarding female,you know where the problem is! Crack that and you are there!all chances!
  4. Kabir, Health may become a matter of concern in near future,specially abdominal part!watch your eating \drinking habits. Are you not inclined towards occult sciences,particularly mantra- tantra etc?
  5. for this we need to get your birth details selvi! SHALL WE?
  6. Dear Bhuvnesh, Time for last almost three yrs has been tough for you. To minimise the bad effects of transit you shoud regularly do: 1.Chaya daan every saturday. 2.Donate food to the neey(disabled) on satudays. 3.Read hanuman chalisa/sunder kand on tuesdays,saturdays and sundays. this will provide some relief which will enable you to see with a cleare vision. May Ganeshji bless you!
  7. Dear Ambu, Fisrt have faith in GOD,inYOURSELF and the god on earth THE DOCTOR! and take the treatment prescribed! Dont expect problems Ambu, expect a healthy child! May God Bless You
  8. SASISEKARANJI, VANAKKAM, Sir,I want to have a clearer vision for this mantra!please help me. is there no need of viniyog,diferrent nyasas,and dhyanam for this mantra? what kind of mantra is this?sabar or tantric?or some other kind? please throw some light for everybody's benefit on the board. thank you in anticipation Lalit K Sharma
  9. Silly words... u r making it a fighting forum.....>>>>>>>>>>> <!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: bbcode_quote -->nicely placed words!!!!!!!
  10. WAH,WAH,WAH, Thankyou MS7 for the WISH(pl read in hindi) you have offered for next saat janam! Firstly,that post was for avinash! Not ment for you! i didnt notice your one! Secondly,you have given instance to prove the point other astrologers had given about conjuction of rahu with benefics like guru and chandrama.this vish-vaman is the primery property of rahu! Beware,rahu gives results like smugglers. Gives all the things suddenly,and takes back without notice at once when the dasha or bhukti is over! May god bless you!
  11. Deepajii, KHUSHAMDEED! it actually is a GOAL POST, many of us use it as LAMP POST, more of them POST-PONE it! AND ALMOST ALL OF US DO JUST DO POST-MORTEM! HA HA HA:idea: thank you,and to Ayush! POST HUM[OUR]OUSLY;) Lalit
  12. That sounds nice arvind! U CAN GET IT FROM ANY BOOKSTALL OF GEETA PRESS GORAKHPUR. DONT HOPP FOR ALL THE REMEDIES AT ONES! they say inch by inch life is cinch, yard by yard life is hard! BE SURE OF YOURSELF! All the very best to you!
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