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  1. Thank you Sir Lalitji & Madam Deepaji, Shri Lalitji I would request you to please throw some light on what is Chaya daan? I have never heared of it. Deepaji when am I gonna get free from my Ketu transit? Also please guide me as to what feild of business or service suits me? Thanking you once again. Bhuvnesh.
  2. So many views and no reply?????????? Please friends, respected Gurus. Please guide me. I hope I am not so unlucky that I cant even get a solution or a reply. May God Bless You All. Bhuvnesh
  3. Dear friends, Please guide me how can I get rid of the present tough times I am going through since a couple of years. I am practically unemployed. I do share trading but that too doesnt yeild any result. I am in complete darkness as to which feild should I go into. My family business is of spices' merchants which my elder brother looks after and I haven't got any share in that. I am married and have a daughter. I also wear a yellow sapphire. My other details are as below: Full Name: Bhuvnesh Chitlangi DOB: 30-09-1979 Time: 3:00 AM IST Place: Nagaur, Rajasthan (near Bikaner) Thanks Bhuvnesh
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