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for clearing that up. Then it is just very odd that the same question was asked on the other forum and answered in the same way just several days before the orginal post here. I still find that highly suspicous. But then after the last game you busted them at - who wouldn't be suspicous?


So goes the ways of the material world....

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I would certainly not say that. He is very knowledgeable and seems centered. I didn't feel anyone was looking for money. He has many nice attitudes. When asked if he was an acarya he wrote "Do not concentrate on a humble and ordinary person like me… people pass by… Krishna and our service remain… for ever…"


I don't quite understand how this young man of 45 years received brahminical and sannyasa initiation from Kirtanananda Swami, yet he is a devotee of Tamal Krishna Maharaja. Some of the gurus with whom he associated are not included in his 'lineage', although he seems to value what he learned from them.


He seems to have absolute faith in His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta, and that buys a lot of respect in my book. And "Krishnas tu Bhagavan Svayam" made me happy, not to mention the Deities and the overall beauty of the website. More people turning to Srila Prabhupada has to be good, so this is a good use of this devotee's wealth.


The guest who initiated the thread said he would post anything he found from other forums. There may not be a game afoot afterall. And yet, we can all remember how overzealous we all were when we first discovered the spiritual dimension, so perhaps we can be a little lenient.


BTW: They have satsang every Saturday at 8:00 PM in Great Neck, NY. Perhaps we can send a spy. Any volunteers?



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This job is not for me,

this is the job for : Living Holmes and Watson.


All I can do is chant hare krishna and be happy /images/graemlins/smile.gif


However, I do want to know how Admin5 has known that they are two different people. If it is by the address provided by the internet service, then it can be changed.


So, it does not really prove that the people seen on this forum are indeed different from each other.


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I just read about his meetings with Srila Tamal Krishna Goswami, and the beard and long hair reappeared. He accepted reinitiation and it seemed to be genuinely felt by him.


Ain't it always the case, Holmes. They find out you have special skills and suddenly you are enlisted. I used to get it with computers, but now that our alter egos have been compromised, ILK is trying to sluff off her duty. And it's right in her backyard too!



(with a beard and glasses in disguise)

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ILK aka I_Love_Krishna (a likely name) has been a double agent all along, living in the har-tzion ashram and now creating all these bogus guest posts to make us feel stupid because we don't even know simple things like how the mind works. The best we could come up with was fumes, and acintya viruses.



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A message came up when I posted that said that they were not a normal forum but rather a private forum and it might take Gurudeva some time to reply. Maybe he will reply or maybe it is not meant to be a discussion. I posted my second post here about the mind being a symptom of the soul's disease.

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I think that "Mind is noting but flow of thoughts" Thoughts are coming and going and we also flow with these thoughts thinking that these are our thoughts. In fact these thoughts are not your thoughts therefore "your mind is not your mind" These thoughts are coming from thoughtosphere where lot of thoughts are there and we catch few of them and think that these are my thoughts and I am thinking this, my mind of thinking this and gets distrubed by bad thoughts and then chain starts.


You just have to watch your thoughts, just see it. They would not bother you.


So in conclusion i can say this that "Your mind is not your mind , Your thoughts are not your thoughts"


I hope I am clear enough.



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I am really surprised to see the love and union between those who have decided to surrender their life to Krishna. Observing this discussion I couldn't not noticing the loving attitude you have between yourselves, the devotees; you do not offend one another, you love one another, you respect one another, you don’t speak bad of people behind their back. How lovely, believe me, you are an example for everyone that didn’t yet accept Krishna Consciousness as a way of living. With your attitude you are doing a great service to your Gurus and Prabhupada.

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