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  1. i have been having facial pain in my head mouth ears and nose. i have a lot of gems but did not know which one to use. so i finally am using pearl necklace. its not genuine pearl but cultured but i read that it is ok to have cultured pearls. they help with facial pain for me. it is because i am cancer ascendant (moon) and i have moon in 2nd house. so moon rules both my head and face. i look silly as a man wearing a pearl necklace but i should wear it all the time anyways since it makes me feel better.
  2. thanks. i have been wearing pearl a little now and it does seem to help.
  3. i know it is in exaltation in aries, but i have right eye pain and i know using ruby helps. im just trying to understand why i would have right eye pain with exalted sun. DOB: May 10, 1984 12:11 EDT (daylight savings) Albany, NY
  4. it says u are cancer ascendant, capricorn moon sign. you are in rahu mahadasha, sun antardasha it does not reccomend gomed for your rahu house, but since u are cancer ascendant then probably pearl or moonstone? it says there it will be very beneficial for pearl if you have moon in 7th house like you. someone else should say.
  5. please expert astrologers read my chart and tell me if i should expect goodness. my mars MD has been mostly bad only a few enlightening changes mostly hardships.
  6. FOLLOW UP: at the time i thought i was right, but now i think that the taurus dreams were about rahu in taurus which would be with my correct birth time. I had to share it with you i thought it was going to be helpful. But I now think I may be wrong.
  7. I mean to say that I do not think time of birth is the way to find out your correct chart. I know this has been the tradition for thousands of years but I do not think it gave me the correct chart. The reason is this: I am a beginner in vedic astrology, but when I first started I wore a ruby because I thought I was cancer ascendant. I then had a dream in which I was being born and there were 3 different sections in a graph. What I got out of the dream was that birth is not a single point of time and using time of birth to get a chart may not always be accurate. Since learning more about vedic astrology, I have had many dreams with the word Taurus in them. And a spirit voice once told me Simha was my moon sign. Moon sign I know is simha becuase that does not change with the hour. Another spirit in my past told me to wear a diamond. When I got into vedic astrology at first I did not know why that would fit since cancer ascendant is not good for diamond. However knowing I am taurus ascendant, which by the way, would be 6 hours before my actual birth time, I know diamond is good for taurus. I have had other dreams of lapis lazuli (saturn) and emerald (venus). My chart I was reading today some examples of the stars in different houses and they fit almost perfectly if i use the time 6 hours before I was born. I think this has to do with the beginning of labour, not time of birth. Well your ascendant can be figured out by using times near your actual birth time. I suggest anyone whose chart does not seem right, try entering your birth time off by 1,2,3 hours etc, and see if the new chart makes more sense.
  8. birth data: 42n39 73w45 12:11 daylight savings time (11:11 adjusted) time zone Eastern US. i put this in to many web sites and they all say rahu dasa starts at end of november. mars dasa has been not good for me. pain in eyes and face and mental illness. i am looking forward to rahu dasa. someone said rahu in taurus 11th is good for rahu dasa and that it would be better for me.
  9. i have pain in my right eye and right ear is ringing. will ruby help me? i am cancer ascendant with sun exalted.
  10. i found a pearl necklace of my mothers that she is letting me wear. i havent worn it in public yet, but i dont care. it feels good. i am wearing it plus a silver chain now. my facial pain went away a lot after i put it on and i feel better situated in my environment.
  11. thank you very much. i was unaware of these things.
  12. oh yes birth details May 10 1984 12:11 PM (Daylight Time) -- 11:11am adjusted Albany, NY 42n39, 73w45
  13. i mean i am confused as to wear a sun gem because of leo moon or moon gem like pearl because of cancer lagna. or is red coral the best for me.
  14. I think I need coral but I haven't been able to buy any yet. I am in mars mahadasha and also under sade sati. I know this much from doing free charts online. I want to get a real reading done but cannot afford it. I read that sun in 10th house is good for wearing ruby with cancer ascendant and also fixes eye pain... I dont even know what mantra to do. I did some mantra with krim kum in it one time at the beach. anyways here is my info from a free site. Ascendant Cancer Moon 2nd House Leo Mars, Saturn 4th House Libra Jupiter 6th house Saggitarius Sun, Mercury, Venus in 10th house Aries Rahu 11th house Taurus Keth 5th house Scorpio I have mostly facial pain in my chin eyes and sinus. It has been this way just about since I have been in mars mahadasha...well it started maybe 1 year into it. Not sure if this is the cause of it but I think so.
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