Hindu Scriptures Mention Gravity 1,500 Years Before Isaac Newton

24 comments on “Hindu Scriptures Mention Gravity 1,500 Years Before Isaac Newton

  1. Mr. Nair and BJP should get the Vedas translated into English and put it on a web page. Regarding the condense format, we have to discover the key for unravelling the knowledge. The composer of sutras must have composed the sutras for use at their times and for posterity. We must also accept that Vedas failed to emphasize the objective verification of a concept/ idea. It was, perhaps, a reason for loosing the knowledge of Vedas. We must not repeat the same mistake now.

    • Why should they translate Vedas into english… All are thinking that the east is more civilized and running towards east. They are giving importance to the east and learning their culture and language as quick as anything and running away. If anyone are interested in vedas let them learn sanskrit and study only at reputed sanskrit vedic academies.

      • There is nothing wrong in translating the Vedas and their science content in English. Let us not go on an ego trip asking Westerners to learn Sanskrit and study the Vedas, they have done that already, Max Mueller for one. The English versions would primarily benefit scores of young Indian scientists most of whom have no knowledge of Sanskrit. It saves a lot of time for future scholars.

        • Max Mueller was British Agent and his translation has created more confusion and helped distroy Vedanta Knowledge. he is the idiot who profound Aryan Invasion Theory which is defunct yet these Euro centric are totally blind and refuse to accept.

          • Yes. Max Muller has done more harm than good by trying to translate the intriguing vEdic sanskrit into english without even knowing the mysticity of the vEdic sanskrit. It needs an expert to decode vEdas. It is not just a simple sanskrit. One should read our Jagadgurus works before even thinking spoon feeding the western thinkers

    • You need to stop thinking about these things in a modern detective perspective. The Vedas are eternal (Sanatan). They are not ‘composed’ by humans or other beings. They are revelations which are understood by Dhyaana. They have to be learnt under the guidance of a Guru only and not simply memorized from a text book. They contain sounds and swaras which must be pronounced properly for the saying to be effective. Similar to most of Sanskrit vocabulary, they cannot be translated into English without losing their quintessential meaning. That the Vedas never ‘verified’ anything is wrong. There is no need to verify for something which is realized knowledge. Vedic knowledge is above the three modes of material nature. Hope this clarifies.

  2. Incredible, it is all there what I don’t understand why Indian’s or Sanatan Dharma does not enlighten them in the name of our lord.

    I am keen to put my hands on Vedanga Jyotisa.

  3. It would be nice if some one lists the slokas so that people who have enough background of Sanskrit literature can look into these statements. I am not doubting them, but eager to know.

  4. In astrology Moon is given significator of manas wavering mind.Watery tatwa….Simly.Kuja or Mangal is considered as Bhoomi putra .So Mangal has all the Earthly charecteristics. SHUKRA is Venus is Lakshmi God of wealth .Saturn is farthest planet and dark or darkest .Where as Jup.is Deva Guru.Advisor .Very large.Good for Growth.Mercury is nearest to sun.youngest prince.Intelligence significator.

    • The statement is true but is very mundane.
      We should seek , search, learn and propagate the wealth of knowledge left behind for posterity by our fore fathers and create an environment of knowledge and knowing rather than trying to boast merely with some traces of evidence.
      Let every one be made aware and in the process knowledgable and we need to prove nothing to anyone else more so the westerners.

  5. There are many such mentions in our scriptures which we till now know that these are discovered by westerners. I am in the process of compiling these and propose to bring out in the form a book. Till then Hindus should remain proud of their rich heritage and should not imitate west by wearing suit in scorching heat in India.

  6. No one can deny the fact that ZERO is an Bharath invention. We also know that Earth, moon, sun and the universe are spherical to oval in shape and that’s why they are called BhooGOL, ChandraGOL, SuryaGOL and KhaGOL/BrahmAAND. All those ppl who blindly reject the idea of Vendas having science should heed Sri Madhavan Nayar. If some one thinks that he knows more science then Sri Madhavan Nayar, then its a sure indication that he is Hinduphobic

  7. Yes I agree with ISRO chairman; Sanathana dharma
    is a solution for all of our problems.
    Can any one help me to please learn Sanskrit?

  8. one can learn Sanskrit from the web. Even the spped of light is correctly written in Rig Veda. In kaliyuga, the dharmic sciences will go dormant. kaua moti chugega hansa dana khayega

  9. Much credit & praise deservedly belongs to India in the field of mathematics. Especially important is the Hindi numerical system, including the concept of 0. This replaced the cumbersome Roman numerals, with which much of algebra and all calculus would be impossible. India to this day produces some of the best mathematicians ever.

    Here is the caveat:
    1. Chaste Vedic scripture which could not be deciphered until the Western Scientific Method combined empirical measurement with mathematical concepts, And was able to use maths to accurately predict & describe physical phenomena of complex systems, makes them merely academic studies. Gravity as a concept was a great leap, but ended there.
    Newton not only muses & mentions gravity, he invented Calculus to calculate, predict and verify physical bodies in motion. Newtonian Physics, not Vedic Maths, flew humans to the Moon.
    2. Romans, despite their awkward math, were excellent Engineers. Roman built bridges that today carry trains through the Alps. The Pantheon is still the largest unsupported concrete dome in the world.
    3. Vedic Maths had such great potential, but were not generally used for large scale public works, urban planning & infrastructure (Roads, tunnels, aquaducts, sanitation, lavish bath houses,…).
    They were also not used to measure the size of the Earth, the size & distance to the Sun & Moon, to predict eclipses & comets.
    4. Early Renaissance scholars Knew that there was water on the Moon, named and mapped the “Seas”, which still carry their original names (despite their total absence of liquid water).
    5. Because of the abortion of Vedic Maths before they were put to practical use, Modern Science, Technology and Large Industry developed in Europe, but stalled in the East.
    6. Vedic Maths are so intrinsically woven into Scripture, they could not have produced Modern Science, which, by definition, must exclude the Supernatural. That belongs with philosophy, mythology & metaphysics, Not science.

    • You are right – Shlokas are admirable but practical application requires an entirely different approach.

    • Stephen Beres is right. Our scriptures are wonderful but practical application is different and it needs a creative perception.

    • I was ready to reply something similar. Very nice job Stephen.
      Hindu scientists as Mr. Nair should accomplish something for the real world based in those vedic knowledge of the past. Scientific achievements requires evidence of usefulness more than mere claims and statements.

    • Depends on how you define Science. As a scientist myself, I know that any systematic study of knowledge is ‘science’. However, your assertions are not fully true. You seem to imply that the West has actually realized the purport behind these scriptures which is false. Any injunction be it Vedic or otherwise can be used for both spiritual and material benefit. The primary reason for Vedic existence was to lead a purposeful material life ultimately culminating in realization of transcendental knowledge. Vedas were not revealed to create the next big technological breakthrough. They were revealed by seers of yore to help in the process of self realization and relief from Samsara (cycle of birth and death) which is the cornerstone of Hindu/Sanatan philosophy. That they contain a lot of modern science proposes is an inherent property of these systems of knowledge. That there has been no practical application of this knowledge is entirely wrong. If you visit any Hindu temple, the entire temple complex is built in strict adherence to Agama Sastras which take into account all the scientific and mathematical revelations of the Vedic scriptures. The sad part is common Indian populace were kept away from this knowledge due to the submissive nature of the invasions India has been through and sadly that continues to this day.

  10. Our vedas & Purans are rich in science. Rishi Vyas gave fundementals of open channel flow, Rishi Bhrigu gave Astrology, Jal Shashtra, Bernoullies equation was first propoundee by Rishi Vyas & so on a long list. We should propound our vedas by making them easy.

  11. Bring Sanskrit and veda scholars, scientists and industrialist on one platform. Keep the politicians out of this at any cost. And soon you will find the old glory of India resurfacing which will benefit not only India but the entire world. Because knowledge belongs to the human race.

  12. If scientists like Dr. Madhavan Nair can bring forth the knowledge lying in the abysmal depth of vedic literature, it would be a yeoman service to the world at large which is torn apart with several convictions and persuasions. We must rise above faiths to scientifically analyze the facts available in which ever language or region and make such knowledge for the betterment of the humankind, environment and universe at large and that is precisely is the expectation of the hidden forces!! If we do not want to translate Sanskrit slokas into English, fine. But we can translate them into Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Odish etc. so the Indians at least can be enlightened who in turn will educate and enlighten the rest of the world. Let us all work towards bringing the soul of wisdom of Sanatan Dharma for the benefit of “Sab ka Vikas”! Let us have “Sab Ka Sath” for this endeavour!! Jai Bharat!

  13. Why PM Modi is inviting world to make in India? If science and electronics is buried in Veds.

    We failed to see “Vashudhev-Kutubkam” and Na Tasya Partima Asti’ in Veds.
    Veds are our literary treasures which tried to stop us inventing gods in advance, but we didn’t bother till day.

    Veds are wishfull-poems of our ancestors to keep us from Idol-making and worshiping.

    How long shall we keep buried in illusion?

    Our kids are suspecting us as jhooth-bolne wale, hate mongers.

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