Three Main Principles of Ayurveda:

Do not over eat.

Always eat a standard quantity.

Always eat at fixed times.

1. Proper Digestion (Cure for Chronic Indigestion)

a) Eat only once or twice a day, never after sunset, and avoiding all in-between-meal snacks. This should relieve most chronic indigestion.

b) Eat only when the right nostril is breathing properly and lay on the left side for at least 20 minutes after each meal.

c) For those who can sit in the lotus posture, 30 minutes daily in this position while contemplating the navel will permanently resolve indigestion in a few months.

d) Fasting on either lemon juice and water or yogurt-buttermilk is recommended – at least one day each week, preferably on the weekday of birth.

e) Vomiting once a month. Take a pint of lukewarm salt water after morning defecation and induce vomiting until the stomach is empty.

f) A mixture of one-half teaspoon each of baking soda and oregano seeds (ajwain) with a dash of salt, taken with a glass of lukewarm water will alleviate immediate symptoms.

g) Drink the juice of one whole lemon each morning in a glass of lukewarm water.

h) Avoid rice, beans, lentils, cauliflower and eggplant – while increasing the use of buttermilk.

i) Avoid fried food, oils and butter.

j) Eat only half the usual meal, and only eat when very hungry.

k) Take breads made with yeast.

l) Only take foods prepared fresh for each meal (do not eat left-overs).

2. Regular Bowel Movement Each Morning (Cure for Constipation)

a) Keep fresh water in a solid, unsoldered copper of silver pot about a foot from the crown of the head during sleep. Cover it with a cheesecloth to keep out dust,lint and insects. During sleep the brain expends considerable electrical energy in dreaming. Water and copper (or silver) are both conductors, and will catch and store much of this energy. Following the getting up rituals, drink the water before going to the bathroom to recapture this vital energy. This is a good lifetime practice, and should restore clean movements in a few days.

😎 After drinking the water, take a long slow walk in the morning air. This starts the downward flow of gases essential to proper motion, as well as giving you fresh air and the tranquil beauty of the early morning.

c) Sit in the squatting (crouched) position as often as possible, keeping the feet flat on the ground. This opens the muscles of the pelvic region and also helps relaxation into the proper posture for defecation.

d) Never wear tight-fitting clothing or belts. These block the downward flow of gases, as well as disturbing the natural breath cycle.

e) Take regular tub baths in lukewarm water.