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    Transcendental Screensavers

    Spiritualize your computer - a feast for the eyes and the ears! Devotional Screensavers
  2. Found this tonight while surfing around. Q: Please let me know as to the proper substitutes for onions, garlic and eggs which we can take as practicing devotees. A: (Vijaya-venugopala Das) Instead of onion and garlic, for taste and appearance, cut cabbage in small pieces like onions. Fry in a shallow pan (kadai), with lots of asafetida (hing). Tastes exactly like onion. Egg - if you mean in cakes, you could use curds or condensed milk instead. Gives fantastic results. Buy the eggless cake cookbook, or there are plenty of eggless cake recipes in any ISKCON devotee authored cookbook. (Kurma Das, chef) If you slice fresh fennel root into thin strips and fry with asafetida like the cabbage, it is even more like onion, with an extra lovely anise fragrance. (Haripuja dd) As an egg substitute for baking, 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt can be used to substitute 1 egg.
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    Sri Narasimha Stotra Mala

    I have been looking for the following two books for a long time. I have included the link to them on Krishna Culture's website. Although Krishna Culture continues to advertise these books - they have not had them for a long time and do not know if they will be able to get them. Does anyone know where I might locate either one or both of these books? Sri Narasimha Stotra Mala The Narasimha Puranam
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    Sri Nrsimha Pranâma

    May 14 - Appearance day of Lord Nrsimha Nrsimha Pranama
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    Temple live webcams

    at New Dwaraka - Los Angeles!! Check out the temples live webcams! New Dwaraka Dhama of Los Angeles See you there!!
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    Mayavadi Philosophy

    Mayavadi's consider the appearance of Lord Krsna and His pastimes and devotee's activities to be material (maya). Prabhupada taught us that we must avoid Mayavadi Philosophy as poison. Sometimes the way this philosphy is presented makes it very obvious and thus, easy to avoid but sometimes it is camoflaged in sanskrit and flowery verses making it difficult for the newcomer and unseasoned devotee to recognize and avoid reading until it is too late. Perhaps in this thread we can present a discussion on Mayavadi philosophies and the Vaisnava refutal to them so as to help recognize and avoid. I ask the help of the assembled devotees.
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    Cow Brains in Lipstick.,..

    Your Lipstick: Made With Cow Brains <http://cdn.compuserve.com/cp/fte/lipstick/i/lipstick135.jpg> Here's the bad news: Cow brains may be an ingredient in your lipstick. The good news? The FDA is banning it. The Food and Drug Administration has told cosmetics makers they can no longer use brain and spinal cord tissue from older cattle in lipstick, hair sprays, and other products, reports The Associated Press. The fact that they were used at all will likely surprise millions of women who use these products daily. And that's not the only surprise: The new FDA regulations still allow use of these animal tissues in cosmetics as long as they come from younger cattle. The ban on cow brains and spinal cord tissue from cosmetics is aimed at preventing a fatal human variant of mad cow disease, called Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, from reaching people. Also known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, mad cow disease causes the brains of infected animals to waste away. There is no cure for animals or humans. "While the risk is small, if there does happen to be an ingredient from a BSE-infected cow, the consequences would be incredibly drastic," Rachel Weintraub, assistant general counsel of the Consumer Federation of America, told AP. She noted, for example, that sprays could contain animal protein that could be inhaled. The Center for Science in the Public Interest warns consumers that it's virtually impossible to tell from reading the label if cow brains or spinal cord tissue are included in the ingredients. Caroline Smith DeWaal, head of food safety for CSPI, urged the FDA and cosmetics' manufacturers to publish a list of ingredients that could contain bovine material so consumers will know whether they should throw out older cosmetics that could be harmful. AP reports that cosmetic manufacturers insist they already require their suppliers to certify that the cattle-derived ingredients sold to them are free of materials that carry BSE.
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    any devotees in Fresno, Ca area?

    yes, I know of the hindu temple in Clovis but never visited there even tho I used to go down to Clovis for supplies about once a month when I was on the mountain. Try putting an ad in the campus paper...worth a try!
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    any devotees in Fresno, Ca area?

    brought this up: Fresno, Govinda's, 2373 East Shaw, Fresno (California) 93710 / Tel. (209) 2251230 Head over to the San Francisco Ratha Yatra in August and start asking around....most likely devotees from miles around will be there.
  10. livingentity

    any devotees in Fresno, Ca area?

    I can't say for now but there used to be some in Fresno (I used to live near there (Huntington Lake) but I moved a long time ago). There was a Govinda's restaurant there also. One place for you to start the search is the University. Often times devotee university students will start groups etc. One sure way to find them is go to the school and sit under a tree during changes of classes and have a nice little harinam or play some Prabhupada bhajans on tape player. If you don't meet any devotees that way you just might spark other people's interest in Prabhupada and Krishna. Are you in Oakhurst or Fresno? Fresno I was never really crazy about but Oakhurst is nice. I used to go hiking in the mountains up by Huntington lake and chant as loudly as I could - the little chipmunks and bears probably still remember me!!! /images/graemlins/grin.gif Look in the phone book - I don't know if the restaurant is still there or not but it is worth a shot.
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    I don't remember on the Nectar of Devotion because I noted it months ago but will look. But I do remember it was mainly first paragraphs of some of the purports. I discovered the missing paragraphs on one of the Sri Isopanisad mantras when I went to your site so I could cut and paste part of the purport in an email to a friend and it was not there. I think it was mantra ten but will have to double check on that so don't quote me on it. LOL...
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    The site is very very nice and I really appreciate all the work you have done on this great project. My question is this: I have noted that in some of the purports whole paragraphs are missing in comparison to my hard copy books. I have noted this in Nectar of Devotion and Sri Isopanisad for example. I was wondering if the source for the site is different from the hard copy books?
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    I can't see Krishna

    I was always sincerely promising my parents that I would never be bad again if they bought me that new toy I wanted so badly....
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    I want to live with the devotiess

    So go to the temple and ask them directly so you get the proper info.
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    Women probably don't have souls

    /images/graemlins/grin.gif At first I forgot this was in the joke section cuz it almost sounds like stuff I have heard!!!
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    All Attractive...

    and your heart!
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    All Attractive...

    Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha
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    All Attractive...

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    All Attractive...

    The small brass Radha Krsna deities were Jayaradhe's. All the deities came to me thru devotees except for Little Damodara and the Jagannatha deities. I love the dusty footprints pastime!!! /images/graemlins/smile.gif
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    All Attractive...

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    Deities found smashed in suburb temple

    that the admin put a blurp at the bottom saying they had changed the title and could not help but wonder why they would pick the word "idol". Perhaps they can explain to us why they chose the word "idol" over deity? I know the news agency used the word "idol" but I don't feel we should also.
  22. to hear that. Chant is all I can say. Hare Krsna.
  23. taken and no offense meant. Our minds can be our friend and our worst enemy. God is not limited to our material minds and thoughts. Just questions as food for thought...not trying to put you on the spot or challenge you... Do you believe that God created everything in the material and spiritual worlds? What lilas do you believe He actually "was able" to perform? Why not the other lilas that you doubt?
  24. is not just "anybody". God can make mountains so why can't He lift them?
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    Managing anger

    There is such a thing as righteous anger and somewhere Srila Prabhupada touches on this topic. I will try to find it later. Of course, every time I get angry I feel it is righteous! /images/graemlins/grin.gif