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Common Vows Undertaken by Devotees at Tirupati

The following are some of the common offerings by devotees visiting Tirupati Balaji temple at Tirumalai. Tonsuring (shaving one’s head) The objective behind tonsuring (shaving one’s head for the Lord) is to demonstrate that he/she completely surrenders his/her ego at the feet of the Lord. Pilgrims can have their heads tonsured at the Kalyanakatta (opposite the Annanadanam Complex). There are seventeen sub-centers for tonsuring. Pilgrims can also request to be tonsured at the cottages where they are staying. Walking up the Hills Many pilgrims walk up the hills to fulfill vows they have taken, for which Tirumala – Tirupati...

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Rituals of Worship at Tirupati

The following list explains some of the various pujas and rituals conducted at the Tirupati Balaji Venkateswara temple located on the Tirumalai hill. Suprabhatam Every morning the Suprabhatam, Prapatti and Mangalasasanam slokas are recited, and a descendant of Tallapaka Annamacharya sings a few of Annamacharya’s sankeertanas. Devotees present at the time of Suprabhatam can have the Lord’s Suprabhata Darsanam, also called Viswarupa Sarvadarsanam. Kalyanotsavam Kalyanotsavam is also known as Vaivahikotsavam or Pendli Tirunal. It is conducted in the Kalyana Mandapam and its rituals are similar to those followed in Hindu marriages. The utsava murti of the Lord (Malayappaswami) is...

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Dattatreya Answers King Alark’s Questions

After reaching youthhood, Prince Alark got married. By that time, his father King Ritudhwaj had also grown old. Hence before Grihastha, he crowned his son as the new king. At the time of crowning, queen Madalasa presented him a ring and said- ‘O son! This ring contains a note which will teach you on how a king should administer the kingdom.’ Saying this, Madalasa blessed Alark and left the palace with her husband Ritudhwaj to spend their lives in the forest. Alark says- ‘O lord! With the arising of disenchantment in my heart, I have no miseries now. Only...

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Temple Pujas and Archanas to be Taxed by Government. What About Churches and Mosques?

The following article by G.S. Radhakrishna highlights the fact that the central government will begin taxing all temples in the country on things such as pujas, archanas, prasadam, etc. Though the article focuses on the famous Tirupati temple we should remember that 99.99% of temples in the country are not rich. The majority are small village temples that struggle to get by. In most cases there isn’t even enough money to hire proper pujaris and archakas to maintain the service of the temples. Despite the difficulty the temples face, the government feels the need to tax the temple’s and...

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