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  1. Hello, This person currently facing troubles in his office also he is trying for a transfer/new job in abroad, but currently no success. So i would like to ask whether he would get a job abroad.? He is going sade sati and i was wondering whether doing sankat mochan would help? Someone is already doing sankat mochan on his behalf, is it okay? thanks his d.o.b 15/dec/1961 time: 9:10pm place: new delhi.
  2. Hello sir, thank u again for answering my query. really appreciate it. Thanks for all ur help. You are a very kind person. May God bless u hare krsna!
  3. Hello sir, sorry to bother u again, but i was wondering since u looked at my birth chart, is there anything negative u see?? also what does my chart tell abt my spiritual life? thank u may God bless u hare krsna
  4. Hello USRji, Thank u for taking out time and giving me advice. I really appreciate it. I know my sister have difference of opinion, bt she is a good person to everyone else. wow, nov 2010 is a bit early to get married? anyway. thank u once again may god bless u hare krsna
  5. Hi sir, i cannot give my full name here and i cant give u a pvt mssg since i dont have 30 posts yet. I am a female and i have a sister, no i am not married. by spirituality i mean, i like to chant, hear bhajans and read spiritual texts everyday but in little little things we have an argument, i accept krsna as the supreme lord and she doesnt agree.. also when i want to hear a particuar krsna bhajan, she thinks i am imposing my beliefs on her.. like she is not against lord krsna, she is also very religious does fasting and stuff bt i guess we have lot of differenced of opinion thank u for taking out time.. hare krsna
  6. Hi, Currently, i am facing lot of domestic problems, having arguments on little little things with sibling and mom everyday..... its even affecting my spirituality. when will i get relief frm all this? d.ob - 20/nov/1988 place: new delhi time: 7:51 am thank u hare krsna
  7. Thank u so much for taking out time and looking at my horoscope. Btw, i am a female... so i guess this all applies for my husband. Thanks once again! hare krsna
  8. Hi, Thank u for ur reply. Yes, i am aware that jupiter is in my 7th house, but one of the astrologers said its a bad thing.. anyway, How would venus dasa be for me? Ketu dasa hasnt been much favorable.. Also, can you tell me any thing about my spouse's occupation? thanks hare krsna
  9. what attracts me to krsna is his lilas and also that he is my eternal and my spiritual father
  10. will he come as a kali avataar for kaliyug?
  11. HI, thank u for ur analysis. really appreciate it. I dont know why but many astrologers are telling me marriage before 2010:confused: one said it is because of ketu-jup-jup. I dont know much abt vedic astrology that is why i was seeking someone's opionion. I currently live abroad and have a strong desire to go back to india and have a family there and serve the needy people there.. is there any chance of me moving back to india?? thank u may krsna bless u with eternal bliss hare krsna
  12. Hello Svarupa, thank you for ur advice. Unfortunately, i dont live in delhi. I dont want to change my destiny for any better. Whatever my krsna has given me, i am more than happy with it.. be it bad or good. Yes, krsna helps not only those who help themselves, but krsna also helps each and every soul. He is full of mercy.. anyone who surrenders to him need not to worry about the future or how to change their destiny. whatever karma i have done i have to payback no matter what. But i am sure with krsna's mercy on me, i will go thru the toughest times. thank u again for ur advice, hare krsna!
  13. interesting... thanks for sharing! hare krsna
  14. very nice, thanks for sharing! hare krsna
  15. veru nice, thanks for share hare krsna!
  16. hi, please anyone reply.. i am really worried abt my future and worried abt an early marriage.. hare krsna
  17. Hi, I would really appreciate if anyone could look at my birth chart and tell me what yr i wld get married. An astrologer told me that i would be getting married this yr or maximum next yr:confused: . I am hardly 19 yrs and marriage this yr seems to be bit too early. Also, i dont even have anyone significant in my life currently so this yr it seems impossible. Also, since i am living outside india, i was wondering whether there are any chances of my spouse being in india? d.o.b - 20 nov 1988 time: 7:51 am place: new delhi. thank u hare krsna
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