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  1. Hello Astrotechji, why Jupiter's antar is bad for him ? Jupiter is placed in his own house is good i think. Being placed in his house can he not overcome the effects of Rahu ? If Rahu cannot be overcome by the Great jupiter , who else could ? Does this mean all antar dasas will be bad ? Kindly enlighten me.
  2. Nothing wrong if rudraksha is worn. I am sure it will only do good and it will not cost more. But if it really is going to help her, why she must miss the bus ?
  3. Hello Nikilkumarji, I am just going through all messages here. One Mr.dudeza is asking for wearing a suitable Gem. Can you please tell him ? He is struggling very much. The name of the message is ' Who Dares Wins ?'.
  4. Hello Chinnu, Did you face any problem due to Badhaka Mars in your life so far ?
  5. Hello Deepa , Who has not respected whom ? What is wrong in asking questions ? You have not seen me , I have not seen you. Where is the need for checking demanour ? Where did I misbehave ? Thanks
  6. Hello, when did you get married ? Also tell if you seek any medical advice.
  7. Hello USRji, my real name is N.Sharma. I have books of great B.V.Raman, Krishnamoorthy, Santhanam, C.S.Patel and many more. But chart reading is very different from those text books. Practical examples are real live ones and I think one should learn from them. I am not a great person as you are and that is why I asked you how to read srk0780's chart from the original time. Will not the incidents and characters fit for this time ? is the question that is coming into my mind and so I asked you and Deepaji to reply. Thanks.
  8. Hello USRji and Deepaji, What are your observations of the chart now, since his mother is so confidant that she took breakfast and went for the birth of the child? Definitely not at 5:30 AM she says. Let me learn how to look at the chart now with the given incidents. It is a nice exercise.
  9. Hello Deepaji, I am unable to get the answer for my question from your reply. Can you please say how the person was identified to have a blood disorder ? Is it because of Mars? Enlighten us.
  10. Hello Sivarajkumar, how much sure is your mother about your time of birth ? How does she remember that it was between 8 hrs and 8.30 hrs and not certainly around 5.30 hrs as USR ji has suggested ? Unless you clarify this doubt proceeding further will be serve only little purpose. Thanks.
  11. Hello Pratul, on 31 st july the star is not good for you. Hence take care and prepare for exams more carefully and go. Good Wishes.
  12. Hello Deepaji , the questioner appears to be a male.
  13. Helle Deepaji, as a mother do you think you will forget the time of birth due to labour pain and move the time by nearly 3 hrs! ?.. The discussion is interesting but look at the plight of the questioner. One says karka, another says Miduna and another says Leo .. Will you not go by what his mother says ??..
  14. hi umbaba, Ask her to worship lordess Tripurasundari daily. Is she employed now..? I think she must be. Guru dasa is now running. He is placed in second house of family along with Surya who is the lord of the house itself. Hence I feel setting up a family and growth in finance are highly possible. Let her not loose her faith. She can pray Lord Hanuman also. Good luck.
  15. Oh ! What an interesting discussion. This would certainly benefit all. But I have one small doubt. How is it possible to time it so accurately that birth will be on 4 February or 4 March ?. And what time should be choosen for birth ? I think USR ji has choosen moon star opposite to your fifth house. See, one is Karthik and other one is Rohini.. really a good star.
  16. Badhaka is a trouble giver. For all movable rasis eleventh lord is badhaka. For all fixed rasis ninth lord is badhaka. For all common signs seventh lord is badhaka. Venus in seventh is karaka bhava nasha. It will spoil the seventh house. Also look, seventh is makara. Venus is not comfortable there. It can give unpleasantness in marriage. These are general observations.
  17. hello deepaji, your writings are educative. Can you tell why you are suspecting blood disorder ?
  18. For karka lagna people, shukra is bhadaka. He is kalatrakaraka. Also seventh lord and eigth lord is saturn. indira gandhi lost her husband early !
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