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  1. Hi, what is your sex ? a professional astrologer has told that you are a female.
  2. It is still a wonder how the lagna becomes Aries instead of Gemini in vedic system. Mistakes can be committed by anyone. But it must be accepted without any reservation. Truth remains.
  3. Hello Alpanaji, If I am not mistaken for intrussion, can you please tell me what is her exact problem ? Where has she lost her mental peace ? Is it in the area of love or profession ?
  4. Hello Pablo, the other person has more than once threatned people that he would quit the forum and things like that. I am at loss at his empty threat when he says he would quit and still says he would watch you. The lagna is definetly Gemini and i dont know how one gets Aries lagna. Pablo, you may please continue your work irrespective of such interventions. Thanks
  5. Hello sakthi, Dont worry too much about your marriage. All will be okay after devoted prayers
  6. Hi Bagapriya, if you have the passport and visa ready, there are strong chances from the beginning of 2009. Venus dasa lord along with 9th lord Mars, placed in 12th can show your fortune in a foreign land. Moreover, the next antar lord sun is also placed along with venus in twelfth. Best of luck.
  7. Hello Sonalie Apart from your prayers , worship lord karthikeya also on a daily basis. 2010 will be a promising year on the professional front.
  8. Hello sonie How many children do you have ? Since mars is placed in sixth house, it can bring in relationship problems too. Mars is placed in twelfth house in Navamsa. This is also a bad position. Mars placed in sixth along with venus can bring in accidents. So pl take care. Note down the bad nakshtra days . They are moola, thiruvaadirai, punarpoosam, poosam first half, magha and jyeshta. Apart from this, 3, 5, 7 the star from your natal janma nakshatra are also bad. Write down the nakshatras in the order starting from your janma nakshatra. when a count ends in 9, start from 1 once again. You will have three pairs of nine nakshataras with nos from 1 to 9. chose those 3, 5, and 7. Avoid travel or any kind of risks. These nakshtras are in addition to what I have given.
  9. Hello sony thursday is 9th. hence you may have to say you were born on march 10, 1972 midnight 0 hrs 6 minutes. to avoid confusion always say 9/10 of march 1972. are you facing tensions on the professional front ?
  10. Hello sony were you born where march 9 and march 10 join together. in that case mention your date of birth as 10-3-1972. when you use month and year by english calender , why should you use date as the previous one ? your ketu balance dasa reveals you were born on 9/10-3-1972. pl confirm
  11. Hello Abhishek If you have a passport and other things ready, there is a strong chance after dec 2008 and before sep 2011. Mercury antar can take you to a foreign country during this period .
  12. HI Agohra, Rahu is placed twelfth to your atma karaka mars in vrishaba navamsa Hence you can pray Sri Durga.
  13. Hello pooja123 Do you want only Hindi knowing pepole to answer. Or you dont want to write in english ? What are your birth details ?
  14. Hello Agama Jupiter is your atma karaka. Jupiter is placed in sagitarius in Navamsa. Ishta devata is seen from 12 th to the atma karaka in Navamsa. Rahu is placed in scorpio, 12 th to Atma karaka. Hence Sri Durga is the devata who will lead your soul towards moksha, if propitated with devotion.
  15. Hello Bagapriya It is not a CID job. The thread from 'velu' was posted only today. And for a chart reader like me , just little memory would do to recollect the charts. In fact, you have posted these questions about you long back and you have cut and paste the same message in different threads. It does not serve any purpose doing a CID job here, as no one pays for it. Nor it is our aim. Genuinely I was looking into your husbands chart , to give him a reading. But I was able to remember his chart from your thread and so it struck me that you have posted questions in two different names. Now that it appears that both of you have come to the same forum for a common problem. I wish you two sit together and sort it out. I am sure his chart does not show any divorce provided he sheds his ego. Wish you good luck
  16. Hello Bagapriya In another thread " urgent... need help".. you have posted in the name of 'velu' saying that wife is fighting often for silly reasons. Cross posting like this shows you are disturbed. As I have suggested in the other thread it is better for both of you to sit together and discuss. It is better atleast for one of you to shed ego to start the discussion. Sorry for the intrussion.
  17. Hello velu alias bagpriya If you are going to think about silly problems can lead to divorce, you are not fit for second marriage. Misunderstandings occur because of ego problem however small it may be. It is better if you both have open discussions with each other or go for some counselling.
  18. Hello Bagpriya Why then you asked deepa bhandari " So you are telling if I try for divorce also I wont get it,right? Please clarify me on my married life.When these problem will disappear? ". This conveys that you are aiming for a divorce. Is it correct ?
  19. Hello bagpriya Your questions are difficult to understand. You are asking about divorce as well as longevity of your husband. It would be helpful for others to give you a reading if you are more plain and upto the point.
  20. Hello beesan you are running rahu dasa right now. There after is Jupiter dasa. It begins in Jan 2009. You may have to wait till then. Yearly chart reveals that the period from now and before september 30, 2008 is favourable. Can you worship hindu God ? If so chant the following mantra OM NAMO BHAGAVATE VAASUDEVAYA. This has been culled out from vedic texts.
  21. Hello Bhuda2k During the aryan times (ramayana, mahabharata etc etc), we can find many couples in the mythology where the wifes were elder than the men. Good example is Sita who is considered elder than Rama ( according to one school of thoughts). Draupadi should have been elder than atleast some of of her husbands. Radha was elder than Krishna. But pl understand the yuga we are living is different. You can follow yuga dharma. Out of all yugas , is Kali better ? So be encouraged bhuda2k. Go ahead, marry whom you want and be happy !
  22. Hello Uner Mohan, Who are called Gurus ?.. how many people have understood astrology to the core?. If many have understood it the right way, there can be only one answer for a question. But if you observe one is recommending a gem stone and the other is rejecting it. To decide who is right or wrong we ourselves must be learned more than them. In my opinion no one has that standard here to be called as Guru. Only their egos are being fed by calling them a Guru. Just because the other person knows something what we do not know does not mean that the other person is a Guru. The word 'Guru' is big term. I am not criticising you or anybody for that matter , but we have cultivated this habit of biasing the other when we seek advice. I think you have posted this birth detail more than once. I think this person is your son. You need not consult astrology to know if he will support you after his marriage. Since you are living with him , you will be knowing better than any of these astrologers ! Dont mistake me. Truth is always bitter.
  23. Hello Srivy, Have you been postponing the birth of the child ? you were married almost 8 years ago. What were the reasons ? Ketu is placed in tenth house and hence has not given you child so far. It lasts till sep 2009.
  24. Hello Bhaskaran, If you will not mistake me, can you please tell us as to why you thought the native's mother was 'away' or not alive while it is not so. This would help us in deciphering the chart rightly. Thanks.
  25. Hello Ppena, Your analysis of manglik dosha goes with what B.V.Raman has said in his book " Muhurtha or Electional Astrology" in page 83. In this book he suggests we should consider from Lagna, Moon and Venus. In this chart Mars is placed along with Saturn in seventh and also in fourth from Venus. Both of these places do not come under exceptions cited by B.V.Raman. Also Mars is a dire malefic for Thula lagna. Mars is not associated with any benefic. As you rightly said, gem for Mars should certainly not be worn by the person. Thanks for rightly pointing out.
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