Vairagya literally means “dispassion”. Developing vairagya is the first step towards spiritual success. A vairagi has no attraction towards worldly affairs whatsoever. He is focused on his goal, i.e., attaining liberation. A person who has developed vairagya is truly blessed indeed.

So how does one develop vairagya. I am no sage and whatever little wisdom I have gained is through my experiences. So I will suggest a way which is from my own experience. Finally, it’s up to you to give up worldly affairs and take shelter in God’s grace. My method is only a guide.

To begin with, start to question yourself. Look at your present state of affairs. Suppose you are a student. Why are you studying. To gain knowledge? No! You are studying so as to get a job. Why bother getting a job? Because a job will give you money. What is the use of money? Well, money can provide all kind of luxuries. This is the thinking of most of the people. To study, get a job, get some money, get a wife, a few kids and so on and so forth.

Why does a man want all these things? Simple, because these things provide him a “sense” of happiness. Notice, i used the word “sense” of happiness because these things do not truly make you happy. They only make you feel happy for a short amount of time. And then to get more happiness you go after more money and the cycle goes on and on and on.

Just think! What a pathetic state of affairs! Working day and night, meeting family’s demands, making wife happy, making kids happy, etc. Among all these actions, you have forgotten the real goal of life. Just think, is the aim of life simply getting a job, making money, making family and dying? What’s the use of such a life? What’s the purpose? No my friend. The real goal of life lies elsewhere. It’s said that after taking 8,400,000 births one gets a human birth. Is this birth meant to be wasted like this? No, it’s meant to be utilized.

Today your boss said something to you and you get upset. Your wife said some harsh words and your mood is spoiled. What a pity! You are making yourself happy or sad based on other’s words. What boss? What wife? These relations mean nothing. Think about it! God controls the universe. Everything happens according to his will. So if you take his shelter then don’t think anything bad can happen to you. Never!

So my friends, think over the goal of this precious human life. It’s not meant to be wasted on worldly desires like money, mating, family, etc. You have already done all of these things in your previous 8,400,000 births. Now you have a precious human life. You have intelligence. You have viveka. Use it! Wake up! Give up worldly desires. Realize your life’s true goal: liberation. Liberation to that world where there is no birth, no death and no miseries. Think what a life that is. Make that your goal. Meditate on God. Do good deeds. Have little to do with the world. Serve people. Serve God. You will be successful. You will surely develop vairagya if you have the will. Take the vow now itself. Give up worldly desires. Be a true yogi, a dynamo of peace and happiness. I am also with you. Even I am trying to develop vairagya and by writing this article I am not only helping you but also helping myself. May god be with us! May we be liberated from this world!

Jai Bajrangbali!