cave temple

On Saturday we visited a cave temple very similar to Namakal, Ottakadai (Madurai), and Thirumayam (Pudukottai) in which Lord Ranganatha with many devatas were carved beautifully inside the rock. Garuda can be seen in standing posture. Also a beautiful Narasimhadeva, Hayagriva, and Lakshmi Narayana both in sitting and standing postures. There was a tirtha named Sudarshana Tirtha opposite to the temple.

At this place the lord appeared for a sage named Divakara Muni who was doing tapasya here.

Nearby is a temple of Lord Shiva. Also there is a row of devatas called Sapta Kannimargal (seven kanyas). Also I could see a Ganasha sitting next to a goddess.

This place is located about 11 km from Thuvakudi, Trichy.

It is a not very well known temple, but it comes under archaeological department of India.

There was a set of Jagannatha Baladeva Subhadra deities given by a devotee who had visited the temple.

I regret that though I was near here for years I had never heard of this temple.

cave temple

cave temple cave temple cave temple cave temple cave temple