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  1. Pause to consider that the accusation could be true, the following story seems quite balanced, time will tell of course: http://www.indianexpress.com/full_story.php?content_id=58830
  2. Forget Palmistry, live life instead! Don't worry.
  3. For when to view the eclipse and where: http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/watchtheskies/13oct_lunareclipse.html Warning: While you're staring at the sky, you might hear footsteps among the trees, the twang of a bow, a desperate scurry to shelter. That's just your imagination.
  4. I misunderstood, can you give me an example of the kind of art you're talking about? If it's done by White devotees then that explains that. Regarding the term 'Aryan' Hitler misappropriated it, sadly. It's derived from the Sanskrit Arya.
  5. A nice reminder, we should try and remember always, thank you!!
  6. That's the best advice for sure Mini: Ask and you shall receive.
  7. Lord Caitanya taught this truth to everybody: Whoever desires to worship Lord Krsna must first worship Krsna's dear and saintly servant.
  8. When you see your brother, sister, mother, father, child, friend. See him in the beauty of nature, in the colors of autumn, the rustles of the leaves, in the bubbling brooks. See him where ever you notice Truth, Beauty and Goodness.
  9. Not sure if anyone answered your question here AncientMariner, I would posit the following reply: YES!
  10. Private messages are disabled for everyone! Please try to email me Manu at lightson dot net, thanks!
  11. I couldn't figure out how by going to 'My Home'. Do you get an option to send me a private message by clicking on the link of my logon name 'mpuri'?
  12. Probably has to do with the Aryan Invasion over the millenia around then, the White race was invading India during that time. Over a couple thousand years everyone got mixed up, so Indians ended up looking like we do now. Krnsa himself was always depicted more 'blue' than any other color.
  13. AncientMariner I want to send something to you privately but you haven't given that ability to posters. Please contact me via [manu (at) lightson (dot) net] Thanks!
  14. Krsna loves you *now* as you are. Start from this foundation. He cares not what you did in your life, he even cares not if you repeat some of these 'unholy' acts after today, as long as you continue to get to know him, love him, serve him in everyone you meet. Keep moving in his direction, keep growing in his friendship, he loves you as you are, just start thinking of him, that's it.
  15. So you're fully blessed and ready!!
  16. Krsna is with you, inside you, and surrounds you at all times, try and cultivate that in your conciousness as much as possible, all day long, every breath if possible. Talk to him about everything and anything all day long, this is a good way to cultivate a friendship with him. He loves it when you do that!
  17. Everything is possible with Krsna, so depending on what is overall plan and purpose for the Universe is, I speculate that it is certainly plausible!
  18. <html> <p class=MsoNormal><u><span style='font-family:Arial'>This</span></u><span style='font-family:Arial'> <span style='color:#FF6600'>is a</span> test!</span></p> </html>
  19. Kulapavana I'm not really trying to make you believe in the UB, and I shouldn't. The book does claim to be a revelation of the highest order. And if you read it you may not think that it was the handy work of human agencies. Yes it certainly inspires me to connect to God, to maintain his consciousness in my daily life, to regard, treat and serve all as my brothers, and to respect all other approaches to the Ultimate, loving and Personal Godhead of all. I'm here on this forum simply to connect to like-minded individuals, especially because I was born a Hindu, still consider myself a Hindu and have gotten to learn and respect a lot that is in the UB and other sources like that. With respect and love, there is a huge difference between receiving personal inspiration or even divine vision of transcendental pastimes through Lord in the Heart and receiving Vedas in the same manner. It is simply not done that way. The Urantia books effectively claim to be on the level of the Vedas, yet their origin is very dubious. A skilled writer and philosopher (on gross or subtle level) could have easily made such a presentation, motivated by any of the obvious reasons, including a desire to help others. Yet, if this book truly inspires you in your spiritual life - it certainly is valuable, even if it is just fiction. However, I would NOT put it in the same category as the Vedas.
  20. AncientMariner I agree, there's a synthesis occuring here. I personally feel that God is never going to stop revealing his beautiful self to us in a myriad ways and through various individuals including esteemed disciplic gurus like Srila. And that also includes all kinds of books/publications that are inspired or even channeled. I don't personally believe in disembodied souls and the like, especially if one tries to stay in Krsna Consciousness, no soul with evil intent can even come close. If channeling is so bad then any text or book in which God 'spoke' to the receiver could be considered channeled. The Urantia Book, A Course in Miracles and books like 'A conversation with God' are all pieces of a puzzle that help us understand a little bit more of the puzzle. Thanks for your comments!
  21. I thought my first reply to this post was lost, which is why I did it again!
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