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How did you find your Guru???

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From the link Panakaja gave in another post(Sri Guru and His Grace), I have read about necessity of Guru. It is really important to find the genuine guru, one who knows the absolute truth . My question to all of you is , how have you recognised your guru? How much sure are all of you and please tell me the reason of your faith in your choice? I hope you will consider it as a serious question and not get offended by it. Does Guru has to be alive in his physical body ? Does a disciple find a Guru or vice versa?



***One who is not only well-versed in the precepts of the revealed scriptures, but who has also come in contact with the revealed truth. One who is conversant with the very object of the scriptures, and who has practical experience, who is established in pure consciousness, is a genuine guru. ***


Does an ordinary mind knows how to know whether the Guru is established in pure consciousness??




***If we accept direction from anywhere and everywhere, we will be misguided.***


***To our best knowledge and sincerity, however, we should see not to submit to a false agent.***



How have you ensured this? Please give me practical helpful answers, or leave this question unanswered, I don't mean to look for fanatic opinions as they won't be of any use.







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This has been a big point of contention for 2 1/2 decades in the Hare Krsna movement here in the west and even previously it always is the essential question. You may receive different answers even on this thread and I am sure they will all be sincerely felt.


I should say for clarity right off that I never took formal initiation from anyone and never claim to be a disciple of anyone.


But nevertheless do claim to have had guru pointed out to me by the proper source, and that is the Lord in the heart. It's the becoming a genuine disciple that I have failed miserably at.


Srila Prabhupada often said that "By the grace of Krsna one gets guru, and by the grace of guru one gets Krsna."


Only the Lord Himself can reveal who His true devotee is. Not by religious ecclesiastical bodies, or general consensus or heresay among the general body of devotees, or certain appointments by others, or by birth in a certain family can devotee by detected. We must have it revealed by the Lord Himself.


I don't believe guru needs to be in a physical body. Many others here will disagree.


Disciple and guru are brought together by the arrangment of the Supreme guru, Caitya-guru the Lord in the heart. When He sees the aspirant is truly sincere in wanting to find a genuine guru He arranges that.


It is not conceivable that a sincere person will not be able to find genuine guru. Either Krsna will arrange a meeting somehow or He will come Himself. It could be one who is sincere will have to take birth place where a suitable guru can be accessed. Whatever the circumstance they will meet.


The ordinary mind cannot know. It has no access to the realm where the devotee lives and operates from.


That process of removing all doubts is just that, a process. I see accepting a guru as more than a ceremonial proclamation or an overwhelming sentiment that comes upon one at a point in time. It is something that we must grow and develop into by following his instructions and facing our lingering doubts until at some point we come fully to understand who he is then we can genuinely place our full trust in him as God's representative.


But the word disciple means one who follows the discipline. So someone is also accepted as a disciple even though much inner work remains to be done. To me it is like the term mixed devotee. Someone wants to serve Krsna but at the same time old material desires still remain and need to be cleared. He is still devotee though not in the fullest sense of the word.


I have a feeling you will get many differing responses. But trust no answer unless the Lord in the heart ascends to it.


Hare Krsna

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Haribol. This is the question of the century. But we accept from authority that it is the other way around.


All the other schools are about how we can ascend, to guru, to jesus, to heaven, but all this is a subtle way of saying that the being is a master and the whole mahat tattwa is his servant. It is backwards.


Vaisnavism is known by the authoritative acaryas as the descending path. God omes to man. Lord Jesus is accepted as vaisnava, because he, too teaches that it is not by mans work that he is saved, but by the grace of God.


Srila Prabhupada is succint about the DIRECTION of descending as far as guru tattwa goes:


"The Lord Himself appears as the spiritual master to a person who is sincere in heart about serving the Lord. Therefore the bona fide spiritual master who happens to meet the sincere devotee should be accepted as the most confidential and beloved representative of the Lord. If a person is posted under the guidance of such a bona fide spiritual master, it may be accepted without any doubt that the desiring person has achieved the grace of the Lord" (Srimad Bhagavatam 2.9.7)


It is causeless mercy that we get introduced to krsna by his representative, known as vatmapradarsaka guru . This story is the appearance of Narada Muni to Dhruva Maharaja. From this introduction, a person develops a bit of sincerity, and Krsna descends as teacher and initiator guru as our needs require.


There is nothing one can do to go get a guru. The great bluesman, Eric Burdon (and the Animals), wrote a song in the mid sixties titled "Gotta Getta Guru", which showed that folks were just playing, like on halloween.


Guru will come, if a person has already been causelessly introduced (Like Kerry a couple days ago), the candidate chooses to be serious, or go goosehunting.


But yall catch my drift, guru comes to us via the descending path of Vaisnavism.


hare krsna, ys, mahaksadasa


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Hare Krishna


I'm glad somebody read the post in Krsna Section. Even if you have Gurudeva you should read it. You said you wanted practical adive well you asked so I will give.


You know when you want something really really bad, then you get it. But you don't appreciate it. This could be said for Guru. So first of all find out from all sources what Guru actaully is. Learn to believe the words about the glories of the Guru. Ask Lord Nityananda that you want a Guru. I think for those who are dumb I'll say it 3 times.

Ask Lord Nityananda for Guru, Ask Lord Nityananda for Guru, Ask Lord Nityananda for Guru.


Trust Lord Nityananda don't trust anybody else. If you want to me to say this times then ...:)

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I read all your stuff, panky. You are a veritable dictionary of stuff weall should be thinkin about. Your posts seem to always be appropos to the day, as well. Hare Krsna, ys, mahak

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Guru will come to you if you are sincere and pray to Krsna for one.

Act in such a way that Guru will 'see' you. You are not the 'seer' but the 'seen' in this transcendental relationship.


You are the object of Guru's loving grace and merciful glance. Give up the false notion of being the predominating subject and only then will Guru reveal himself to you by his causeless mercy.

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What makes me wonder is that how some people find fake lights?? Is it because they are not sincere in their search??



Yes, reread stonehearted's post a couple above.


In the dark of night the firelies inspire marvel at the light they display, as do the various stars and even the Moon.


But when the Sun rises they are all rendered invisible and insignificant.


We all get want we desire. There is a verse in the Isopanishad that refers to the Lord as the self sufficient philosopher who has been awarding everyone's desire since time immemoriable.


Sometimes we just want to be cheated and Supersoul matches us up with someone who wants to cheat us.


For instance we can even group around the right philosophy, and adorn ourselves with all the proper symbols etc. but if our desire is to play religionist instead of coming to love God then the Lord will arrange for us to meet a more experienced religionist to cheat us.


Sincerity is the key and it is what we all need to cultivate.


Hare Krsna

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