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  1. LOL. I had no idea if Gurus are listed on yellow pages!! What makes me wonder is that how some people find fake lights?? Is it because they are not sincere in their search?? mini
  2. You may even have Out of body experience(OOBE) doing this. I had a spontaneous OOBE when I was reciting early this year, especially before going to sleep. Good luck!
  3. Thanks Theist and all, I think I have my answer. /images/graemlins/smile.gif Theist you have put together the pieces of the puzzle for me. many regards, mini
  4. That's a nice one Pankaja. I will keep it stored. Yes, when we broaden our vision, we are able to see and accept the GOD in whatever way He chooses to come. The people who hold opposite views than us , or put obstacles in our way are also acting accordingly as planned.
  5. From the link Panakaja gave in another post(Sri Guru and His Grace), I have read about necessity of Guru. It is really important to find the genuine guru, one who knows the absolute truth . My question to all of you is , how have you recognised your guru? How much sure are all of you and please tell me the reason of your faith in your choice? I hope you will consider it as a serious question and not get offended by it. Does Guru has to be alive in his physical body ? Does a disciple find a Guru or vice versa? ***One who is not only well-versed in the precepts of the revealed scriptures, but who has also come in contact with the revealed truth. One who is conversant with the very object of the scriptures, and who has practical experience, who is established in pure consciousness, is a genuine guru. *** Does an ordinary mind knows how to know whether the Guru is established in pure consciousness?? ***If we accept direction from anywhere and everywhere, we will be misguided.*** ***To our best knowledge and sincerity, however, we should see not to submit to a false agent.*** How have you ensured this? Please give me practical helpful answers, or leave this question unanswered, I don't mean to look for fanatic opinions as they won't be of any use. regards, mini
  6. Hello Theist, Thanks for clarification. ***All of this bickering is really just a roadblock to the road back home, back to Godhead.*** ***All of this bickering is really just a roadblock to the road back home, back to Godhead.*** ***All of this bickering is really just a roadblock to the road back home, back to Godhead.*** ***All of this bickering is really just a roadblock to the road back home, back to Godhead.*** ***All of this bickering is really just a roadblock to the road back home, back to Godhead.*** ***All of this bickering is really just a roadblock to the road back home, back to Godhead.*** ***All of this bickering is really just a roadblock to the road back home, back to Godhead.*** ***All of this bickering is really just a roadblock to the road back home, back to Godhead.*** ***All of this bickering is really just a roadblock to the road back home, back to Godhead.*** ***All of this bickering is really just a roadblock to the road back home, back to Godhead.*** ***All of this bickering is really just a roadblock to the road back home, back to Godhead.*** ***All of this bickering is really just a roadblock to the road back home, back to Godhead.*** I don't know how to make lenghty posts. /images/graemlins/smile.gif kind regards, mini
  7. Crazy long posts in this thread !! I still can't understand the thing between ISKON and GV. If by chance all the ISKONs and GVs are interchanged for 30 days maybe they will understand each other better. (sorry not meaning to be funny ) kind regards, mini
  8. Hello Vanamali, But we clean our house everyday, and don't try to find God in it by keeping the garbage in the home. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, isn't it? regards, mini
  9. Hello Jayaisvara, You killed all my apetite!! Sometimes back, someone used somewhat similar logic. She asked me why we treat garbage with contempt ?!?!?! Her point was that everything is created by God, so why do we bow before idols and not do the same to a garabage dump??? Both diamond and coal are made up of carbons, yet they are different. mini
  10. "This planetary organism on which we live has three aspects in its interior clearly defined: -First, the merely physical mineral region. -Second, the supra-dimensional zone. -Third, the infra-dimensional zone." "If we want to know the superior and inferior dimensions of the earth's interior we must develop other faculities of perception that are latent in the human race." "The three interior zones of our world are inhabitated. If in the infra-dimensions lost souls live, in the supra-dimensions dwell many Devas, elementals of a superior order, Gods, Masters, etc., who work intensively with great nature's intelligent forces" All the above from Hell, Devil , Karma. I would recommend reading this book, which can be downloaded for free when mysticweb's sister site is up. It is presently under reconstruction. Samael Aun Weor has written all this from his own intensive astral experiences. We can consciously visit these infra-dimensions to discover what is there, if we can consciously astral project. Why we do that is another matter? /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  11. ***Do these tunnel-like portals take us to the higher dimensions? (By higher I mean other than the three space dimensions that we perceive)*** The portals to lower dimensions refered to as infernal dimensions or hells are not closed to us, we do visit those when we get nightmares. When we overeat before going to sleep , then it so happens sometimes that we enter those regions. "...These Infra- dimensions are deeply submerged in our nature. Obviously , I repeat, with nightmares we open the seven gateways of the atomic hells in the lower abdomen and that is when we descend into the submerged worlds." From " HELL, Devil, Karma. (Samael Aun Weor)" ***travel upwards is mostly done with the aid of demigods (i.e. when you are invited). in Satya (and possibly Treta) yuga there was a passageway (called the Susumna road I think) to higher realms, but it worked only for advanced yogis*** I have found references of Sushumna in Samael books. The road is hermitically sealed for all of us, but we can open it by the meditation of alchemy(white tantra). It is not as such closed for humanity but it has been esoteric. And rejected by most, since it is dangerous if not practised properly.The white tantra also known as Gandharva tantra has been depicted in dialogue between Shiva and Parvati. "It begins with the question from Parvati about Brahman, Yoga and the Body. Shiva defines the Brahman only. Thereupon Parvati thereupon enquires after some such secret lore as will enable the humanity to get release from the bondage of actions while enjoying the blessings of the earthly life. Shiva says that the Tantric lore is triune in nature as Tamasik, Rajasik, and Sattvik leading respectively to hell, heaven and emancipation. He advises that care should be taken to reject the first and informs that the subject matter of the Tantra is already revealed by Him to Krishna the son of Devaki and to Nandikeshvara." http://www.hubcom.com/magee/gandharv.htm From THE MYSTERY OF GOLDEN BLOSSOM(Samael Aun Weor): "All along the spinal cord a marvelous interplay is processed of various canals which permeate and interpenetrate one another without confusion because they are located in different dimensions. It is not superfluous to mention the glorious Sushumna, the famous Chitra, Centralis and Brahmanadi. Unquestionably from the latter ascends the Blazing Fire."
  12. The book by Samael Aun Weor , "Yes, there is Hell, Yes, there is Devil, Yes, There is Karma" explains nine heavens. They are namely : Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter,Saturn, Uranus and Neptune." , in that order.But all these heavens are in higher dimensions naturally. This has been explained in the chapter "Seven Cosmos". This has been also explained in Dante's Divine Comedy. Samael Aun Weor had a gift of astral projection at will and he had written several books. But it is emphasised that everyone finds out the truth by own, that is by one's own experience. I thought I was out, but ok I stay. : )
  13. ***As the Ages progress our vision gets dull {because of impurity}. All that matter can't be doing any good.*** OK , we can't see Rahu because our vision is dulled !! Kalyug !! Ghor Kalyug !! What next ??
  14. ***It is definitely a possibility.*** Until I know the truth, any theory is as possible as the other, and as impossible as the other. All I can say is that the whole creation is planned and runs according to an order, and there can be only some fixed law behind it. Otherwise there would be mishaps every other day, planets colliding into each other, Sun not rising as it does, etc, etc. The laws in higher dimensions can be known only by a conscious soul, and I am not that, and it is no use speculating. But yes, this thread is more interesting than Discovery Channel!! /images/graemlins/smile.gif mini
  15. Hello guest, I don't know not what this man has been, but what I see here is most probably an act inspired by divine. Blessed are the people who are shown the mirror of reality, and I can tell from my personal experience , the reality hurts a lot. (Though I was not as much blessed ) I forgot who spoke these lines, maybe it was Kabir,( forgive me if I am wrong, also pardon my poor translation): "Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Na Milia Koi, Jo Man Dekha Aapna , Mujhse Bura Na Koi." "When I went in search of evil, I could not find any. When I searched within myself, no one was worse than me." He has realised something !! regards, mini
  16. ***I think invisible may mean not visible with the naked eye, where as the Moon we can see. Thats my simple theory.*** Now you disappoint me !! /images/graemlins/frown.gif
  17. The post from Prithu Prabhu is really touching my soul for all its sincerity . At the same time I feel sad to read about all that. I don't know him and this is the first time I have heard of him, but I appreciate the courage he has displayed in accepting his shortcomings. Not everyone is so brave. And let us understand the message he is trying to convey. I pray and hope he gets well soon and finds out a way out of his bad health and depression. My sincerest wishes to Prithu Prabhu. mini
  18. Dear Guest, Understood, agreed and accepted. You know, something within me also says so. /images/graemlins/smile.gif I am new here and trying to understand more about Krishna Consciousness. As far as I am concerned, how someone names the "Ultimate Power", makes no difference to me. I only want to realise myself. Say it "Krishna Consciousness" or "Christ Consciousness", or "Rama Consciousness" or "Nanak Consciousness", or whatever. I believe they are all same . And I don't think it will make any difference to Supreme creator(s), God(s) as well, as they don't have any Ego problems. /images/graemlins/smile.gif But I will use it as Krishna consciousness if you like it. /images/graemlins/smile.gif "Whenever any important truth of religion was suppressed by the arrogance and selfishness of the priestly class or forgotten through the ignorance of the people, there appeared a great Saint or Prophet or Religious Teacher. He emphasized that truth, removed the dross which had concealed or obscured it and made it shine in its original brilliance, purity, splendour and glory." Sri Swami Sivananda What are the techniques all you fellows follow to decrease your defects, one of which is attachment to sensual pleasures? Do you practise observation of mind?? In past 4-5 months I have discovered so many defects in myself only by practising self observation, that I am amazed at the number of defects I am made up of. And I was not even aware that I have those defects in me. Until a moment arises for a defect to come out, it stays latent in the mind. If we try to stop those situations to arise that will bring out those defects, we have not made any improvement. So, It is my opinion that one should not try to escape family life. I don't favour sensuality , please don't take me wrong. regards, mini
  19. Hello Pankaja Dasa, ***Sometimes the Rahu planet is visible in the presence of full moonlight. It then appears that this Rahu planet exists somewhere near the orbit of the moon.*** ***In other words, those who are supposed to be going to the moon may actually be going to this invisible planet Rahu.*** I just want to know the basis of what you say . If Rahu planet is invisible(which is possible only if it is not in physical dimension), then how come anyone land on it?? You love inventing new thoeries , don't you?? Don't just stop there, please , please, please , explain to me solar eclipse and different phases of moon as well. waiting for your discovery, mini
  20. Hello Gopidust, To my understanding forsaking family life and turning into an ascetic does not make anyone into a superior person, and no religion teaches that. I never said I vote for illicit sex, I just said celibacy is not taught by those who came to show the path to enlightment to others. Over the years people have created their own concepts of spiritualism. Bhagavad Gita is a very esoteric text, I am still to undestand its deep meaning. But had there been no families , there had been no Gita. It is in family structure one can find out one's flaws and then remove then with efforts. All I can say is that Krishna married , Rama married, Shiva married... Buddhism has divided into many sects. Some of them favour celibacy, yet some others practise white tantra. It does not concern me anyway. regards, mini
  21. ***Now comes the interesting part. If we consider all dimensions, not only the ones that we perceive, then it is possible that the universe existed even before Big Bang. But it existed only in other dimensions.*** You mean to say that universe was existing in 5th dimension or higher and then it decided to turn into 4d and lower and BANG, it was created !! Whatever mind can think of, regarding the creation of universe is going to be false, and just another theory. As I said Pankaja I am not sure about what I was looking at. What I meant to say was that perhaps in higher dimensions world is not as it looks in 3rd dimension. regards, mini
  22. Hello Avinash, Thanks for reply. I understand a bit of 2d , 3d and have an idea of multidimensional - linear concepts. /images/graemlins/smile.gif ***In other words, the moon as we see is a projection (Kulpavana calls reflection) of the complete moon onto our three dimensional world.*** You mean to say the moon is a projection of the real moon which is actually farther than Sun?? Actually, I better stay out of this like Thiest. Sensible and safe. /images/graemlins/smile.gif regards, mini
  23. Hello Thiest, We are all entitled to hold our opinions and views that seem right to us. Atleast your answer is better than I was fearing - " Don't question , just follow ." ***NASA landed on the "reflection" of the Moon plane of existence into our dimension.*** Kulapavana not sure what you meant by this and on what basis. Can you please ellaborate? OK, now dear friend Pankaja Dasa, are you going to finally say at the end, that this was another joke on poor Mini me ? mini
  24. Hello , Let me first state that I have an understanding that civilization around the time of vedas was much more scientific, spiritual and evolved. And as compared to them we are ignorant, degenerated and involuted. And that is understandable because this is kali-yug. Ignorance and dark forces are gaining strength, even if we like to think otherwise. I also think that vedic astrolgy is very scientific and we can calculate exact planetary postions applying it. Correct to the timing and length of any eclipse. If planetary bodies have no relevance then those people would not have developed such an accurate science. If we are talking about planetary system in higher dimensions then I accept my ignorance( Infact very recently in astral I saw a black planetary body revolving around the earth , and my consciousness told me that it is to be avoided , as it has malefic magnetic pull,maybe it was the astral counterpart of the moon we see, I am not sure about that). And if we are talking about dimensions then how can we expect that NASA with a physical craft land on a moon in some other dimension. I am least bothered with whether NASA landed on moon or not. But if you tell me, that the physical moon I see at night does not revolve around the earth, and it does not take approx 29 days for that, and that moon does not come between earth and sun when eclipse takes place, then I will take all the information here as unreliable. Let us first make clear if we are talking about physical dimension or higher dimensions. I completely agree most of the teachings are allegoric as they are esoteric. And I really want to penetrate the depth of those teachings. I got very interested after I read Samael's books and taking courses at mysticweb, to find out more about the wealth of Gyan we have in India. And that is how I came upon this site. Maybe I will have to learn sanskrit like Samael did , rather than relying upon interpretations. regards to all, mini
  25. ***I made it up as a kind of a joke.*** Very funny, but this can be misleading. I have tubelight sense of humor, and until told I don't understand if it is a joke. ***Your right we cant know everything, but it fun to try*** Not fun, but necessity. We must try to expand our consciousness. If we can learn why should we not? But to understand things which are beyond our grasp for now, would be only speculating. When we reach a certain level of consciousness maybe we will be able to discover some of the truths. regards, mini
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