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  1. If this thread is what Srila Prabhupada wants us to do, then we`ll have to do a lot of scrubbing from now on.
  2. Food eaten is material whereas a food for thought is spiritual.
  3. This pranava om kara," Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya sarvam iti mahatma sudarlabha", Srila Prabhupada told his followers is a mantra that shouldn`t be forgotten.
  4. Did we miss a senior member on this forum? It`s not Kaisersose, right?
  5. Krsna(Supreme Spirit) is the basis(knowable) of Brahman (spirit).
  6. It`s because when we glorify Krsna, we are glorifying Him who is present within us as the Supersoul. When we serve Krsna by offering ourselves a leaf, water, grain and flower, God accepts them as the Supersoul-recipient of the said items offered to Him. (This maybe applicable only if Guru or Krsna`s Deity isn`t present before us.) That`s why we always say a thanks giving prayer to God before we eat the food and drink the water being served to us on the dining table.
  7. Congratulations, Sant! You`re now a senior member( 1004 posts).
  8. It`s alright, Sant. I thought that link was for me. Now, I made my subsequent post (21) a little more complicated for Primate to understand.
  9. Yes, I`ve read it just now. My perplexity is not whether Krsna is the basis of Brahman, personal or otherwise. What I want to find out why as pure living soul our constitutional position is that of eternal servant of Krsna when we , after all, are His parts and parcels. Why should we not instead serve ourselves after knowing we are no different from Krsna? Just because Krsna is bigger and we are smaller? When Krsna incarnated in the form of Lord Caitanya he took the role of a mendicant and servant of Krsna.
  10. In Acintya-bheda-abheda, Lord Caitanya gave instructions to Sanatana Goswami from the point where He ended His instructions to Arjuna, " Your constitutional position is that your pure living soul (Brahman). This material body, mind, intelligence nor false ego is your real self(effulgence). Your identity is that of eternal servitor of Krsna(Para Brahman). Since you are situated between spirit(Brahman) and matter (illusion) your position is marginal( impersonal). Because you are spirit (Brahman) you are no different from Krsna(Para Brahman). Because you are a minute particle (spirit) of Krsna, you are different from Him(Supreme Spirit).
  11. Yes. Just as Krsna(sun) in His form as Siva(moon) is the basis of impersonal Brahman (moonlight). Krsna (sun) is directly the basis of personal Brahman (sunlight) which indirectly is the basis ( the moon has no light) of impersonal Brahman(moonlight). Brahman(sunlight) and impersonal Brahman(moonlight) therefore are simultaneously one and yet different. Lord Caitanya`s acintya-bheda-abheda-ttatva confirms this metaphor or analogy.
  12. ---- If Krsna ( sun) is the basis of Brahman (sunlight), then Siva ( moon) is the basis of impersonal Brahman (moonlight). -----
  13. This thread is an example of a never-ending story ----------------
  14. I don`t know what your trying to amplify, Chandu_69. That`s just a directory, for goodness sake. I want you to comment on the possiblity of Red China invading India even if she has to feed billions of Hindus and Muslims just to occupy middle east and get that pot of black gold the chinese always wanted. You said earlier I was trying to scare the hindus of a chinese invasion in India. That it was a kind of clever tactic of mine. Tell you frankly, I don`t have a hidden agenda nor I`m being paid or designated by the Catholic Church in convincing hindus that Christianity is a better option than Hinduism.
  15. Ngeek! Is that your hand, Theist? Mine`s smaller ( height`s 5`5).
  16. I don`t know, Robert, if chanting mantras say, the maha laksmi mantra, will grant you your wish to become rich. Doing so 125,000 times or the required 40 days of chanting bring result as you have expected. If it were 100 percent effective, I`d do the same thing. But there are buts and what ifs in life. What if goddess laksmi grants you your wish but on the same day you get also a terrible news regarding a loved one? If God wants you to get rich it will come in time or it will never will even if you chant all the maha laksmi mantras given to you. Besides, Guru, will never offer you a mantra which will derail your spiritual evolution towards self-realization. If ever He gives you a mantra, it would be no other than the hare krsna maha mantra. Once you start sincerely chanting it, you will begin accumulating riches not found here on earth but in heaven
  17. Yes! Primate has finally understood. Gimme five, Theist!
  18. I hate to say this, Primate. But I can`t really understand what your saying using this so-called physical theories. They are still material to me in explaining the spiritual. Physics is not my forte. I failed in math when I was in high school. I`m sorry.
  19. Aren`t all analogies, Primate, material in explaining the spiritual?
  20. Dear Sambya, Thank you so much for the very wonderful experience(report) you made on Jaganatha Puna Rathayatra at Puri. It was as if I was there also. It`s amazing the three indents on the stone where Lord Caitanya held unto are still there. God Bless! Melvin
  21. Sonic Yogi already took a shower. You shhhh...!
  22. Dear Sonic Yogi, I`m not here to lecture you. I know what we`ve been through. All is past now. let by gones be by gones. I`m sorry if I reacted that way to your views about Jesus. I was once like that like you in my views about Jesus. But this was another story. I`m concerned of you being able not to sleep right away. So, you do what you have to do to make yourself go to bed and sleep. What I do when I can`t go to sleep is I don`t sleep at all. Maybe I`d read a book, or open the PC, and perhaps take a sleeping pill. There are sleeping pills available that are over the counter. No prescription is needed. But I don`t do sleeping pills. If I cant sleep then I stay awake even if I have to report for work in the morning without sleep. The reason why there are moments we can`t sleep is because God is trying to tell us something. Or maybe He wants to strike a conversation with you within yourself in His PARAMATMA form. Thus, If your boss finds you sleeping on your desk during office hours, In your shoes I`d tell this to him, " Sorry sir, I slept. You see, I wasn`t able to sleep the whole night. I don`t why. I thought of calling you up earlier to tell you I`m sick and can`t report for work. But my conscience bothered me that`s why I reported for work even if sleepiness have set in. So, you must have noticed I came in late. It`s because I took a nap after I ate breakfast but it wasn`t enough sleep I wanted. So, you caught me sleeping on the job as well as noticed I came in late. I should have not reported for work. But I`m here because I heard these words within myself whispered to me, " Better be late than never." God bless, my friend. Melvin
  23. How about this sun-moon metaphor, Primate, of mine. The light we see on the moon on earth is but a reflection of the light coming from the sun. We might have this idea that moonlight is the brahmajyoti and the moon Brahman. This is why Srila Prabhupad stated that Krsna (the Sun ) is the basis ( moonlight) of impersonal Brahman (the moon). Sri Caitanya`s acintya-bheda-abheda-tattva confirms this analogy.
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