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  1. I think it was Imam Reza who once said 'do not make your stomach the tomb of dead animals'
  2. I heard he's in a secret vacation house and he makes prasadam for Elvis Presley and the Shah of Iran every day without fail. Wherever he is, I hope Krsna keeps him close.
  3. "Oh, him? He's harmless. Part of the free speech movement at Berkeley in the sixties. I think he did a little too much LDS."
  4. Muslims were never taught properly. What about the Hindus, and even some self-proclaimed Vaishnavas that allow Vaishnava dharma to be defacated upon, or Hindus in India that allow wanton cow slaughter? It would seem that even the people of Bharata who by blood retained some semblence of their spirituality have tarnished India in ways that even Aurangzeb could never dream of.
  5. I just want to say I'm really sorry if I offended anyone (and I do mean anyone). I guess I'm like a lot of other people trying to make sense out of devotee current events, and becoming frustrated in the process. I'd like to retract my posts, with a straw in my mouth if I'm capable of such. I wont post with that tone again. Thanks!
  6. Do you believe that SNM's Indian devotee sanga has no idea what the western devotees are doing? Do you believe SNM himself is being held hostage by his own right hand of the organization? He's not, nor has ever ever been, as helpless as this chain of reasoning would paint him out to be. For better or for worse, SNM and his dedicated followers know perfectly well what's going on (maybe not the GVS Indian devotee contingent that remains loyal to Srila BV Vaman Maharaj and not so much to SNM, but that defeats the point of joining SNM's sanga doesn't it?). The situation is under SNM's control. He is consenting to everything. Whether that situation is good, bad, good for bhakti or not, I wont dare touch that territory. If anyone has a problem with SNM's sanga, then they have a problem with SNM himself. It's inconceivable that poor persecuted SNM is being held hostage by ex-ISKCON fanatics. It's probably best to find a camp that one can at least not feel offended by.
  7. It's probably like Satyayuga where you hear from some sage and you instantly memorize it.
  8. Thanks prabhu /images/graemlins/smile.gif
  9. There seems to be a big gap of timebetween Veda Vyasa and Madhavacharya in the parampara. How do I explain this to my friends who want to know more? Thanking the devotees with more knowledge than me, in advance.
  10. In her house there were various previously unknown photos of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur and in an almyra there were two films in cans. They were reduced to practically goo. Mmmm ... vani sadhu sanga canned goo ... -- I hope see more!
  11. That is an awesome video. Is there any way to save it to hard disk?
  12. Now you can never get your arm dirty!
  13. "But Vaishnava aparadha really only applies to people who blaspheme an advanced vaishnava. If you criticize a temple president for being a "money grabber" you may not get any bad reaction. In fact you may help some innocent person from being exploited, in a case where the temple president really is a money grabber. " The problem is, a lot of people like to use the "Vaishnava Aparadha" phrase to protect anyone from scrutinizing illicit activity. So if something *really* hurting devotees is going on, and you call it, you're the outcaste, not the actual offender. In a case like this, it truly is best to leave such a community so as to not disturb their minds. If abuse, or very poor avaishnavic behavior is occuring, and they consider bringing it up to be aparadha, then it's their destiny, leave them be.
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